I don’t know what it is about boots that excite me.  After all, I come from a tropical country and  it doesn’t make sense that I own more than a dozen pairs of boots.  Yes, a dozen!

As much as I want to wear my cutie boots in Manila, the weather doesn’t permit it and  fashion dictates otherwise ( I don’t want to get strange looks from people-haha).  So for now the collection is neatly arranged in boxes – ready to be taken out at the appropriate time.



Are you the type that plans your wardrobe before going on a trip?  Well, I am.  The hubby always chides me for being a heavy packer.  “We’re  going to do a lot of  walking.  Can you honestly do it wearing those? “ he would ask.  “Where else can I wear these?” I would also ask.  So after  14 years of marriage, he has learned to just shake his head after he sees the number of shoes that goes in my luggage.   Of course the problem is if I pack four pairs , I bring home eight! (Please refer to the title – Confessions of a Shoe Addict). 🙂



Here are my most recent purchases. Front row (L-R) – ALDO mid-calf boots, CHARLES AND KEITH black suede boots, H&M tan boots, CROCS yellow snow boots Back Row (L-R) – EXPRESS tan suede high boots, Beige crochet boots, TERRANOVA grey boots, MARC by MARC JACOBS snow boots


A closer look at this black pair. It looks exactly like Kate Spade boots but its from Charles and Keith (about PHP4000).


Snow boots, really?

Wintertime at the happiest place on earth. The BQP is wearing boots by CROCS and the little diva has her Hello Kitty boots (also by CROCS).


My guilty purchase —– boots for Alaska weather!  I like things in their proper bags and boxes.  This pair went home with me and occupied one whole luggage.


We love dressing up for Halloween! My MARC JACOBS boots brought my snow angel costume to heavenly heights! The little Indian princess also wore  boots (from ZARA)  to complete her outfit.


Fall in California –The BQP with the brood. Outfit of the day – Cable knit sweater, Calvin Klein denim skirt and my cutie crochet boots.



My daughter loves to dress up like Mommy.   Here’s a sneak peek at her booties . 🙂



HOW ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL ARE THESE???!!! I bought the Ballerina raincoat, umbrella and rainboots for my daughter. I couldn’t resist the fairy gumboots, either. All from Kidorable.


Silver , purple and pink — PAYLESS shoe store offers these stylish boots  at very reasonable prices. ON SALE this week!



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The truth is, I had a terrible week.  I couldn’t write anything for days.  I  just had to find my happy place.  So I wrote about shoes. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this second peek at my shoe collection (and that of my little diva’s).

Have a great weekend readers!  Please send me some happy thoughts so I can find the joy to write again.   Thank you and God bless:)

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  1. Some people just love boots. Some need boots. Some, like me and my family, do not have a penchant for boots (would high-cut caterpillars, doc marten and converse count as boots?). BQP and R, you carry boots so well! Some people are just simply naturals; some, just simply trying hard (what feeble attempt). My kids pointed this fact last week when a group of kabayans were walking in front of us in a mall here in the UAE (guess what footwear they had on). I mean, boots in the sweltering 45C heat?! Well, I guess there’s nothing wrong with that… It’s their fashion style, right? To each his own as they say.

  2. BQP, you always put a smile on your readers by your writing! It’s always classy, happy, positive, good values, wonderful. Be it shopping, travel, dining, parenting, concerts, etc., you impart the experience, values, joy to your readers. Your readers thank you BQP! Thank you always for excellent read!

  3. There are so many things I’d love to wear also, but unfortunately the weather of our country limits the possible outfits. R’s collection is growing so fast, the apple really didn’t fall far from the tree at all!! HAHAHA

    All the love and good vibes BQP xoxo

  4. For me the cutest among those boots are the ballerina boots and those you wear during rainy season. Very sophisticated and classy. More Power to your blog

  5. The boots’ practicality in Philippine weather came to my mind upon seeing this post, and you satisfied my curiosity in the very first paragraph! I like both the CHARLES AND KEITH black suede boots and the H&M tan boots because they are not so high and they could easily be paired with various color outfits. I don’t think I’d be able to walk comfortably with the heels of the black pair, though. So I’d say the H&M tan pair is MY FAVORITE in your collection. The Beige crochet boots are so creatively made. And breathable too! 😉 Happy dressing up and enjoy using your boots here and abroad, no matter the weather!

    You do look divine in your MARC JACOBS boots and snow angel costume. Also, I won’t be surprised if your Little Diva would eventually own a large boot collection herself!

    Have a restful weekend and hope you feel refreshed real soon. 🙂

      1. Yehey!!! 😀 Thanks, The Busy Queen P. I like your posts. They give me an opportunity to look beyond my day-to-day dealings. 🙂

  6. The pair of boots i like most is the fairy boots because i my GF loves fairies specially ThinkerBell. If my GF saw that boots she will Love it more.

  7. Oh wow! Its hard to choose from your boots collection! They’re all so beautiful and stylish too!
    But if I will pick my Top 3 Favorite Boots from you collection they will be the ff:

    Top 1: ALDO mid-calf boots
    Top 2: H&M tan boots
    I choose those Top 2 Boots because I instantly fell in love with them by just looking at your photo.
    I really don’t know if those would look good on me but who cares! Given the chance to buy those boots! I would buy it with no second thoughts! HEHEHE.

    Top 3:CROCS yellow snow boots
    Those look cute especially your daughter has one too.
    I would love to have something like that for me and my daughter who loves to pose ala model (daw!)
    Although her mother is not the modelesque type, I wouldn’t mind going for it with her and make pose for camera! 😀

  8. I love the cutie crochet boots!!!!! Where can u buy that? :O It’s definitely perfect for anything!! :O.. It’s that one pair of boots that caught my eye LOL :).. Love it!

  9. i love the EXPRESS tan suede high boots. Actually like the boots so badly but i cant afford to buy one.

  10. For me the divas boots is the perfect boots for all the time. It is so adorable to wear specially for a kids who love boots. This is very classy to wear that will make you like a trendy little kid or a beautiful lady. I never been wear boots but this kind of boots i will. 🙂


    I dont own a boots because they are expensive i dreamt of owning one, I love the Diva Shoes because they are flat and simple since i dont know how to wear heels i prefer flat and simple plain boots 🙂

  12. To be honest it’s hard to choose which boots I like most because all are really eye cathching. Since I prefer simple styles I chose the H&M tan boots. So classy and elegant and it can easily be paired with a jeans, shirts, tops or blouses 🙂

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