With our sons out on sembreak, my Southern girls decided it would be great to head on to Divisoria for some well-deserved bonding and shopping time.  They all rode with me going to our meeting point in Magallanes.  From there, we transferred to Bernadette’s (another co-parent/friend) van. She’s the resident DIVI DIVA and we were all looking forward to her touring us around.


Lest I forget, every year we also go on a pilgrimage.  Inside the van we prayed the rosary. Soon, we arrived at our first stop – BINONDO CHURCH.  The church was very  beautiful! We prayed the rosary again and offered our intentions at the end.

Inside the beautifully lit historic Church.


Joseph, Mary , the Child Jesus and the Three Kings. My friend intends to put the set on top of her baby grand piano.


Vickie collects ‘belens’ from here and abroad. She found a very cute sitting nativity set and haggled for a good price (P800).  Our mantra for the day was “If you want it, buy it!”  I bought a wooden rosary for my son (P25).


Along Juan Luna we found all kinds of kick knacks. The girls got P20 purses at BONBON (bag outlet). A little further down the road, we saw a cart selling cutie vanity cases. Since we bought 50 pieces, we got a good discount!


The polka dot purses look like Kate Spade designs.


Fresh fruits are always a-plenty along the streets of Divisoria!


MORE STREET FINDS! – Colored cord protectors (2 for P25), gold and black purses from BONBON in JuanLuna (P20) and Spoon, Fork and Chopsticks in cases (P30).


In Search Of Yuletide Decors

Rina wanted to buy Christmas decors so she went ahead of us to ART TOE. This is a haven of Christmas trees, wreathes, holiday decors and lights!

I bought a set of square Christmas boxes with angels (P260). Too cute (redundancy intended) to pass up on!


Wouldn’t it be nice to get a present inside one of these lovely boxes?


The House of Ribbons

Then we made our longest stop at MORNING GLORY.  This is the mecca of ribbons, buttons, flowers and Christmas decors too. Since we were a group of eight ladies, it’s quite difficult to be finished with shopping all at the same time.  I was already seeing double from hunger  (it was almost 2pm).  Mara, Rina and I decided to go ahead to 168 to eat lunch at MITZI’s ( Bernadette’ s recommended dining place, where Imelda Marcos “daw” eats also).

Going GAGA over ribbons!


Wrap N Go!

But of course, along the way we got sidetracked at the giftwrapper store! For 65 pesos you can buy 25 pieces of glossy giftwrappers. The downside? You can only choose ONE design. Mara and I decided to half the wrappers (13 for me and 12 for her). Rina bought wrappers in solid colors. And for only P15, we got packs of gift tags (50 pieces/pack). What a bargain!



I could literally eat a horse by the time we got to the foodcourt of 168.  The food is ridiculously good ha! DO NOT MISS OUT on the LECHON MACAU, SALT AND PEPPER FRIED SQUID and the FRIED TOFU! The fried crabsticks on a stick are delicious too.



It was raining outside by the time we finished having lunch.  We just decided to stay in 168 and buy whatever we fancied.

Boys Shirts- Jersey Sets (P400 each) , Graphic shirts (P170)


Frozen Top and shorts (P130), Wooden puzzles (P150 for two), and Sophia the First pencil case with sharpener (P100)


My Hello Kitty Fix. Check! Plate (P120) and spoon and fork set (P140)


Shawls in various prints (P130). The paiseley and chevron (Missoni looking) are must-buys!



It was dusk when we made our way to the parking lot.  Although we had so much fun, it’s really better to have a solid game plan the next time around.  I must warn you that traffic is bad already.

My advice:

1. Make a list of the things you want to buy. This way you know how much money to bring and the exact places you need to go.

2. Wear the appropriate attire! Comfortable shoes, a body bag, a change of shirt and NO jewelry please!

3. Go early and leave early. Most shops are open by 9am.

4. Learn the art of haggling. Rina said “They’re giving it to us mahal kasi makinis tayo.” 🙂 MAGTAGALOG and TUMAWAD by fifty percent initially.

5.  If you really want it and can afford it, BUY IT!  Make the hassle of going to Divisoria worth your while.

6. Enjoy your adventure!

I hope everyone had fun reading this post!

Until my next shopping gig!

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  1. I can simply say WOW on your Divi shopping. Great! I hope I can find the in and outs there. I want to look for some give aways that are affordable. Buy the christmas wrappers and tags and ribbons too. I’ll schedule my visit before the month ends 🙂

  2. I really like the Christmas boxes! You gave me an idea where to put my present for my love ones. Thank You BQP! The shawls are also perfect for my cousins and titas. Hello Kitty spoon for my niece because she collects Sanrio stuff and a fan of Hello Kitty too. I was surprised with the gift tags price. I need to buy that instead of per piece. I need to list down all what I need to buy before proceeding to Divi for shopping 🙂

  3. Inggit! I always do my pre-Christmas shopping there around the time of our bday, but with your post, can’t wait to go there very soon. Love all your loot.

  4. I am so gonna go to Divi soon! I can’t believe the cord protectors are 2 for P25. People are selling it online for P25-30 a piece. Huhuhu.

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