I’m positive that 2015 will be a great year! I’m stating it and claiming it! The past year brought so many ups and had its share of downs.  I started my blog, made a lot of new friends, rekindled old friendships  and started my road to a healthy lifestyle.  As for the struggles, I choose to remember the lessons and not the people or circumstances that caused it.   After  all, adversity is designed to make us stronger


As for the lessons, 2014 has taught me that not all who smile or praise me or my family are well-intentioned.  I learned that jealousy is the worst poison of all and those who let it fester destroy only themselves and  not the people they want to bring down.  I learned that there is no better revenge than continuing to do well and thriving in what you do.  Successful people pay their dues everyday with hardwork.  Wishing somebody ill should never be an option.  Everybody will get what they deserve… eventually.


So with renewed gusto, I have started the year by DECLUTTERING and ORGANIZING my home. I just came back from a trip to TOKYO and for those of you who have been following me, you must know that I came home with more shoes than I need (8 pairs!)  We all have to make space for the new !  The childrens’ closets have been half emptied (they grow so fast!),  I gave away three paperbags full of cosmetics and toiletries and have organized my make up into lipsticks/lip glosses, eye make up and  blushes/foundations.  It will take another week to organize the yellow room where I keep all of my stuff but I’m determined to let go of things I no longer need.  In fact, all the various knick knacks that we received as gifts for Christmas have all been donated.


I’m excited for all the things that 2015 holds! I already have interesting features lined up for you all.   Do you know the secret beauty product used by many of Hollywood’s  pretty faces?  I’ll intoroduce you to OROGOLD so you can look like a BOND girl!  The holidays are over so you may be looking for healthier meals.  SLICE is the place for you to try.  But if you want to indulge just a little bit more then my feature on WILDFLOUR will interest you!  How about watching your favorite movies while sitting cozily on LAZY-boys with a free bucket of popcorn?  Well, CENTURY CITY MALL is the perfect boutique mall for you to visit.  You can even call the concierge to fetch you and your friends!  Of course, I’ll share my family’s escapade in chilly TOKYO! They have the best Disneyland parks and the shopping is not too shabby either!


Here’s a toast to all the wonderful things this new year brings! Let us embrace LIFE, be thankful for simple everyday blessings and turn away from negativity. CHEERS!

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  1. For always sharing the finer things in life, many thanks BQP! For the inspiration that you are to so many, lives are touched! A toast to 2015 indeed!

  2. Happy New Year BQP! Your feature for today was truly inspiring and amazing. Very well said. I’m claiming that 2015 will be a good year for me and for all of us.

    I learned something from your post. You’re truly an inspiration to all of your followers and I’m one of those…my motto now…LIVE, LEARN and LET GO 🙂

    Thank you BQP! …I’ll be looking forward for more heart warming features 🙂 A Prosperous and Blissful year to all of us!


  3. Great positive attitude, BQP! We should all follow your lead and not allow any negativity to bring us down. Like the saying goes… when life gives you lemons make lemonade!

    I admire how you are DECLUTTERING …I am awful at that …tend to just hide my mess :). If only everything can be shoved under the rug, I would do it!

    And, there’s so much stuff you already have in store for 2015! I am so excited to see those features!!! You have definitely started to claim 2015. I hope to do the same as well …no I am stating it and claiming it as well.


  4. New year, new hope… May all our dreams come true… May all our doubts and fears go away as we have more faith… Never lose hope… There is always a rainbow after the storm… Keep on making people happy with your blog, BQP!

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