Posing with Tin R , Anna M of PLDT and Maite Uy of MEGA magazine while Daddy and Kuya M are getting food.

The Friday traffic was awful as usual.  With the driver’s “skillful” maneuverings  (which are only allowed in the streets of Manila) , the whole fambam made it to Shangri-la Mall.  We were all excited because our little R was about to see her first movie!

The block screening of X-Men Future Past was sponsored by PLDT HOME DSL.  They had set up a picture booth near the cinema entrance where you can have four shots taken with Wolverine.  The daughter was a bit scared of Logan’s claws so she didn’t want to smile in the photos.   Drinks, hotdogs and popcorn were also given to the moviegoers.

Soon, it was time to enter the theatre.  There was a short program just before the movie started. Diego and  the Ledesma couple from the hit commercial “Ask Diego” made an appearance .  The Pingris family was also in attendance.


Danica Sotto Pingris downloads recipes from the net while husband Marc loves to play online games. With PLDT Home DSL they can do both with ease!
Mommy Laura and Diego with Mommy BQP and little R


I liked this movie more than I did its predecessors.  The war-torn future sees the slaughter of  mutants and all those who help them or carry their genes.  PROFESSOR X and MAGNETO are friends (and allies) again in their twilight years.  This time they are fighting a losing battle  against the SENTINELS (machines created fifty years ago from MYSTIQUE’s DNA which are programmed to mimic the powers of their mutant targets).  Along with what’s left of the X-MEN (Storm,  Bobby, Kitty, Blink, Warpath, Bishop and Wolverine),  the two men hatch a plan to save the future by sending Logan back to the past.  Wolverine must stop Mystique from killing Bolivar TRASK (the scientist responsible for experimenting on hundreds of mutants.)  It was TRASK’s death in the hands of the shapeshifter  mutant that led to her capture and the weaponizing of her DNA to create the SENTINELS.

Transported to the past, WOLVERINE brings Charles Xavier (the Professor) and  Eric Lehnsherr ( MAGNETO) together to stop MYSTIQUE.  Peter (QUICKSILVER) helps in freeing MAGNETO from prison .  This was our favorite part in the movie.  QUICKSILVER moves in lightning speed and is able to “rearrange” things.  My  son M says Peter Maximoff will be in the next Avenger movie.  We should definitely see more of him in the next X-Men installment!

Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique is impeccable. She has a killer body to boot!
I couldn’t help but notice that MacAvoy was teary eyed in most of his scenes. While the young and old Magneto had his act together since day one.
Quicksilver — watch out for this mutant!

Of course, things don’t go as planned.  I will stop here so as not to spoil the end for you.  Suffice to say that the movie imparts valuable lessons aside from its entertaining factor. Hope, friendship, forgiveness, second chances, loyalty, bravery and ultimately, love makes a difference in the world.  Conversely, intolerance, discrimination,  and a distorted view of peace leads to chaos.  What wouldn’t we all give to have Kitty Pryde’s power to go back in time and change our mistakes?!


The little one behaved so well inside the theatre!  She did get up thrice to sit alternately  on her daddy’s lap and mine.  If R was a mutant, her power would be cuteness overload! Haha.  She can definitely disarm people with her smile – and last night , with her nail polish .

The whole family enjoyed the movie. Glad my good friend and goddaughter were able to attend the screening with us. Little R is already yawning here. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post!  Tilt the next PLDT event… Bye for now!




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  1. My 2nd daughter and her BF watched and enjoyed it,too. Funny because instead of feeling robbed of money Aed125 each or almost P1590 (mistake in getting tickets; instead of the special, they clicked VIP which meant watching while on a lazy boy, food served on chinaware, Evian water,etc), they really had a blast! A treat for their 6th monthsary! (“,)

  2. Talk about first time in the cinema for kids! My son burst out laughing and exclaimed “Oh, it’s just like our TV at home, Pa! It is just gigantic and this place is soooo dark!” Keep the memories, BQP. Nice to reminisce when they’re grown-ups already.

  3. I wasn’t a big fan of Xmen, well sci-fi movies in general, but I truly enjoyed watching this. The effects were amazing, the plot was genius and the message touching. A body like Mystique’s please!!!!!

  4. We thought of watching this movie for the long weekend but wasn’t sure if it was age appropriate. Is it? Bec. if you say so, we’ll bring our 6y/o so we can all watch it.

    Re-read ypur BQP post, “lessons learned” from the movie sounds good, will consider going this weekend with the 6y/o to watch it. Thanks for the helpful review! Have a great weekend!…

    BQP, I told my husband you brought your entire family to watch it and that it’s okay for boy G to watch the movie. Hubby asked me: Do you trust your friend’s parenting skills? I said ABSOLUTELY! ( so yes, we’re watching it )

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence GIGI! There is violence (as needed in the plot) and two instances where profanities were used. We don’t live in a bubble and certainly our children will hear these words uttered by someone else. Aside from these, the lessons on hope, forgiveness, sacrifice and love make it worth viewing.
      I’m betting your son will like QUICKSILVER! 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  5. Two thumbs up for R! For a first timer that is well behaved in the movie theater. 🙂

    Two thumbs up also for the sponsor. Nice movie indeed!

  6. Yey! Princess R first movie ! have strong bias for X-Men movie series! 🙂 And truly cool PLDT HOME DSL events! Very nice photos always, BQP! Your loyal readers, us :), always look forward to your posts- golden! 🙂

  7. Love ❤ makes a difference in the world. Hands down!!!! (Want to see baby R’s cutie patootie baby polished nails she’s tooo adorable! :)))

  8. I just watched this yesterday! 🙂 I looooove Mystique! Trask reminded me of how my dad looked like in the 70’s! Hehe 🙂

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