Scents evoke memories of persons, things, places and even feelings.  Psychologists say that we make these connections very early on when we first smell a certain fragrance. This is the reason why we associate most scents with our childhood.  The smell of freshly baked brownies remind us of  weekend visits to grandmother’s house.   Some dislike mint flavored food because they think of toothpaste.  On the other hand,  some people recall vacations spent frolicking by the ocean and feel a sense of calm whenever bamboo, citrus flavors or coconut is sprayed .  It is the brain that establishes the link between the smell and the memory.

Renowned fashion designer Avel Bacudio underwent the same process when he decided to take on his new role  as  perfume chemist.  He just recently launched his eponymous fragrance line which bears the names of important people in his life (except for one which pays homage to his hometown) – both in the past and in the present.  As a designer, Avel has established himself as one of the best in the industry.  He has won both local and international competitions, has shown multiple collections all around the globe and has remained much sought-after in the fashion world as proven by the elite clientele who frequent his by-appointment-only atelier.  And yes, reigning Ms. Universe Pia Wutrzbach has donned his creations as well.

The one and only Avel Bacudio.


“I’m excited!  This is another dream come true for me. Diba kasi yun talaga ang next step for a designer eh. Lahat ng malalaking fashion houses may signature scents sila.   Now meron na rin ako,”  Avel exclaims halfway through his well done steak at a European bistro in Greenbelt 3.  “I took my time in creating my scents.  All the ingredients used in my fragrance line came from Paris. The oil concentration in my perfume is much higher than other local brands so it lasts longer. I’m responsible for everything –from the design of the bottle to the font used on the label to the final packaging — ako lahat yan,” he continues.

There are currently 5 scents in the perfume line.  Avel named them after his father Avelino (a land surveyor), his mother Trinidad (a local seamstress),  his favorite niece Avjah, his talent Jerome and the small fishing town of Buhi, Camarines Sur where he hails from.  Strictly for men, Avelino is made from lemongrass and pear.    Trinidad has hints of bamboo and tea and is decidedly feminine and earthy.   The rest are unisex fragrances.  I just love the smell of Avjah on my skin!  Light, fruity and sweet it is very similar to the eau de parfume I hoard from Jo Malone.  Jerome (named after his talent) is borne from a pairing of lemongrass and basil while Buhi marries the scents of freesia and lemongrass.  You can even  “layer” your perfume or spray one over the other to create a whole new scent.  To make the scent linger, remember to spritz a bit  on your wrists and  on your neck. Do spray the perfume from about half a foot away from your body to have more coverage.

Collect all five scents or gift your loves ones with AVEL Perfume.


Try the lemon and basil diffuser and have a relaxing sleep.


The best part is that for only Php600 you can purchase your very own 50 ml signature Avel perfume.  Available ,too, is the lemon and basil home diffuser (150ml for Php1500).  Breathing in a high concentration of pure lemon oil works to refresh busy minds, encouraging clear thinking. Basil, meanwhile,  is known to ease mental fatigue.  For every bottle sold, Avel donates 20% to the Northern Luzon School for the Visually Impaired, Inc. (NSLV). The designer has long been a resolute supporter of the foundation having suffered serious retinal damage years before which almost caused him to go blind.

What’s next for the affable Avel?  “ I’m working on more scents to add to my perfume business.  In the next two years though I see an Avel Home Collection which will carry candles, throws and beddings. Sosyal…Pakkk!!!”

 Avel Perfume is sold exclusively at Avel Bacudio’s atelier located at 69 Kamias Road, Quezon City with cel no. 0915 346 2978 .

With a pocketful of glitter,

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