Il Ponticello  (PONTI) first opened its doors in the late nineties.  By day, it was patronized by  hearty lunchgoers and by night it was a favorite watering hole of tired Makati professionals who want to relax and unwind.   Ahh the good old days…

Today, PONTI has a new look,  a new menu and is under new management.   The restaurant’s interiors  creates an easy affluent vibe.  Oversized couches line one side of the room,  a mix of wooden and tufted chairs are paired per table, and luxe  velvet drapes separate the main dining hall from the gentleman’s club (smoking area).  “Our menu is fresh, current and easily good value for money. “ says owner Steve Magdaraog.  “My partners and I want to keep the good memories of PONTI alive but at the same time we want to create a totally original and exciting experience for our customers. “

A neighborhood fixture since 1999, PONTI’s make-over was made possible this year. You can drop by at the second floor of Antel Corporate Centre at121 Valero Street, Salcedo Village. Fore reservations, call 553-9971. Lowest left photo shows the BQP with owner Steve Magdaraog (L) and Executive Chef Panky Lopez (R).


Il PRANZO É SERVITO (Lunch is served)


Sweet and refreshing! Raspberry puree, basil leaves, vanilla syrup, lemon juice, cranberry juice, passion fruit juice , top up ginger ale (PHP280)


ANTIPASTI (Great Start)

GRILLED PORTOBELLO ALLA GRIGLIA (PHP480) – Grilled portobello, buffalo mozarella , smoked ricotta cheese, olive oil, poached cherry tomatoes drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. To get the full flavor , all the indredients must be eaten together.


MY FAVORITE! MOZZARELLA IN CAROZZA MINI PAGNOTTA (white bread) (PHP180) – Mozarella sandwich panfried in butter and drizzled with balsamic reduction. This starter dish made us say “More please!” The small squares taste like french toast only so much better.  The combination of  fried buttered bread, chewy cheese and sweet sauce definitely satisfied our taste buds.


PASTA (Signature Handmade)

PONTI prides itself in using quality ingredients. “We import our pasta from Gragnano – a region in Italy where the very best pasta comes from.  Our cold cuts are also imported to stay true to the Italian flavors.  Locally, we source fresh vegetables and fruits from trusted suppliers, ” says Steve.

This pasta dish is sure to be a favorite of adults and kids alike. Made with Fusili di gragnano, sautéed porcini mushrooms, , truffle cream sauce made with heavy cream, truffle paste and truffle oil. (PHP420) Two thumbs up!


If you like your pasta to be a bit spicy and tangy then try this.  Made with Penne pasta, napolitana style tomato sauce, homemade italian fennel sausage and grana padano cheese. (PHP390)


PIZZA (Stone Hearth Baked Napoletana Style)

MANGIAMO! In Italy a pizza is a meal for one. In the Philippines, it is meant to be shared.  Everything about this pizza tastes great!  The dough is perfectly crisp in the edges and has just  the right bite.  My son loved it !  We folded the dough and stuffed our slices with arugula. Delicious! PIZZA VALDOSTANA  (PHP480) -Napoletana Style pizza with gorgonzola cream, parma ham and baby arugula.


MAINS (Magnum Opus)

MUST TRY!!! FLAT IRON STEAK (PHP490) – Pan-seared USDA flat iron steak, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, salad of baby arugula, cherry tomatoes, orange segments and grana padano cheese.  This dish sealed the deal for us.  Most often, we smother our meat with sauce and gravy but these steak cuts are so succulent and tasty there was no need for anything else!



POACHED CHILEAN SEABASS – Seabass seared then poached in prawn broth with garlic and napoletana piccante sausage served with focaccia and ciabatta slices with roasted garlic and aioli. Chef Panky offers creative dishes at PONTI. The fish is creamy and the sauce a tad spicy because of the sausages. For the serious foodie.


ROASTED TO PERFECTION! The PORCHETTA  (PHP360 for ala carte and PHP950 for half roast serving)  must be eaten as soon as it is served so you can savor the “crunch” in the skin. The meat is tender and tasty due to the fact that it has been braised for hours before roasting. Highly recommended! I guarantee you’ll come back for more!


DOLCI (Perfect Ending)

CANNOLI (PHP290) – Homemade cinnamon pastry shell stuffed with dark chocolate and ricotta cream topped with hazelnut shavings. One bite and you’ll be hooked!


Vanilla Panna Cotta, Cheesecake Crumble with bits of caramel candy (PHP290) – Melt in your mouth pannacotta and chewy caramel (that doesn’t stick to your teeth) — DELECTABLE!


THE CONSUMMATE DESSERT! I discovered the best TIRAMISU  (PHP 290)  in town! You just have to try it! I give it a triple “D” for delightful, decadent and deliciously pleasurable!  Made of savoiardi, zabaglionie, amarettoand ristretto and generously sprinkled with cocoa powder.



Congratulatons to Chef Panky Lopez for an inventive and distinctly appetizing Italian menu.  Writing this made ME hungry! I’m already planning my next visit ! SEE YOU ALL AT IL PONTICELLO!

*IL PONTICELLO’s grand opening is scheduled this October.  In the meantime, you may call the restaurant for special treats like the Chef’s table (special 5-course menu)  or to reserve house seats if you want to listen to their weekend guest performers/DJ’s.



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  1. The MOZZARELLA IN CAROZZA MINI PAGNOTTA looks really good and the Porchetta looks divine. This restaurant will definitely be on our list soon.

  2. OMG! The Pizza Valdostana looks really, really delicious! Already drooling here BQP! I love Pizza! And the Porchetta is calling me!!! Hahaha…

  3. Salivating over the Flat Iron Steak …yum. And for a coffee addict like me, how can I resist the ‘tiramisu that is the best in town’! I would gladly take a cheat day for even just a spoonful of it 🙂

  4. As I was scrolling down reading the post…I can say…”I think I’m hungry again” 🙂 Food looks so yummy and sumptuous.

    I’ve seen this resto few years back when I’m still working near the vicinity. I’m not familiar with the food that they’re serving and the excellent service they have until I read this post from BQP.

    Well, of course who doesn’t want to try all 🙂 but the first one that I would like to too is the “Pizza Valdostana” since I’m a pizza lover. The picture itself talks how delicious it is. I’m craving for one now 🙂 I also learned a new Italian word “Mangiamo” 🙂

    For dessert, I would like to try the Cheesecake Panna Cota. I would like to try BQP’s recommendation when she says ” delectable” …For sure it’s yummy because of the bits and chewy caramel candy.

    If it’s BQP’s recommendation definitely, we can all trust it. Nice one! Two thumbs up for this post 🙂

  5. I would have to drink lots of green tea if I am going to try out the Porchetta or the Flat iron steak together with the Pizza Valdostana! Burp!!! 🙂

  6. Who wouldn’t want to have a munch of these delicious food? Definitely, I want to try all but the first one I’ll choose is the PORCHETTA which was highly recommended by BQP. For dessert, it’s the TIRAMISU because she said that it’s the best Tiramisu in town. Giving it a triple D – meaning it must really be good! 🙂 I hope I can taste it soon.

  7. Happy to see this place reinventing itself after all these years! The menu is superb! Not only does this place bring back fond memories but for sure will recreate new ones with its grand opening on October ! I’m salivating right now 🙂 good job BQP!

  8. BQP, your blog about food never fails to make me so hungry! ha ha ha! 😀 And being on a diet right now, and looking at these pictures is just pure torture. Ha ha! 😀 Porchetta and Tiramisu, I will try that during on my cheat day. 😀 Thank you for sharing… 😀

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