I have been a fan of  TYLER since 2008 when I bought a grey top inspired by a Japanese Kimono with  matching obi.  The designs then were very structured and architectural.  The store carried a wide array of knits too. Fast forward to 2014, the brand is still sophisticated but not as austere.  “The clothes are less rigid and more fun, trendy and even sexy.  Playful prints have also been injected to the line.  We believe this will be helpful in increasing TYLER aficionados, “  Rita Tejeron Associate Brand Communications Manager narrates.

Again, I did what I love doing. I pulled several pieces from the rack and voila! … I created a  mini-lookbook just for  you readers!  Also in the post is a  sneak peek of  this season’s  collection.  #TYLERMOSTWANTED  takes for its springboard the film noir genre (a term applied to US films in the 50’s that portrayed cynical  characters and/or  the criminal underworld.)   The mostly black and white line is assuredly  bold and confident!



Crop It!

FUN AND FLIRTY! – Colored crop tops (orange P890 and olive P1390) paired with a skirt or shorts (both P1590). The trick is to show just a hint of skin.


MIX and MATCH – Graphic Crop Tees in Fuschia and Blue (both P890) again paired with TYLER’S asymmetrical skirt and shorts.


Clean and Comfy

SIMPLE STATEMENT – I paired this blue sheer top (P2190) with black skinny pants (P1590). Can be worn with flats during the day and serious heels at night.


CLEAN AND SOFT – Same sheer top in cream (P2190) paired again with black skinny pants. This will look well in dark jeans too. Wear with stillettos, please.


I like that the tops are loose but still drape well around a woman’s frame. The clothes are very forgiving and comfortable to wear. Tops in berry and beige (both P2390)



This red jersey long dress (P3990) is reversible. The look on the left shows a loose middle section and higher neckline. I prefer the second look in the right with the fabric hugging the waistline and a V-neck.


Here’s the top version of the reversible design. Getting these two fab styles for the price of one is absolutely good value for money.



I totally LOVE this stripes and black ensemble! This boxy top (P890) will hang in my closet ASAP!


STYLISH, SEXY AND SLEEK – All the pieces shown in this collage are MUST HAVE’S and should definitely be in every woman’s MOST WANTED list!



1.  What top am i planning to buy from TYLER’s MOST WANTED campaign?

2.  Which look from this post do you like the most and why?



As a writer and fashion enthusiast, I only feature clothes that appeal to my sense of style.  I’m excited about the current TYLER designs! How can you go wrong with clothes that fit, flatter and even forgive flaws?  In addition, the store continues to carry knits and has a men’s line too.  I’m positive there’s a piece or more that’s TYLER-made just for you!  See you at the TYLER stores!


SHOP AT TYLER NOW. Photoshoot done at the TYLER store on the 5th floor, East Wing of  Shangrila Mall.

image001 (1)



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  1. I browsed the pictures and Wow they’re all nice.Again, can’t decide what to choose 🙂 I’ll take a look for the second and third time which will perfectly fit me 🙂

    Thank you for this Monday post BQP! It truly inspires me 🙂

  2. I can’t choose, Tyler definitely has a good product line 🙂 Here are my top 3: 1. reversible top, 2. graphic crop tees and 3. blue sheer top for a more formal look 🙂 Of all the BQP style, I love the mix and match wherein you can use the graphic crop tee as an office wear or during a typical weekend.

    Nice read again BQP 🙂

  3. I saw how the store looks like when we watched a movie at Shangri-la. It has a new design and stylish setting. Polished interiors also. It’s simply fabulous!

    1. The top that you’re planning to buy from TYLER – Stripes and black ensemble (boxy top)

    2. Here are my top 3 choices:
    1.1Graphic Crop Tees Blue – my favorite color and it’s elegant looking that can be paired with skirt, jeans or shorts. I can use it at the office setting.
    2.2 Loose tops – Holiday season is fast approaching. For sure there are a lot of parties to attend. I don’t have much clothes that are really formal. I chose this because it’s comfortable to wear base from the description. I can pair it with pants and simple accessories and presto I’ll have something to wear for the party…I can mix and match like what BQP is doing. She has a great sense in fashion.
    1.3 Stripes and black ensemble – I love stripes and most of my shirts and tops are stripes with the same color. Price is also affordable

    I know that Tyler has introduced a sophisticated approach to daily wear with its trendy pieces. Another great feature from BQP!

  4. 1. you will definitely buy the boxy top with stripes and black ensemble!
    2.i love the reversible design. not only does it look so sexy,you’re getting a different look with just a one piece top,love it so much!

  5. Nice fashion finds, Ms. BQP. These pieces I can definitely wear in the office. 🙂 To answer your questions…
    1. The thing that will hang in your closet the soonest is the boxy top stripes and black ensemble. I like it too.
    2. I like the simple statement, the blue sheer top with skinny jeans. They look comfortable to wear. I like the sheer design, it can hide some of those unwanted bulges.:) This is definitely something that I will wear to the office.

  6. You like the boxy top stripes with black ensemble and I go for the blue and cream sheer tops!

    Time to visit Tyler soon!!! Thanks BQP..

  7. 1. I like the STYLISH, SEXY AND SLEEK, it is very cute! If I will win the 1000 GC’s from Tyler I am sure that I can buy this dress!
    2. What I like most in this post is Stripes and black ensemble, from the model itself it attracts the buyer to buy the dress. In the dress itself it is attractive as well just like the model. This dress makes every buyer looks like cute 🙂

  8. 1. What top am i planning to buy from TYLER’s MOST WANTED campaign? stripes and black ensemble! This boxy top (P890) will hang in your closet asap

    2. Which look from this post do you like the most and why? I personally like the STYLISH, SEXY AND SLEEK line. White. white and more white. Polished look 🙂 I heart Tyler always.

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