The very first H&M store opened in Vesteras, Sweden in 1947.  Then, it was called Hennes and exclusively sold women’s clothing.  It’s founder Erling Persson later on bought a fishing and hunting equipment store called Mauritz Widforss. The clothing shop  changed its name to Hennes and Mauritz  (H&M) and expanded its products to include  men’s and children’s lines.  Today the brand has more than 3,000 stores all over the world.

The BQP is a big fan of this brand.  Its designs cut across the discerning palette of both the young and adult market. In other words, it offers something for everybody.  I’ve always made it a habit to seek this store whenever I travel.

Floral Kimono bought from the H&M store in Beverley Centre Los Angeles Cali. It’s the perfect get-up for a casual lunch date with friends.
I wore my very first red dress on New Year’s Eve two years ago. Dress with peek-a-boo-lace on the sides and back bought from the H&M store in Orchard Road, Singapore.

In my trip to Singapore, I returned three times to the H&M store in Suntec City along Raffles Road.  I was able to purchase tops, sunglasses,  shoes and accessories on my first two days in the city. Riding high on retail adrenalin, I kept on moving from rack to rack while picking clothes to try on.  My most expensive buy was a pair of jeans that cost SGD60 (Php 2000).  Everything else that  I got was cheaper than that.  And to make the experience even sweeter, they gave  me SGD10 gift cards for every SGD60 I spent in the store.  So I ended up getting SGD50 worth of free stuff ! Now, that’s a great deal!

Summer Display at Suntec Mall Singapore



There were a slew of colorful women’s clothes but the cream and black combination on this display was the winner for me.

MY CHOICE – the off white blouse hanging behind the standing mannequin and metallic light silver kimono worn by the sitting mannequin. I like the black peep toe heels too!
Girl on a bargain hunt? These 17 dollar dresses are for you!


Be careful when buying statement necklaces.  Say “no” to the Christmas tree look . 😛

Choose pieces that are bold but tasteful.

Gold necklaces and dainty scarves
MY CHOICE – 4 layered necklace


I got the same exact shades for SGD12 (Php 400)! Sweet!

Blush, Blush, Blush!

I have always preferred the blacks, blues and greys but the sweet choices in the store convinced me to try the pales.

Too bad this gorgeous shoe was sold out 🙁
Top : Pale Pumps Below : MY CHOICE- Two-toned heels!


With my SGD50 gift cards I chose a black loose top (worn by Giselle Bundchen in billboards all around Singapore),  Audrey Hepburn- inspired shades , a black belt and cutie candy rings!



How cute are these???!!!… and for SGD 7 too!


I hope you enjoyed this preview of H&M goodies.  This brand has finally found its way to the Philippines!  The store is scheduled to open its doors at the latter part of this year in the newly built wing of Megamall.  I’m sure all of you will be bitten by the H&M bug and will be experiencing the H&M mania very soon!  Until then, continue reading the BQP’s posts.  More exciting fashion finds coming up!


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  1. Yey, this gets me excited! Another shopping haven coming near us! Thanks for this happy news! 🙂

  2. After all the false alarms, H&M finally found its way to the pearl of the east. And about time too! Totally can’t wait for the funky brand to open its doors, I’m sure it’s going to be ruling the streets for some time. + those candy rings look absolutely adorbs!

  3. It’s good to hear that we will be having H&M here in Manila soon. I used to shop here when I was in Dubai. Their Men’s Casual Collection are cool . In fact my niece Aiko works in their New York branch.

    Thanks for the update BQP.


    1. They have a better selection of men’s clothing and kids’ clothing at the bigger stores. In Singapore, there’s a three storey H & M store near Orchard. The husband bought some good blazers, pants and polos there. The one in Suntec has more selection for women.

  4. It’s good to hear that we will be having H&M here in Manila soon. I used to shop here when I was in Dubai. Their Men’s Casual Collection are cool . In fact my niece Aiko works in their New York branch.

    Thanks for the update BQP.


  5. I love the floral kimono on you, tita Paulyne! So chic!!!

    Been waiting for H&M, Mega to open since forever. I’m a fan of their bags and accessories! I thought they were supposed to open last Feb, what happened? 🙁

  6. You should meet my older daughters – Dominique (eldest 24) and Denise (second just turned 21). Both are crazy about fashion! H&M stores are all over Abu Dhabi and when the plan is just to buy groceries, a blouse or an accessory would somehow see their way into my daughters’ arms. There is an H&M store in every mall and a grocery, too. So, while I do the grocery, my girls magically vanish (my husband also disappears into the car or fishing accessories). A toast to H&M!

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