Give in to your cravings without the guilt. Well, almost.

 You read it correctly.  The oxymoron title may sound too good to be true but not after you try the products I recently discovered. Lately, I’ve been looking for new food to serve to the family. Our daily fare has become predictable so I thought it’s time for a more exciting spread. Here are three delicious additions to my pantry which became instant hits with the husband and the kids. The best part is that these sweet treats are healthy options, too!

Sugar, ahhh… honey, honey!

Langnese Honey boasts of Germany’s Honey Ordinance and European Standard Basic Principles seal of approval.

This guarantees the product’s highest standard of safety and unadulterated quality and ensures that the honey is raw, unfiltered and residue free.

The first thing that caught my attention when I found the product in the supermarket shelves was its packaging. Featuring a honey dispenser technology known as “Bee Easy,” the convenient and trés chic bottle guarantees a no drip and no sticky after use experience with each serving.  There are five mouthwatering, rich but well-balanced flavors to choose from.  Acacia just elevates the taste of pancakes and waffles. Just a drizzle of honey and a dollop of soft butter resulted to breakfast gone in minutes. My kids even asked for seconds and used a combination of honey flavors! Black Forest is good for toast and afternoon tea. Golden Clear (my favorite!) lends a sweet note to dips, salads and cocktails. I added crushed almonds, walnuts and cashew to some romaine greens, tossed it with a bit of honey and had a most enjoyable meal. So easy to prepare, too! Lavender, as it name suggests, makes a delicious spread on breads while Wild Flower is suited for all kinds of food and hot/cold beverages.

All the goodness of honey in easy-open no-spill bottles.

Why is it good for you? Honey has antibacterial and antifungal properties which help in healing wounds. It likewise strengthens your immune system, is an effective cough suppressant and  improves the quality of your sleep.  Honey can also help regulate your glycemic index with its exact levels of fructose and glucose. Although it’s not calorie free, it’s definitely the better alternative to table sugar.

Sweet salad made all the more nutritious with Langnese honey.


Bite those bars

Hotdogs are the Filipinos’ staple breakfast food. Add spam, bacon and other processed food to that and we have the perfect recipe for future health disasters. Sadly, I am guilty of this (mal)practice and am now making a conscious effort to scratch the aforementioned from my grocery list.

For kids who struggle with eating a full breakfast and prefer to take their meal on the go, Nestle cereal bars are a must-try.  The bars are made using whole grain wheat and comes in three flavors for a different petit déjeuner experience every day.

Breakfast bars to go!

My kids love the Koko Crunch bars (100 k cal)! Think of your favorite childhood chocolatey cereals now transformed into a bar, nestled in a bed of white chocolate. Delicious! The Fitnesse Chocolate bar  is even healthier at 90 k cal per serving. It’s made from wholegrain wheat flakes, and is drizzled with chocolate on a bed of chocolate. Talk about chocolate overdose without (so much) consequence. It only gets better with Fitnesse Strawberry bar. Enjoy this fruity treat at only 86 k cal! All three are perfect for kids and the kids at heart.  And for only Php25 a bar, there’s no reason for you not to try it!

Ice Cream All You Want

Get ready to feast on Coco De Lite Wholesome Ice Cream! That’s right.  G Stuff, the company built by Gina Lopez, to promote and sell all things good and healthy, has just come up with  ice cream that’s made from all natural ingredientsMade with real coconut milk, coconut sugar and coconut cream, this iced delight is dairy free, gluten-free and non-fattening.  And as if all that goodness is not enough, it’s loaded with therapeutic essential oils too!

Smooth, delectable and calorie friendly (250 cal/serving), this artisanal creation is perfect as a dessert or a light snack. I was afraid my kids would not like the slight coco taste but they did not mention anything of the sort. In fact, they’ve been eating it after dinner for three straight nights now. Our favorite flavors are Coco Milk Choco and Coco Mocha Jam.  I’m dying to try the Capuccino flavor! This ice cream is sold exclusively in the G Stuff stores in the Loop Store, ELJ Bldg., Mother Ignacia St., QC, Power Plant Mall and Alabang Town Center.

Happy healthy eating everyone!

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