You’re craving for your favorite Italian pasta but don’t feel like going out, you have unexpected guests coming over,  your meeting is running late  and everyone is hungry— who will you call to have food delivered?   212-1212 , of course!  Gone are the days when your choice is limited to fastfood delivery.  Now you can order Japanese, Mexican, All-American, Mongolian and just about any cuisine  you prefer  and it will be conveniently brought to your doorsteps.

QUICK DELIVERY the company behind the TWOANYONE brand   has partnered with over 250 dining establishments spread thoughout 500 locations all over the metro. Customers can order by phone, internet or texting .  Mobile ordering is also available by downloading the CLICK THE CITY Lifestyle application on your cellphones.  Super easy right?



I’m certainly living up to my name “BQP” – make that a bold “B”  for BUSY!  So when the hubby told me that he  had  VIP guests coming over for dinner last weekend,  I felt a bit anxious. I had two interviews that day which left me no time at all to cook! It was the perfect time to call 212-1212.


The Call

I wanted to order from PF Chang’s.  It’s one of our go-to restos when abroad . We are also frequent diners since  it opened in Manila.   I’ve seen the  212-1212 sign in their doors at Alabang Town Center so I know that they deliver in our area.  I placed the call, the Agent asked for my information/address and I gave my order.  “I can’t make up my mind, “ I said. “Miss, ano ba mas ok? (Which ones tastes better?) The Mongolian Beef or the Northern Spare Ribs? “  “Wait lang po, Ma’am, I will call the  restaurant and get back to you.”   She promptly gave me feedback after a few minutes . “Ma’am PF Chang recommends the Mongolian Beef.  The sauce is a perfect blend of sweet and salty. “

Jordan, Twoanyone’s delivery guy, arrived early! Orders may be brought within the hour or twenty-four hours after your call is placed. I was able to host a successful dinner party last Saturday. Included in the menu : PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef, Crispy Honey Shrimp and Almond and Cashew Chicken. DELICIOUS!


Text and Callback

I felt like cooking my famous spaghetti recipe on a rainy Monday and thought it would best be paired with Chicken Fingers from Friday’s.   This time I ordered via texting. I texted the word “ORDER” to 0918 -2121212.   In less than five minutes,  “Ola” the agent called me.  “I would like two orders of chicken fingers—don’t put pepper on the fries please.” “Ma’am would you like to add salad or drinks to your order?”  “Yes to the salad please!  One small order of the Friday’s Caesar salad.  Can you  have it delivered by 6:30?” I ended the  call by asking Ola to have change ready for my payment.

We had FRIDAY’s dinner on a rainy Monday! The kids’ favorite Chicken Crispers was served hot. The Caesar Salad was the perfect started course for the fambam! Thank you MARC (delivery guy) for bringing our food inspite of the heavy rains.


Presently, Twoanyone delivers all over Metro Manila  and Cebu 24 hours/7days a week (with the exception of New Year when they deliver until 7pm) .  In need of catering, party packs, or even school supplies?  You want to open a corporate account to cover all the meetings/ events?  What if  you just want to order in advance from your favorite resto and want to pick it  up yourself?  No worries. The able agents can arrange for these too.  You can even pay for an order and have it delivered to the person or place of your choice at the time you prefer (Regalo Delivery).  For more information on the services offered, you may visit the Twoanyone Facebook page at , Twitter  account at and Instagram account at .



1.  What beef dish did I eventually choose for last Saturday’s dinner?

2.  Would you consider using Twoanyone’s service in the future and why?

*Contestants must have a valid Metro Manila address that TWOANYONE can deliver to. For complete list of areas served, visit


Thumbs Up for Prompt and Efficient Service

The BQP tried the delivery service twice and is vey satisfied with the service.  The agents were very courteous, took the  time to explain the menu and listened very well to my instructionss.   On the separate occasions that I used the service, my orders came fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. Now, that’s quick delivery indeed!



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  1. since I don’t have time to cook and i wake up late, twoanyone would be a lifesaver. I’d store twoanyone as AAtwoanyone in my contact list.

  2. 1. What beef dish did I eventually choose for last Saturday’s dinner?
    ANSWER: PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef

    2. Would you consider using Twoanyone’s service in the future and why?
    ANSWER: Definetly YES! 🙂 i consider using Twoanyone’s service in the future because they deliverquickly and i can choose many menu from different restaurants i crave for.

  3. 1. you order the Mongolian Beef with The sauce is a perfect blend of sweet and salty recommended by Ma’am PF Chang.
    2.yes i do consider using Twoanyone’s service in the future because there are times i don’t time to prepare or cook for my family or sometimes my kid is craving for something and i’m too lazy to do it,it would be very easy for me if i have alternate way to serve yummy foods!

  4. 1.You ordered PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef
    2.Yes, definitely i will consider using Twoanyone’s service in the future because i want my food to be delivered fresh and hot….I’ve heard a positive feedback from a friend they deliver fast and great quality service.☺

  5. 1) BQP ordered PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef.

    2) I would add Twoanyone to my favorite list in my phone address book! Question is: would they deliver to my place in the suburbs – San Mateo, Rizal? Why I’d call Twoanyone? Two reasons: I hate traffic! Also, my culinary skills are very limited! Ha ha ha! Yummy in my Tummy!

  6. BQP eventually chose the Mongolian Beef and yes, I would definitely choose to use their service in the future because they carry a lot of brands, which is helpful for busy moms like me. And I learned something new today, I thought they only delivered food and was surprised to see they carry non-food brands as well. Thanks BQP for writing about this!

  7. I have tried ordering from twoanyone before and all i can say is — Great Service! No more hassle calling and ordering from different resturants. Now you just have to call one number. Will definitley use their service again in the future!

  8. 1.You ordered PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef
    2.Yes, I will definitely consider using Twoanyone’s service in the future because of the convenience it offers. You call, wait, and eat your favorite food. 🙂

  9. 1.You ordered PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef
    2.Yes, I will consider using Twoanyone’s service in the future because of the quick delivery for my favorite delicious food from my favorite restaurants.

  10. 1.You ordered PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef 😀

    2.Of course, I will definitely consider using Twoanyone’s service in the future because it is quick, no fuss and hassle in ordering, and your favorite food will be delivered to your door step fast.

  11. 1.You ordered delicious PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef

    2. I will definitely consider using Twoanyone’s service in the future because it promises quick delivery and I am all for that. Nothing beats a quick delivery when you are really hungry but hate to go out because of traffic.

  12. 1.You ordered PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef. – Great choice by the way! 🙂

    2. Yes, I will consider using Twoanyone’s service in the future because it’s already tried and tested by people like you, BQP 🙂 And I trust you when you said that it is efficient in delivering fast. I can’t wait to try it out also. 🙂

  13. 1. What beef dish did I eventually choose for last Saturday’s dinner? PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef

    2. Would you consider using Two anyone’s service in the future and why? Yes , because of their quick service

  14. 1. You eventually ordered the Mongolian beef because PF Chang recommended it! Oh, man, the way the agent described its sauce, it actually made my mouth water.

    2. I would definitely consider ordering from TwoAnyOne in the future so I wouldn’t have to go to the mall and buy the food I want like for example in Taters. We absolutely love the popcorn there so I could just easily call TwoAnyOne and order from them to deliver the food right at our door step. If we go to the mall, there’s a high probability that I would spend more because I will see some items that I like, my son would see toys that he like, my husband would go hungry and we would buy food, etc. So it’s really best to order at home 😀

  15. The Busy Queen P opted for P.F. Chang’s Mongolian Beef. (The Crispy Honey Shrimp & Almond and Cashew Chicken made my mouth water! :”> )

    I’d love to have my favorite Mexican dishes, plus smooth and creamy milk tea, brought straight to my doorstep someday soon! Twoanyone is such an exciting innovation! It would be so great to share sumptuous treats with my mom and dad who are in their 70’s. It is not so convenient for them to go out anymore, so having good food delivered is truly a wonderful idea! Really super easy with so many ways to order, so many establishments to choose from in so many locations! Able agents who go the extra mile and rainproof delivery guys. Impressive! I think the Regalo Delivery idea is awesome too! Very practical. (I can’t hide my excitement; made me use many exclamation points! 😀 )

  16. 1. The BQP had PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef for last Saturday’s dinner.

    2. I would definitely use Twoanyone’s service for their prompt delivery. Instead of driving out myself with the possibility of getting stuck in traffic, Twoanyone’s just phone call away.

  17. 1.) PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef

    2.) This sounds new to me but when I read the blog I find it really interesting. I’m just familiar with fast food chain delivery 🙂 Definitely, I would like to try this in the future. Why? It was tested by BQP so meaning it’s reliable and it’s really convenient.

    I love to eat and dine out with friends and my Mom but there are times that they’re not available because of busy schedule and Mom was too lazy to go out. If I’m craving for something to eat this is the solution. Most of my nearby resto are fast food chain and as usual nothing is new 🙂 When I read this, it’s very simple. I can order by phone, internet or text and besides that there are hundreds of establishment to choose from. No more worries to struggle and beat the traffic jam going to BGC to eat at a favorite resto…”twoanyone” is the answer 🙂

  18. 1. What beef dish did I eventually choose for last Saturday’s dinner? PF C

    2. Would you consider using Twoanyone’s service in the future and why?

    1. 1. What beef dish did I eventually choose for last Saturday’s dinner? PF Chang’s Mongolian beef because of the sauce that has a perfect blend of sweet and salty.

      2. Would you consider using Twoanyone’s service in the future and why?
      Yes because delivery service is a good way to satisfy my cravings. Almost all the restaurants are just a call away. It is indeed very practical to dial and order online especially when there are days that you have a bunch of tasks to do. Twoanyone is really the answered prayer when it comes to fast and exceptional food delivery. Plus I can pay for it and have it delivered to the doorstep of my friends and love ones (REGALO delivery) That is really a very cool idea! 🙂

  19. 1) PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef

    2) Yes, I will consider using Twoanyone’s convenience of bringing my favorite food to our house especially when I’m working late nights and too lazy to cook dinner. Twoanyone makes it possible for me to order hot food from local restaurants anytime we have guests at home. I can also satisfy my food cravings during the monsoon season, bond with the family over good food selections by just calling 212-1212. No need to go out of the house, no more waiting on long queus and no more risk on getting drenched by rain.

  20. You ordered PF Chang’s mongolian beef.

    I will definitely consider twoanyone’s service delivery based on your experience. I am plaaning to order some delish food for my husband this weekend..we recently moved in to our intereme apartment while waiting for our newly bought house to be built so lately I have been very busy and unintentionally depriving him of eating his favorites at home because I don’t have time to cook.

  21. I shall try this next week. Never really thought of ordering thru them before coz I thought they only deliver to areas that are reachable. Alam mo naman our house, BQP, mediyo malayo. Hihi.

  22. For the number 1 question, it’s PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef. For the second, I will consider their service since whenever we have visitors and we are just too tired to preapre or cook anything, this will be a really great help. Bonus part is you got many choices and the service is good

  23. 1. You choose the irresistible PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef

    2. Eventually yes, I will consider Twoanyone’s service to be the one to deliver my favorite foods. Especially now that I’m pregnant I’m craving to lots of unusual food. It’s more convenient for me to order at home than to go in the mall. And twoanyone’s service is the right choice! Fast, Easy and Affordable delivery. No need to wait in the morning for my husband to come home to buy me food I want, coz his working at night. Now I just have to text ORDER to 09182121212 and the craving is over! No worries at night anymore with twoanyone’s that will make my whole night and day satisfied.

  24. 1. You ordered PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef.

    2. As a working mom there are days that I’m too tired or I will be leaving office late so to have a quick and delicious food I will definitely consider Twoanyone;s service to deliver for my family so when I arrived from office the food is there waiting for us at the dining table.

  25. To answer the questions:
    1. You got the Mongolian Beef eventually, I’m sure!!
    2. I’d definitely not just try but utilize twoanyone, one of these days. It seems they have a comprehensive list of restos, some of which, I think, does not have a delivery system. Besides, their resto list includes all types of food – American, Spanish, Chinese, etc…

  26. 1. You ordered PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef.
    2. Very impressive! I will consider TwoanyOne quick delivery service for the future.My good husband and his co-workers occasionally ordered fast food through delivery. Specially my husband if they have a board meeting with the bosses nagpapa cater sila.Minsan late pa dumating at minsan hindi daw masarap ang ulam,kaya hindi nauubos.He take-out nalang at pinapakainkain sa amin.:) So i will introduce to them Twoanyone quick delivery,marami pang pagpipilian na foods.I’m sure magugustuhan nila ito.At syempre I try also to order,pasubok kung gaano sila kabilis mag deliver.:)

  27. 1. BQP ordered PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef for Saturday’s dinner. Yummy!

    2. Yes if I would definitely order from TwoAnyOne whenever I need to serve a sumptuous dinner on demand and have no time to cook. 🙂

  28. 1.PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef

    2. yes i will consider TwoanyOne sa my delivery service. because i wanna know how fas and efficient their delivery is!

  29. 1. Ans.
    PF chang’s Mongolian beef.
    2. Yes i will consider ordering from
    Twoanyone.. because i know its fast… and they will deliver on time

  30. – you ordered for PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef!
    – Absolutely yes! Because taking out has been our frequent option especially when we haven’t done the grocery or too lazy to cook food! It’s super convenient and good food on the go with so many fastfood/resto outlet to choose!

  31. You have ordered Mongolian Beef at PF Chang’s. For the second question, I would consider Twoanyone’s service in the future because sometimes we really do not have time to prepare foods or what to cook specially when we have unexpected visitors. I have relatives from provinces who used to visit me here in Manila. So yes, I will have my food delivered by Twoanyone soon.

  32. 1.) You ordered PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef.

    2.) Yes, definitely I would consider twoanyone service in the future simply because it’s hassle free and a new wide range of restaurants that we can order great foods. Aside from that it has three options to choose on how you can order…phone, internet or text. For sure foods that we ordered will be served fresh and on time.
    I can say it’s hassle free because if you want to dine out with your friends but to much worried to beat the traffic jam then twoanyone is the answer 🙂 You can still do the same bonding time that you want to have plus eat the food you want.

    I’m only familiar with fastfood chain delivery so this is new and exciting plus it was tested by BQP and recommended, as well 🙂

    I hope I’m still in time for BQP’s last call to join this 🙂 Another exciting post that I read today!

  33. 1. PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef
    2. Yes, yes, yes!! We always order take-out for our lunch in the office and I love that we can set the schedule when we want the food delivered, so this is very convenient for us if we want to order ahead of time. What’s also great is that we do not need to visit the individual sites of the restaurants to view their menu as they are already consolidated in their site 🙂

  34. 1. What beef dish did I eventually choose for last Saturday’s dinner? PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef

    2. Would you consider using Twoanyone’s service in the future and why? Definitely, what’s good enough for The Busy Queen P is good enough for me 😉

  35. The beef dish is PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef. And of course! I would definitely try this coz i trust this service and they always come in time. This is very helpful when you are hungry from studying and all the activities from your day! My family and friends would agree with me as well. Thanks Ms BQP 🙂

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