Tucked in a corner along the bustling Katipunan Road in Quezon City, we found a quaint house with a sign in front that read “Xocolat”.  It reminded me of my grandmother’s old house.  Rustic, familiar  and it smelled of homemade cooking!

There were chairs and tables in the front lawn where people were drinking and dining al fresco.  Inside,  the  place had a very relaxed and bohemian atmosphere.   The  main hall was packed with students-   some were chatting, some discussing homework and others busy typing on their laptops.   Pretty impressive turnout for a hot Saturday.

Chocolate Heaven- Pay as you order please! Different flavors of chocolate milk in tin cans line the counter. A wide variety of baked goods are also being offered at the cafe.  My daughter R immediately pointed to the chocolate cake  marked with an “X” and said “Yum yum!”. 🙂


We were escorted to a smaller room on the second floor.  The kids were already very hungry since we braved a one and a half hour commute from the South.  It was all worth it though.  Owner Val Lopez recommended meals from the menu.  The sound of “chocolate” in every dish and drink she mentioned made our mouths water . 🙂

The whole brood at Xocolat with our amiable host Val Lopez.


“I’ve always liked drinking hot chocolate.  Before  I opened Xocolat, there was no place in Manila that offered a good  cup of  hot coco.   Everything was store-bought ,” Val said, as we waited for the food to be served.   A trip to Barcelona where she tasted different kinds of coco beverages convinced her to open a café devoted totally to chocolate drinks.  Together with friends Pinky Yap-Ortiz, Rina Avecilla and Trish Malvar,  Val opened the first Xocolat  café in Greenhills in 2005.  ( The word “chocolate” comes from the Aztecs of Mexico, and is derived from the Nahuati word xocolat. )  “We served  all kinds of chocolate drinks initially.  Then we added the baked items  and  meals to the menu,  ” she further explained.



Chocolate in Every Bite

Soon it was time to eat. We started our lunch with these appetizers.

Top : Croquettas (deep fried mashed potatoes with tomato-basil and chori-quezo dips) – This only lasted two minutes minutes on the table because my son M gobbled it all up! Below: Xocolat Fries (Hand-cut Belgian fries seasoned with spice rub and drizzled with chocolate) The aioli dip gives the fries a whole new dimension. MUST TRY!


Main Coco Course

We liked everything that was served!  That’s saying a lot since my boys are picky eaters.  Hubby A and son M both loved the Chicken Salpicacao.  Chocolate in lechon kawali? I never would have thought of it until I tasted the Pork Belly. REALLY GOOD!  The Xocolat Chicken Pasta is also a winner!

Top (L-R): 1. Chicken a la Xocolat -This is the classic chicken a la kiev made with white chocolate combined with ham, cheese and garlic butter. 2.BQP’s favorite Pork belly – The belly is marinated and boiled in Xocolat spices then deep fried. Can you say no to the Cacao- bagoong sauce?  Bottom: (L-R) 3. Chicken Salpicacao is diced chicken fillet marinated in cacao spice and sauteed in garlic olive oil and 4. Xocolat Chicken Pasta- My boy M ordered this for himself and enjoyed it very much! The dish is made of spiced chicken fillet on a bed of alfredo cream sauce topped with chocolate shavings. YUMMY! *All rice dishes are served with homemade gratin. Price range (Php200- 350)


Drink Up!

All four of us tried different chocolate drinks. Top (L-R) 1. Xoco Lava – This drink is made with rich dark chocolate blended with vanilla ice cream. Definitely for the ultimate chocoholic! 2. Hot Xocolat – Belgian chocolate chips served with steamed fresh milk Bottom (L-R): 3. The bebe girl had Babycino . This drink is made with premium milk chocolate and toppped with vanilla ice cream. 4. I tried a “skinny” sugar-free dark chocolate drink called Brazilian Xoco Hazelnut. *Hot drinks are served with a tea cookie.


Delectable Delights

Of course, we had to try the cakes!  The look on my three year old’s face says it all — super delicious!

R didn’t need any help from any of us as she devoured a slice of “That Xocolat Cake. ”  There was chocolate on her face. on her hands and on her shirt! haha . The Banana Toffee Caramel Cake was just as scrumptious!



This unpretentious place is a great family restaurant and a cool hang-out joint.  The prices are very reasonable,too, for the hefty servings. If you have been a frequent  customer in the Katipunan branch of Xocolat, you just might be invited to join the “Wednesday Club. ”  Val says  she plans to serve  dishes that have been tested but are not yet on the menu to loyal Xocolat fans.   Aside from the Xocolat in Promenade, Greenhills and Katipunan, there’s a third branch at the back of Eastwood City.

I highly recommend that you come over and try the sinful-yet-heavenly drinks, dishes and desserts at Xocolat.  We’ll surely come back and visit again!

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      1. A chocolate cake marked “X” … lavalicious drinks in jars … pork belly with cacao-bagoong sauce … everything sounds sinfully heavenly! No wonder lots of people showed up even on a hot Saturday (I do wonder what it is like to dine al fresco when the temperature is high).

        The comment of the owner, Val Lopez, reminded me of Tsoko Nut Batirol. It seemed to be the only place around that focused on serving hot chocolate but it never became a household name. I tried their drink at RCBC some years back but it didn’t become my favorite. I was just impressed by the piping hot mug where the chocolate was served!

        I graduated from college long ago so I don’t go to Katipunan anymore, but I’d love to visit Xocolat soon, especially since The Busy Queen P says it’s worth the trip.I might end up devouring the sumptuous treats like your cute daughter R!

  1. Made my mouth water! The food looks so delicious and I just want to taste them~~~

    Wishing that I could go there soon! Yum yum~~ :3

  2. My friends and I loved going to Xocolat for after-school hangouts! The place is so laidback and full of yummy treats, it was our haven after a tiring day in school.

  3. I would love to bring my kids to Xocolat for a chocolatey treat! They would definitely enjoy and fall in love with the Xocolat drinks.

  4. the food and the dessert looks so yummy,my kids would love this too!no one can resist the love for chocolates 🙂

  5. Yummy in my tummy! Thanks for sharing! You’re right, my queen! The Aztecs loved chocolates and even used cocoa beans as money. Does Xocolat have dark chocolate? Anyway, R looked so engrossed with her share of sweets! Bon appetit!

    1. The chocolate cake R is eating is actually made of dark cocoa. You can’t tell because she’s devouring it like there’s no tomorrow! 🙂

  6. Chocolate in lechon kawali, i want! 🙂 BQP, you always bring your readers to the travel, shopping, dining, etc. experience, with your beautiful, happy writing! Your readers thank you much, BQP ! 🙂

  7. This would be the most haven place for me and my family to visit! Since we love chocolates in any form and any degree of bitterness sweetness,we will definitely enjoy the experience to dine here. I am so intrigue with the pork belly in cacao sauce bagoong, i wonder if that taste of bagoong will over power. Those Xocolat drinks looks refreshing and fun kids will truly agree. I love when kids enjoy their food.

  8. The best way to indulge and experience new food varieties is when the kids can enjoy too. I am surprised on how adventurous Filipinos are and think of varieties of food to incorporate. Chocolates are the best!

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more. Parents are sometimes limited in their dining choices when the kids are around. This time though, everybody enjoyed!

  9. Looks so delightful! Am such a chocolate fanatic and will surely visit their branch in Promenade with the kids. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I-WILL-EAT-HERE-THIS-WEEKEND. !!! sold ! :))))) TOO EXZOITED!!!! 🙂 p.s. Rocio is really the cutest cotton ball baby ever 😉 hugs baby!!!!!

  11. My choco-lovin’ friends read this article and we’re super excited to have this girly lunch date there next week!! 😉 Yippeeeeeee!! Super excited!

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