Enjoy your engagement party and leave the event preparations to the experts.

 The launch of New World Makati Hotel’s Ting Hun engagement packages turned out to be a most interesting experience. Like the local pamamanhikan, Filipino-Chinese couples also have their unique engagement ceremony. Gifts of expensive jewelry, money, different kinds of food and other tokens are laid out on a table with the families of the couple sitting on opposite sides. The ritual was reenacted while the hosts explained the meaning of each token and each act. Round chocolates are exchanged for example to make the union sweet and lasting. The celebration must also be done at an auspicious time to ensure a successful marriage. I asked if black or white can be worn and was answered with an emphatic no! Red, blush and gold are best to bring love and prosperity.

The Ting Hun gift table


Cakes are to be eaten three days after the event.


“We have prepared Ting Hun packages to make the celebration worry-free for the couples. From the venue, music by Bernie Pasamba, the backdrop for the gift table, flowers, cakes and Cantonese menu provided by Jasmine restaurant – everything will be handled by us, “ said Jannette Delgado Marketing and Sales Director of New World Hotel. No matter how modern this world has become, it’s good to know that time-honored traditions such as engagement ceremonies are still observed, my thought bubble read as I enjoyed the dim sum , roast duck and suckling pig from the hotel’s award-winning Chinese restaurant Jasmine. Yum!

The Busy Queen P with New World Hotel’s Sales and Marketing Director Jannette Delgado.

To know more about the Ting Hun packages, call New World Makati at 811 6888


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