My 12 year old boy M is the biggest fan of Ironman. Behind the ironsuit is Tony Stark ,the ultrasmart megabillionaire  scion of his equally brilliant inventor father, Stark Industries founder Howard Stark.  M has always been fascinated with Tony’s intelligence,  witty one-liners and I-don’t-care-what-the world-thinks-of-me attitude.  He has a whole collection of Ironman toys and memorabilia, dressed up like his favorite superhero during his 7th birthday and even virtually suited up as the metalled Avenger via a hologram powered attraction when we visited California Adventure in Los Angeles a few years back.

Both Civil War ladies and men’s apparel are available. Choose your side!


So M was over the moon when the first trailer of  Captain America Civil War was shown.  At a special screening last Monday  which the two of us attended in Megamall, M was so excited he chowed down his bucket of popcorn even before the movie started.  The latest Avengers installment  is based on crossover plots from previously released Marvel movies.  It begins when a grief stricken mother pays Tony Stark (played oh-so-perfectly by Robert Downey Jr.) a visit after he gives a talk to MIT students.  She has lost a son due to the superheroes’ past mission in fictional Sokovia.  This incident is followed by a bombing attack  which resulted to heavy human collateral damage in Lagos, Nigeria which immediately prompts Downey’s character to support government oversight.   Ironman’s action is seen as a kowtowing surrender to the will of politicians by Captain America (played by the superbuff Chris Evans).  The proposed Superhero Regulatory Act  creates a deep divide  in the Avengers alliance.   Captain America  believes in remaining free to protect the people sans political interference while Ironman sees regulation as  a justifiable and effective means to spare innocent lives.  The other team members must now choose a side.

Cool Captain America gear from F&H


The good news is that local  clothing brand Folded & Hung (F&H) has an ongoing partnership with Disney.  The Marvel franchise is now under the Disney brand.  With the third of the Avengers movie now out in theatres, F&H has launched a variety of  cool Team Captain America and Team IronMan apparel for both the men and ladies.   Rivalry, which echoes the plot of the movie, is the theme of the collection.  Cotton shirts as well as  long and boxy fit tees with prints of  “Truth vs Justice”,  the mask of Ironman and the shield of Captain America are now in the stores.  An assortment of backpacks, duffle bags and sling ons are also available.  Each Team Captain America piece has a counter Team Ironman item.  Now it’s up to you to choose your team!

TeamCap or Team Stark ?


As for my family, the husband has secured four tickets for tonight.  My son and I certainly don’t mind watching the movie for a second time.  (I will watch anything with Robert Downwy Jr. in it!)  We promised not to let out any spoilers since my little daughter and her Dad have not seen the show.  This time around, however, we will be dressed up for the occasion.  Wearing our  chosen shirts from F&H, it will now be known to all that the  Fermins are stalwart fans of Team Ironman!

We’ve chosen our side. Have you?


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1. Whose side are you on? TeamCAP or Team STARK? WHY?

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  1. Team Stark all the way!!! I don’t think Cap America will provide me fast cars and cool lifestyle like Iron Man can. Captain America is too goody, stiff and boring! He needs to lighten up –a lot! Ironman is the coolest superhero there is. Brains and brawn combined!

  2. I’m on the side of TeamCAP! Because like Cap, I believe that they were given powers for a better purpose and that is to help the people. Having those superpowers is an advantage for the team so they can help more people especially against those villains who has superpowers as well. People often look at the negative side of things like in the situation where innocent lives were taken because of the damage from their battles but they don’t realize that without the Avengers and their powers, probably the whole world would already be dead.

  3. I am on TeamCap, because even though I love Spiderman more than life, Iron Man has proven to make selfish decisions while Captain America follows a moral code I’d want from my city’s superheroes. He and his team truly embody what it is to serve the public with their powers.. And Tony Stark does something stupid that threatens to decimate humanity. Seriously, has there ever been a bigger hothead? I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him. And lastly, I think Captain America has proven that he always puts himself last and helps others first, and you definitely cannot say that of Iron Man. Tony may have good intentions, but he’s very susceptible to rash decisions, and I think his opinions are largely formed from his own guilt. Cap opposes the Sokovia Accords because he believes that they will hurt more people than they will help, and Iron Man supports them because it makes him feel better about his reckless past. I stand with Cap. #TEAMCAP FOREVER!!

  4. I’ll choose TeamCAP. We all know that if a friend is really worth fighting for… fight for it…specially if you know he/she is right. Don’t be too biased and too obvious that you’re just defending a friend event hough you know he/she is wrong. Actions will always prove that.
    Captain America really shows how he really value his friendship with Bucky. He believes that his friend is innocent innocent and was just being manipulated by enemies even though they have not seen each other for a long time.

    It’s not a matter of choice of friends it’s how you tell your friend what’s true and real. Like what Captain America did just to show Stark the value of friendship. Fight for justice…fight for the truth!

  5. I’ll go for Team Captain!

    Civil War says it’s about politics but it’s about friendship. Inspite of the muscle on top of muscles, the zipping around through the sky and the brutal fights, this is a movie that earnestly believes that friendships have a power to define us, and to reveal humanity at its best and that’s why I choose Team Captain America.

    Captain America is a righteous man, the do-gooder who will follow the rules and stand for truth and justice. Captain’s unwavering moral compass means that soldier will even refuse to follow orders if he thinks the orders aren’t right. This is what made the entire world fall in love with him and me, as well 🙂 Evans/Captain America has evolved right alongside his character becoming a fine actor who easily holds his own against Ironman. Captain A manages to infuse Rogers with a sense of dignity and humanity that makes the film work and gives the audience confidence that they’ve picked the right man.


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