For four years now, MEGA Magazine has been organizing a ball on Independence Day  to honor  the  Philippines’  exemplary citizens .  I couldn’t help but smile when I received  the invitation  that came in a little green square box.  It read, “Salute this year’s Mega Pinoy Pride Awardees, who made their marks in the global arenas of  business, entertainment , sports, journalism and fashion”.    Just below it was the list of the 2014 recipients.  My husband A was chosen as one of the global leaders in the business world.

Thank you MEGA magazine for this feature (JUNE issue).

A White Ball

The whole Rizal ballroom of Makati Shangri-la Hotel was transformed into a beautiful white palace.   White blooms were cradled  in tall crystal vases  and set on top of pristine table linens.


Tim Yap and Issa Litton were the hosts for the evening.   Tim congratulated everyone for wearing beautiful Filipiniana gowns and barongs.  At one point during the event, the male host went down the stage and playfully interviewed the guests.  Since  we were adjacent  to the table where the Guttierez-es were seated, I could hear Annabelle Rama telling Ruffa Guttierez  “Tumayo ka ‘day! Ipakita mo yang gown mo.”   Ruffa dutifully stood up and repeated her mom’s mutterings to the amused crowd.


Top left- 1.MEGA’s Editor-In-Chief Sari Yap gives the opening remarks. 2. Hosts Tim Yap and Issa Litton 3. Abby Asistio serenaded the guests over dinner. 4. A light moment as Tim interviews the statuesque Ruffa Guttierez.

YDC Runway

A fashion show featuring the creations of  four successful alumni of the Young Designer’s Competition was also held.


Light and flowy.



The structured tops and skirts are beautiful.


Pinoy Ako!

The pinnacle of the night , of course , was the awarding ceremonies.

The AVP featuring each of the recipients was so beautifully done!  When Ariel finally made it to the stage , cheers and applause could be heard from all corners of the ballroom – the loudest ,as expected , came from the PLDT table.

Congratulations Ariel! You truly are a global leader in business. Congratulations too to all the distinguished awardees!


Awardees all – Beauty queens Angeli Dione Gomez, Bea Rose Santiago, and skater Michael Martinez


Mr. Gary Valenciano entertained the guests after the awarding rites.


The children made an appearance at the MEGA pictorial/pre-show but went up to the room an hour later. I think we were the only couple who brought kids.


I met so many people at the event! Top Row : With the beautiful Editor-In-Chief of Lifestyle Asia Magazine Anne Sobrepena 2. Posing with ANTM’s Allison Harvard 3. With Interior decorator Nix Alanon. Bottom row – 1. Ariel and I with Iza Calzado 2. With the Teng siblings (Jeric and Almira) 3. with heartthrob Jeron Teng 4. with JFC’s Francis Flores

Thank you to our PLDT family for your all out support! With PLDT AVP for Wireless Broadband Ava Espanola, VP for Sales Gap Gaffud, DDB Tribal’s Chewy and Ela Chua, the Teng siblings and PLDT Digital specialist Mabie Encarnacion.

It was truly a memorable night for A and I.   As we walked out of the ballroom, I told him how proud I felt to see him up there on the stage.  He just smiled, squeezed my hand and said  “Thank you.” With that, we headed up to our hotel suite to check on the children.

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  1. Wow, this is so nice paulyne. Beautiful piece…So happy and proud to be part of boss Ariel’s night. Congratulations again, well deserved recognition 🙂

  2. Wow! He brings so much pride and honor not just for the country but most of all to the family. He is such an inspiration. Congratulations! 🙂

  3. Congratulations Boss Ariel! Really proud to be part of your tesm and leadership.
    Nice article Ms. P… It’s like being there in the event. 🙂 you all look so gorgeous.

  4. Congratulations Ariel! Such a well deserved award. I can just imagine how proud BQP and the whole family are. All the best!

  5. Passion. Education.
    Don’t need to be the smartest or the tallest.
    Just have the biggest heart!
    Passion & education.

    (I read the Mega Mag article in your pic)

    Thanks to your husband Ariel for his life and example.

  6. Love this article! Thanks for posting our photos ♡ Congrats to Sir Ariel! Im looking forward to learn more from him. 🙂

  7. A very inspiring article. Cheers to Mr. A and of course to BQP …I know how proud and happy you are for all his achievements and not to forget, today is Father’s Day! I know the whole family will celebrate.

  8. Boss A does not only guide us each day and disciplines us with care, most of all, he leads by example. Congratulations to you as well gorgeous madam ✔ You are the wind beneath his wings

  9. Another Mega write-up!!! Thank you Ms Paulyne for gracing our event. Congrats to sir Ariel. Btw, you have lovely kids. They are so cute in their barong and filipiniana. See you on our next event. XO

    – Arvie

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