“Everytime someone tries to win a war before it starts, innocent people die… Everytime.” — Captain America

While recovering Loki’s scepter, Tony Stark gets a glimpse of things to come after some mind manipulation from the Scarlet Witch. He and Bruce Banner (aka The Hulk) work on a peacekeeping program (ULTRON) with the best intentions. However, Loki’s scepter plus the genius of another Stark creation JARVIS turns out to be a lethal combination. Instead of a peacekeeper, ULTRON (voiced oh-so-maliciously by James Spader) plans on annihilating the human race and promptly declares, “There are no strings on me.” ULTRON teams up with the twins Pietro and Wanda Maximoff (“He’s fast and she’s weird.) The siblings want to destroy the Avengers but soon discover that MR. Artificial Intelligence has plans different from their own.

Manila’s fascination with the Avengers franchise continues. Virtually all the theatres are showing Avengers : Age of Ultron.


The movie has some light moments too. Captain America warns the Avengers not to talk dirty (“Language.”) and is made fun of several times. THOR’s hero teammates each try to lift his hammer to no avail. He gets a little worried when Bruce attempts to lift it. No one is “worthy” enough to carry the mjolnir. Watch the movie and you’ll see why The Captain lets out profanity and who eventually carries the hammer and gets Thor’s approval.

The BQP gives this movie 4 stars. It is visually arresting , the script has many twists and turns and it has a message to send. At one point in the movie I thought “Smart people rule the world”. But what world will there be left to rule if destruction is the end result. Men cannot play God.

Fear, arrogance, good intentions, a dream of peace, romance, destruction, fortitude and finally redemption – all these are seen in MARVEL’s latest hit. Of course, expect Ironman to be the central character and wait for the after credits clip.  My son M told me to stay put at the Shangrila Mall cinema and we got to see a purple villain…..

Ironman and Captain America team up anew.


Starring : Robert Downey Jr. (as quipmaster IRONMAN) , Chris Evans (as squeaky clean CAPTAIN AMERICA, Chris Hemsworth (as dreamy THOR), Scarlett Johannson (as seductive BLACK WIDOW, Jeremy Renner (as daddy HAWKEYE), Mark Ruffalo (as deeply torn THE HULK), Aaron Taylor-Johnson (as “you-didn’t-see-that-coming QUICKSILVER) and Elizabeth Olsen (as enigmatic SCARLET WITCH).

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  1. I haven’t watch the movie yet. It seems that you enjoyed this Marvel hit from your review. I’ll surely find time for it.

    Thank You BQP for sharing it to your followers 🙂

  2. Black widow fell in love with Bruce???? Wow that’s something to see! 4 stars — that’s incentive enough for me to watch it!

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