My driver shakes his head and looks at me disapprovingly.  With my hair still wet and uncombed , I climb into the car hurriedly and give him the address to the venue of my interview.   His actions are not lost on me.   He with the perfectly pressed barong and slicked back hair with all strands in place and I,  almost-always put together  (I try!)except for my long unkempt locks.  I don’t even carry a comb or brush in my bag.   I normally just run my fingers through my hair or collect them in a loose ponytail until I reach my destination.    I do a Beyonce  hair shake and voila – my hair do for the day is done.  This on-the-go mom has no time to blow dry her hair, and well, does not even know how anyway.  An hour or so later , I go down from the car and the driver takes a second, this time approving,  look.


The Lowdown on Long Locks

Last month, I decided to try Infuse Professionals Formaldehyde-free Keratin Treatment.  I had just gotten an inch shorn off my hair (you have to cut your hair every 6 to 8 weeks to keep it healthy) and had it colored in rich ash with  muted gold streaks .   I was told that the treatment is  like having blow-dried hair everyday but I still had my reservations.  First, I don’t like my hair to look unnaturally straight . I’ve seen people who’ve had their hair rebonded and it’s nothing short of sad and fake. Secondly, I’m asthmatic so anything that involves  harsh chemicals is a no-no.   I wear a mask everytime I get my hair colored. Lastly, I don’t have the time to sit for hours in a chair.  After my litany of doubts,  my trusted hair stylist JP said,  “I only need an hour and a half.  Trust me.”

As I handed the fate of my locks to the experts, Cathy Cruz, CEO and President of Sevenstyle Corpopration  and the person responsible for bringing the hair care products from London,  sits down with for an interview.


What is Infuse Keratin treatment ?

Infuse Professionals Keratin Treatment is the latest innovation in hair care technology. Keratin is a type of protein compound that is found in our hair, nails and skin. The treatment  strengthens the natural protein bonds of hair strands  by filling in the gaps caused by wear and tear and the application of heat and chemicals.  The procedure restores the hair’s natural health making it look shiny, smooth and frizz-free.  It works on all types of hair.

The complete line of Infuse Professionals


Getting my Infuse Professionals Keratin Treatment from The Hair Lounge Salon.  Here with my trusted colorist JP.


How is the treatment different from Rebonding and Brazilian Blowout?


Both Rebonding and Brazilian blowout use chemicals that contain formaldehyde (a strong , colorless, gaseous compound)  which is harmful to both the stylists and the clients.   People who have been exposed to it experienced coughing, redness in the eyes an even sore throat. Instead of formaldehyde, Infuse Professionals contain glycolic acid which is both safe and healthy for the  hair.  Rebonding  results to odd looking straight and stiff  hair. Many have complained about having having damaged dry hair after undergoing this treatment where the hair is ironed for hours.  Infuse Professionals, on the other hand, guarantees natural , frizz-free hair and will not cause any damage to the strands.

Healthy hair can be yours with Infuse Professionals.


 How long does the effect last?

 Depending on the client’s lifestyle, the effect can last anywhere from a month and a half to three months.  For best results, we recommend that they use the Infuse Professionals Sulfate-free Shampoo and the Deep Moisturizing  Conditioner after treatment.

From Frizz-free to Fabulous hair!


Is it expensive?

 The price depends on the length of the client’s hair and the salon she gets the treatment from.  On the average the cost is about Php 4,000.00.

It has been a month since I had my hair “Infused”.  I still don’t fuss over my long locks ,  don’t know how to work a blowdryer and don’t carry a comb or brush in my bag.  The Infuse Professionals made good on its promise.  I enter the car with wet and uncombed hair.  With time spent in traffic to dry my locks , I just run my fingers through my hair, shake my hair like Beyonce and come out from the vehicle looking like I just came from the salon.  Now that’s  just fabulous!

Some like it straight, I like to keep my bouncy curls


With Ceo of Sevenstyle Corporation Cathy Cruz and Vanna Garcia


Infuse Professionals is now available in Ménage Premiere (BGC and Legaspi Village), Creations by Lourd Ramos (Bonifacio Stopover),  Ultima Salon (Greenhills), Profile Salon (Katipunan, QC) and the Hair Lounge Salon (Shaw Blvd Mandaluyong).


With a pocketful of glitter,

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