Hello Readers!  I hope you enjoyed the posts from the first half of July.  I have  lined up so many more exciting and informative articles in the coming weeks.   The great news is that the BQP has partnered with the refreshing  and healthy drink JAMBA JUICE!  For the next two to three weeks,  followers who will read the blog posts will have a chance to win gift certificates from JJ!




1.  I will post different articles on the BQP FB page with specific instructions to

SHARE the post on your FB wall, TAG new friends who are not followers of the BQP FB page,  OPEN the links as many times as you can and ANSWER questions on the comment sections of the blog.

2.  SHARING  and TAGGING alone WILL NOT  make you win.  The purpose of the    blog is for readers TO READ.

3.  The BQP appreciates candid feedback.  If you are more comfortable expressing yourself in TAGALOG, please do so.  🙂 Ok lang.  The more you open the links and the more you comment, you’ll have a better chance of winning.

4.   Readers who are interested to win JAMBA JUICE gift certificates must be residents of METRO MANILA.

5.   All winners will be announced first week of August.

6.  All winners will be given a secret code by the BQP and will be directed to the nearest JAMBA JUICE store to redeem your prize.

7.  You may start leaving your answers in THE JAMBA JUICE JUJU post!  Up now on the BQP FB PAGE!

Thank you for following my posts and being a part of my daily journey.  🙂

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  1. wow that’s great news! just read and comment here in your blog. you have a chance to win the jamba gc. hope to pick me. 😉

  2. I first learned about Jamba Juice from Oprah and I have wanted to try it since then! I hope there’s a branch near me. 🙂

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