Buying clothes and shoes for my kids is getting to be quite tricky.  My son M is ten and I can’t seem to find anything for him in the kids or teen section of the department stores.  He is already a size small in the Men’s department and is borrowing stuff from his Dad’s closet.   My daughter  R, on the other hand, just turned three but is as big as a five or six year old.  In her recent birthday parties, she received a  lot of clothes and shoes that I had to return for bigger sizes. 

From my past articles showing the children, I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on the wardrobe of my little diva.  But here’s the secret—-  since she grows up so fast (and will continue to do so because she has quite the appetite),  I buy a lot of her clothes from Greenhills, SM, Landmark and Metro Mall.   Why will I spend thousands of pesos for a dress she’ll only wear three times?  Yes, it’s true I buy her shoes and boots but I make sure that she wears them ALL the time.

In the past days, I just happened to find myself in Metro Mall  in Taguig and in Alabang.  There were sale signs everywhere!  I was looking to replace the dilapidated DORA bag of my girl but found so much more than that.



Dressing up the Diva

Red, white and blue – Done in floral and prints. Everything on this display costs less than Php500.  What a steal!


R’s dress size — a 10! I normally purchase a size bigger for her.


Still in my favorite color scheme for the diva – Left – Red tennis dress PHP299 (also available in black and grey). Right (top)- Polka dots and stripes skirt (Php250) . Right (bottom) – Osh Kosh hot pink tulle skirt (about PHP550).


I would totally dress up my little girl in these! LEFT – Grey top with flowers (PHP 150) ,Red tulle skirt (PHP 150) . RIGHT – ELLE Brit seqiun dress (PHP 1400)


Barbie apparel at half price! The daughter loves pink! I don’t own anything pink.


Pretty in Pants

Pants with Star Patches (PHP250). Made of stretchable cotton.



Shirts, dress and pants in solid colors. Shirts less than PHP300. Dress in pink and orange PHP250.


MY FAB FIND FORTHE DAY! Can you guess how much these pasieley tops cost?  TOO CUTE!


Which Bag?

Hello Kitty bags and luggage, Sophia and Cupcake backpacks.  Luggage PHP3000,  Sophia backpack PHP550 , KItty medium size backpack PHP 650 , Kitty Princess XL backpack PHP1200, Cupcake backpacks PHP400.


Shoe Sparkles

TOP: Follie Flats with sparkles (PHP299) BOTTOM: Follie ballet flats with ribbons (ON SALE :PHP150)

All moms have to be wise spenders.  Shopping is fun but our penchant for retail therapy should be tempered with good judgement.  Kids outgrow their clothes faster than we want them to. So buy smart.

I  promised to give you the latest bargain finds and here it is.  Until my next post! Enjoy the weekend , BQP readers! 🙂

QUESTION: (Best comments will win Jamba Juice certificates!)


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  1. Cute dresses for the Diva. The Fab Find Forthe for the Day is really perfect for her. So fabulous 🙂 Your Diva is really a fashionista 🙂 More post for Sale Savvy. Looking forward to it 🙂 Keep Writing!

  2. wow lots of great finds you got for your daughter, BQP!
    i like the paisley top and the flat shoes.. <3

  3. Those little sparkly shoes is sooo cute and R’s baby belly soooo huggable 🙂 so fun to dress up a baby girl. so many good finds and its true they grow up so fast. So buy those value-for-money deals!! way to go WAIS momma 🙂

    1. Correct! She outdrew a lot of shoes and dresses. Don’t want to make the same mistake. Thanks for the comment AVA!

  4. Oh,yes,BQP! Clothes and how fast outgrow them can be challenging. My eldest and second were slim and tall when they were toddlers and teens (until now) so it was a matter of length for them and shoulders,too. My youngest daughter, like your R, proved to be the most challenging among my girls… I meant shopping for clothes. Hand me downs from her older sisters were impossible! She’s tall but robust! Shoes were an issue for her, too. When she turned 16, her shoe size was already 10! While her older sisters went shopping at H&M, she’d be in Matalan! Talk about uniqueness and diversity among kids… Ha ha ha! Moms, like us, need to be smart shoppers.

  5. R’s so cute! I like the Shoe Sparkles because, it’s so cute and cheap. You can buy a lot in different colors. One for each day. 🙂

  6. Super cute and lovely dresses for R. She looks adorable. 🙂 I love the Tennis dresses. So cute! It’s truly great to find dresses like these in bargain.

  7. Great finds BQP! I like the Barbie apparels. Usually Barbie apparels are very expensive and with 50% off, it is a great deal. My grand daughter will surely love a new Barbie outfits. I will tell her mommy later about this finds. 🙂 Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  8. I like the Cupcake bagpack because it looks so sweet and innocent. It would look nice on my grandkids. 🙂

  9. I love the Sugar and Spice apparels. It’s so cute! R’s will definitely look so cute in these outfits. What a find!

  10. Like what I’ve said, on my first comment…I’ll still go for the pasiely tops for the bargain find I like most. The Diva looks so fashionista with the tops. So cool and cute that she can wear it with denim shorts or pants. Paiseely tops are “in” now mostly for adults and I can’t imagine a small kid like R can wear it 🙂 So far I haven’t seen one yet and maybe that’s the reason why I got attracted to it and my first choice for the Bargain Find 🙂

    The droplet shaped top and the the textile looks appealing on the Diva…It’s really in fashion and the designs are colorful. Though you didn’t mention the price but you said it’s bargain then that’s the one I chose 🙂
    To be honest…It doesn’t looke like a bargain! 🙂

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