As I write this, my feisty daughter R is listening to the soundtrack of the movie Frozen.  Make that listening  to the full blast vocal stylings of the lead Anna as the character sings the lyrics of “For the first time in Forever”. R twirls with a hairbrush in hand (her make-believe microphone).  She is asking me to dance with her but I tell her Mom is busy.

Welcome to a typical day in my life.  I’ve been married  for fourteen years and  have  two children.  My ten year old look-alike son M is an incoming sixth grader.   He’s the biggest fan of Tony Stark (aka Ironman),  a Transformers enthusiast, a math wizard and as most big brothers are –his favorite hobby is making his two year old sister cry.  R is our little diva.   She entered her “terrible “ stage well before turning two and is still stuck in it at the present.  She is the resident drama princess in our home.

This blog will be about my family’s adventures and mishaps.  It will be about  parenting, travelling, shopping, cooking and dining. It will also be about shoes, clothes and the latest bargains/good finds in the metro.  My family has always loved music so I will be sharing some front row concert pictures with you as well . I will also write about home projects, how to plan the perfect children’s party (on a budget or in a grander scale), and how to encourage your kids to read.  I hope that you will find what I have to share interesting and useful.  Wait, did I mention shopping? Ahh, yes I did!


Burberry on my hands.
Burberry on my hands.
Surprise Candy Store! Shoes I bought but forgot I had.

As a woman, I play many roles. I am a daughter, wife and mother. I am also a lawyer by education, a certified bookworm, teacher, storyteller, experienced party-planner, fashion stylist to the brood and a whole lot more.  I have embraced motherhood and all the fabulous things that have come with it.  Many roles,  many hats.  My favorite head apparel ,though, is my invisible glittery tiara.  I love everything that sparkles! This is why my blog is called The Busy Queen P.

Please allow me to be a part of your reading habit as I share (some parts of ) my life with you.



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  1. HAIL TO THE QUEEN! Congratulations my dearest friend! I’m so looking forward to your future posts 🙂

  2. Congratulations, Paulyne! May you continue to be blessed with a fabulous life story to write about…live it and write about it! Btw, remember that we Angels wear Prada too! Looking forward to more blogposts from you!

  3. …And please unpack those 4 pieces of luggage soon so we can take a peek at all your good finds! haha 🙂

  4. Thank you Badet, Geraldine Santos, Ela, Monica, Tina and Achie! Your support means the world to me 🙂
    Tina, I will feature the PRADA that took months to arrive in Manila. It was worth the wait!
    Achie, I’ll start unpacking… PROMISE! Haha 🙂

  5. OMG! What’s next? Can’t wait…
    A loving wife, a very supportive mom to M&R, a true friend, a certified shopaholic & fashionista, and now a QUEEN blogger too?!
    Thanks for welcoming us in your castle! Send me some of your pixie dust!
    Can’t wait for your next blog.
    Cheers! Xoxo 😉

  6. And btw…
    Drew Justin is so proud of you Ninang!
    We are all so proud of you!
    Send our hugs & kisses to M&R 😉

    #such an inspiration

    1. Roland Lara (my Benicio del toro dopppleganger TIto), you’ve been one of my favorites ever since! Thank you for the awesome comment! 🙂

  7. Belle Lagdamen Dimazana, your comments put a big smile on my face 🙂 Aside from being a shopaholic like me, you’re one of the most dedicated mothers I know. Cheers, my friend!

  8. Chaye Revilla, thank you very much. This is an unexpected blessing and I want to give it my best 🙂
    Tito Benjie Lara, CARPE DIEM! I appreciate the support 🙂
    JANINA, I’m glad to find your comment here. I’ll certainly try my best to write engaging stories. Thanks, my dear !

  9. …i always look forward to your very positive, family-oriented posts on fb and now you have this new endeavour!
    …can’t wait to read more from you…your good vibes have given me happy thoughts of life and family! 🙂

    1. Me-ann, I’ll be writing about parenting topics soon. I hope you’ll contribute to the discussion. Thank you for the encouragement 🙂

    1. Coach SACHI! I’m so glad to see this comment. You are my inspiration to get fit and healthy! Thanks for the support 🙂

  10. Hey Paulyne, you alone is a very interesting subject. How much more being a Wife, a Mom, etc etc? I’m glad you started this blog that is full of positive energy. Your first keeps us hooked and can’t wait for the next ones. Keep it coming my friend. All the best to you and the family, A, M & R!

    1. My heartfelt thanks for this wonderful message GINA! No mom should ever be allowed to think she is just a “simple housewife.” There is power in being a woman and every woman should be treated like a queen 🙂 I’m looking forward to more comments from you in the future. Ciao!

  11. Being a caring daughter, a good friend, a cool mum, a loving wife & now a certified blogger……you are indeed a “Diva”….. a “Busy Queen” who just want to inspire & get inspired.
    Congratzi Paulyne! Your blog is indeed very interesting, updating & inspiring.

  12. This is so cool Paulyne. Count me in, love reading your post. You are born a very good writer and a great wife and best Mom. Looking forward on all your blogs. Happy that I went to school with you. So proud!

    1. I’ll certainly try to write about all things interesting and relevant to moms like us, RIO. Glad that you’re “near” even when you’re far out there in Texas. Thank you very much for this comment 🙂

  13. Paulyne, I was so happy when I knew your blog was already out. You will inspire a lot of your followers with your positive post.
    Congratulations with this new success of yours. Remember, a “friend” will always be happy with her friend’s success. I’m one of those…You’re not only a great friend to me but you’re indeed a fabulous mom and housewife too.
    I’ll be looking forward for more exciting and inspiring post… You truly deserve to be called a “busy queen” ♡♡♡

    1. Annette, your comment is very true. How I wish that all people can be happy for another’s success– no matter how small it may be. Thank you for being my wind. Your friendship lifts me higher and inspires me to be better.

  14. The castle of hope, love, determination and ofcourse glam fashion. This should make our days brighter as on-the-go read 🙂 congratulations BQP! Lovin the shots here — true love w/ A, nails and shoes! How can you go wrong

    1. “Let me be your ruler (ruler). You can call me Queen P. And baby I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule ….. (YOU) Let me live that fantasy” – LORDE

      My heartfelt thanks to you AVA:)

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