Before there was 5 Seconds of Summer, before there was  One Direction – there was BACKSTREET BOYS!  Who can forget the days when every teenager in the planet knew the lyrics of “I Want It That Way” ?  Or when all of us watched MTV again and again just so we can see Brian, Aj, Kevin, Nick and Howie in their latest video?  (My favorite was the monster-packed  “Everybody”   where the boys dressed up as Werewolf, Phantom, Mr. Hyde, Mummy and Dracula respectively. (Now sing — Backstreet’s back –ALRIGHT!)

Celebrating 22 years of boyband glory. 130 Million records sold!


The crowd exploded in screams and cheers as soon as the members of the band  appeared on stage.  Nick Carter , who drew the loudest squeals from the girls, quickly set the rules for the night.  “First,  we want you to go crazy. Secondly, we want you to act like you’re 15 years old…. I’m still 15!” 

Nick Carter set the party mood for the night! Photo credit :Rappler

I must say, this group gets better with age!  Everyone looked fit.  Brian sported a six pack to match his still solid vocals.  The choreography was impressive and the singing was superb!   In fact, the Filipino fans impressed the band too!  I think it was Howie who said “I must tell all of you that YOU are the best sounding audience that we have heard in the WHOLE tour!”  They were just so floored that all of us could sing along to their songs.

The boys are back!


The quintet didn’t disappoint the concertgoers as they sang one popular hit after another.  “Quit Playing Games With My Heart”,  “One Thousand Promises”, “The Shape of My Heart” and “Drowning”.   I’m singing in my head as I’m writing this . Haha. (“Everytime I try to rise above, I’m swept away by love… Baby I cant help it , you keep me drowning in your love”)   Sappy love songs with catchy lovelorn lyrics get me everytime.   Can’t help it.

I have to hand it to the boys—they do know how to work the crowd.  One said Bryan Littrell looks like he could pass for Manny Pacquiao if he grew a mustache. Nick said they are big fans of the boxer and called for a rematch.

The boys also sang song from their latest album and announced that they will be back in the studios soon to record a new one.  “A new album means a new tour!  So we will definitely be back in Manila!

You can tell it’s a good concert when the people leave the venue grinning and humming….. “I want it that way…..”



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