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Manila was in starstruck mode last week at the arrival of Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore. Monday night saw her at Netflix Philippines’ red carpet event to promote Season 2 of Santa Clarita Diet. Timothy Olyphant also flew in the country for the Manila premiere held at the Mega Fashion Hall.

It was surreal to be just ten feet away from one of my girl crushes. I mean who can forget Drew in 50 First Dates or as badass Dylan in the Charlie’s Angels franchise? But I digress. The 43 year old actress immediately endeared herself to the big crowd by gamely allowing selfies with her and answering the questions from the host. Both stars thanked the people Drew profusely thanked for “braving the traffic” (this girl is on point as she is funny!) just to see them upclose. Timothy, who is quite a revelation in the suburban zombie comedic series, could not quite believe that the show has a strong following in the Philippines. (I admit to binge watching three episodes the night before.)

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant in Manila to promote Season 2 of Santa Clarita Diet

Will Sheila eat her husband?

After the stars delivered their messages to the fans, they were whisked off the stage and us press people headed to the cinema to catch episode 1 of Season 2. You won’t believe who turns out to be a fully functional (well sort of) zombie aside from Drew!

Thank you Netflix Philippines for inviting us! We love Santa Clarita Diet!

For those of you who have only heard about the series now, here is all you have to know about Season 1. Timothy and Drew play husband and wife realtors (Joel and Sheila) who live in boring Santa Clarita with their teenage daughter (Abby). Without any warning, Sheila throws up an insanely large amount of vile gastric goo in the middle of showing a house to buyers. Later she acquires a taste for the human flesh but the family manages to keep things under wrap. By the end of Season 1, Sheila feels fabulous and more alive despite her undead state. She also starts to deteriorate. And her neighbor has gone missing. The family (with the help of Abby’s friend) tries to find a cure. Will they or won’t they? Are there more people in Santa Clarita like Sheila? Will Joel lose his mind?

Let’s find out together. Season 2 starts on March 23!

More show and movie reviews coming up!



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