With this and that sickness plaguing Manila, it’s our duty as moms to make sure that we are healthy. The old adage rings true today, “Bawal magkasakit!” Being healthy is not, however, the absence of bodily illness. It’s being well in mind, body, and spirit. This is the reason why essential lifestyle changes must be made as we grow older.

Three delicious ANLENE flavors are now available : Plain, Chocolate and White Coffee.

Have you noticed that as you age, you are unable to do things that came easy to you just a few years prior? You easily get tired, can’t quite keep up with the kids and almost always seem out of breath. This slowdown in your body, evidenced by soreness or weakness could be a sign that your body is aging prematurely. More than half of Filipino adults experience this because of poor lifestyle choices: unhealthy eating habits, lack of proper rest and living a couch potato’s life.

Supplement your diet with two glasses of Anlene MoveMAx to get 100% of your daily calcium requirement for your bones.

Swimming keeps the heart rate up but takes the impact of stress off the body, builds endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

How do we fight premature aging?

  1. Get enough sleep. Allow your body to recover and repair itself for 7-9 hours daily. Take a power nap in the middle of the day if you can. Sleep lets your brain relax, restores alertness and even reduces stress levels.
  2. Get moving! Find an activity that you like and get started. Walk, dance, jog or rock climb. Without exercise, blood circulation becomes less efficient and you run the risk of decreased strength and muscle mass loss. Dedicate 20 to 30 minutes a day for exercise and watch the changes happen. You become happier, more agile and more energetic!
  3. Get the right nutrients with the right diet. Start with little changes. I made a decision to say no to chips and soft drinks. I ate fruits every single day. I had salad whenever I could. Eat food that’s rich in calcium, protein, vitamins, and minerals. DRINK! Staying hydrated enables you to manage your energy levels, lubricates the joints and delivers oxygen throughout the body.
  4. Supplement your diet with two glasses of Anlene MoveMAx to get 100% of your daily calcium requirement for your bones, high protein for muscles and collagen for joints. It’s available in ready-to-drink and powdered forms and comes in three different flavors: Original, White Coffee and Chocolate. You can purchase it in mini sachets or in bigger packaging.

Visit the official ANLENE Facebook page, search “Anlene Body Age Quiz” on the messenger app or watch out for the #MoveYourAge caravan in your office.

Anlene your way to a stronger, fitter YOU!

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