Fragrances have the power to alter our disposition, transport us to far off places and trigger memories both pleasant and foul. I love fragrances that smell like my favorite food.  Beauty and skin care products that have hints of vanilla, chocolate, lemon, oranges and mint are sure buys for me. These pleasant smells immediately relax, refresh and put me in a positive mood.

But what if I told you that fragrances are healing too? Several years ago, Nikko Wu had a bad case of the flu.  His parents tried the Lampe Berger Paris (LBP)home diffuser ( which was then sold via multi-level marketing but eventually disappeared in the market) to prevent the spread of the virus. Not only did the fragrance envelop the Wu’s home with a pleasant smell, it prevented other members of the family from getting sick and helped Nikko get better, too. Tall tale? Not at all!

Healing Scents

The very first lamp was really not intended as an air freshener. In1989, Maurice Berger, a pharmacy dispenser, invented it to purify the air of hospital wards. Today, more than a century later, the LBP brand has travelled halfway across the globe and is now available in Manila.

As fate would have it , it was Nikko Wu who brought the idea to his dad Nicholas Wu to secure the exclusive Philippine distribution rights to LBP.  Last March 1, Sea Olympus Marketing Inc, welcomed select showbiz personalities, online influencers and guests to the grand launch of LBP’s flagship store in Robins Design Center, Meralco Ave., Ortigas, Pasig.

The showroom smelled heavenly! Tall display shelves lined the wall of the all white interior. Guests happily milled around the store and were treated to a multi-sensory experience. Neatly arranged inside the glass cases were LBP’ diffusers ranging from the simple to he exquisite.  Ooh’s and ahh’s could be heard around the room as guests took turns in marveling at the colored containers and smelling the scents which were poured in mini rollers. I liked the Green Apple scent.

Choose your healing scents from Lampe Berger Paris.


These beautiful Lampe Berger lamps serve as beautiful decor for the home too!

Europe’s premiere home fragrance brand makes a comeback in Manila.

Currently. there are 35 lamp designs, 18 variations of the gift sets (lamps are sold with scents already included) and 12 collector’s item vessels.  Lamps are sold at P3500 – P5500 while gift set prices range from P2,995 – P4,095.  There are also 11 fragrances to choose from. The bestsellers are Eucalyptus, Oceane Breeze and Zest of Verbena. You may also opt to purchase refills of the purifying scents which come in one litter bottles and cost P1,795. How long will one liter last? A bottle will give you 40 hours of fragrance, protection and relaxation.  Every LBP  product comes with a detailed instruction book so you need not worry about how to use it.

The BQP with Rica Peralejo at the LBP event.

I like this product because of its versatility. Unlike other home fresheners which only masks foul smells, LBP is the very first product invented that purifies air. Its unique technology guarantees the destruction of unwanted odors as well as long lasting fragrance. Whether in use or not, it’s a lovely décor for the home too. Lastly, LBP is a long time investment on healthy living. With all the airborne sicknesses in the environment, it’s a must to have one of these lovely lamps in the home.

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  1. I love that these products have a triple purpose . It makes the home smell fresh , it purifies the air and serves as a beautiful home decor.

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