Valentine’s day is exactly ten days away. For us bitten by l’amour, it’s an occasion that must be made extraordinarily special for those we hold dear. For busy wives, such as myself, it’s a time to rack our brains (again) for the perfect gifts to give our husbands. Ties, watches, polo shirts, that cheesy heart shaped-cake, sporting equipment and almost everything else we’ve been offered by retail stores have all been wrapped for our gents over the years.

A Serving of Diamond Dust, Pearls and Magma

Brian Austin Green and Alice Eve for Orogold Cosmetics


This year I decided to surprise my husband with a different kind of treat. In the guise of a lunch date, I brought him to Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila and after our meal led him to the Orogold Exclusive store. A week prior, I was invited by Marie Claire Ortega, Head of Marketing and Promotions, for an afternoon of pampering for two at the VIP room of the opulent boutique. Perfect! Men, unless they’re the metrosexual kind, will never think of getting facials. Alpha males, which is exactly the pack Mr. Fermin belongs to, are no fuss creatures because they concern themselves with more urgent matters. So it was quite incredulous when A agreed. It could also be that he got curious when Claire said, “Sir, all you have to do is give us a bit of your time, relax and let our skin specialist take care of you. You’ll definitely like the results!” With that, we were whisked into the luxuriously appointed room, offered red wine and chocolates and then got our respective treatments.

Feel the rejuvenating effects of the OROGOLD SIR Collection (for him) and the Cryogenic collection.(for her)


Oily skin, large pores and deep crow’s feet were my husband’s must-fix concerns. Orogold’s Sir Collection, made specifically for men’s skin, was used on him. The foaming cleanser was applied to the skin until it was absorbed without wetting the face and only the two ring fingers were used(because these are the lightest digits). This allowed the skin to absorb all the ingredients of the Orogold product as it simultaneously rid the face of impurities. Next was the Magma Peel which removed built-up dirt, excess oils and stripped dead skin cells away. Then the Volcanic Mask was applied to tighten the skin and minimize pores. After the black mask was removed, A was given a mirror, and he chuckled and exclaimed, “Wow!”  Checking his face from all angles as an eye balm was being applied, he was visibly impressed.

I received the Cryogenic Treatment because upon closer examination, I was told that skin discoloration had start to set in aside from wrinkles in my forehead and, sigh, a bit of sagging in my jowls. Vitamin C Cleanser, 24K Cryogenic Diamond Mask, 24K Pearl Revival Elixir, 24K Neck Lift Cream were all used to repair, energize and nourish my skin. My mirror moment revealed a younger me! My skin felt more supple, looked brighter and felt tighter too!


Au! Be in your Best Element this Valentine’s Day

All Orogold products have gold particles in them. Gold has long been known for its beautifying properties. This element is loaded with antioxidants, is hypoallergenic and has anti inflammatory properties as well making it the perfect ingredient for Orogold’s opulent skin care line. It recreates broken cellular connections, reduces fine lines and the effects of sun damage.

As the finale to our date, we received a his and hers OROGOLD wrinkle and skin tightening treatment. Both solutions were dispensed from black and pink syringes but there were no injections involved! The 24K Sir Syringe De-Liner is the solution for aging  lines. It contains coffee bean extracts, volcanic water, kojic acid and gold which all works in achieving youthful looking skin. The 24K DMAE Deep Wrinkle Tightening Solution lifts sagging skin, reduces wrinkles and reveals radiant and smooth looking skin like no other. I can attest to that!

1. Orogold His and Hers Limited Edition Set, the gift of youth. Get him a 24K Syringe De-Liner and receive a 24K DMAE Deep Wrinkle Tightening Solution for free!

I couldn’t help but compliment my husband as we left the boutique. “You look great,” I said. “Thank you for my advance Valentine’s gift, sweetheart,” he replies with a big smile.

The best gifts are indeed best shared with a loved one.

Orogold Cosmetics is located in the G/F of Century Mall  and Robinsons Place L2, Midtown Wing. Orogold Exclusive is in Newport Mall, Resorts World with tel no. 835 54 67.

With a pocketful of glitter,

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