Meet CLAIRE DORION.  Her family has a small vegetable stall  at the Balintawak  market.  Last year, her mother found bruises on her body.   Then she had repeated bouts of fever and a shade of pale that just wouldn’t go away.  At three she was diagnosed with leukemia

Look at Claire’s warm smile! Children like her deserve a chance at life. Thanks to volunteer doctors like Dra. Liza Naranjo, the kids actually do. Liza would like to credit the L.I.F.E. Board Of Trustees that is the life soure of the foundation. For the most part, the BOT initiates awareness and fundraising projects to support the indigent kids.  


Claire was referred to  L.I.F.E.   L.I.F.E. stands for Leukemic Indigents Fund Endowment, Inc. a non-profit foundation which aims to help leukemic children from impoverished families achieve remission and cure.   The doctors weren’t sure at first if she would survive. But one year later – just a few days ago, I met her at the Hematology and Oncology unit of the Fe Del Mundo Medical Center in Banawe, Quezon City.

I was greeted warmly by my highschool classmate Dra. Liza Naranjo .  “You’re just in time.  There’s somebody special  I want you to meet.  She just celebrated her birthday. “  A small bald girl with twinkling eyes and a mask came out.  “Maybe you can hand her one of the toys you brought?” Liza asks me.  At this point, I had to swallow the lump that was forming in my throat.  “”Hello Claire. It’s nice to meet you.  Gusto mo ba nito?  “  I hand her  a play dough set and  a Disney magazine and she gives me the biggest smile.  Liza tells me she had just finished with her chemo treatment.

As Liza and I were talking, more patients come in for treatment. Leukemia is more common among children than adults.  Worldwide , it occurs in 3 out of 100,000 persons.  In our country, it is the foremost cancer among  children. It accounts for roughly more than 1,000 new cases each year.  At the clinic, 50 new cases are seen every year.  Since  1995, L.I.F.E has helped more than 300 leukemic children, with a third of that number benefitting  from a full three year program.

The brave faces of cancer. Please, let’s do what we can to save more children like them.

“The survival rate is very high with this kind of cancer.  But the treatment  has to be continuous (3 years)and must start immediately  For P440, 000,  a sick child has a fighting chance to have another birthday. “


There are so many things that can be done.   Clean your  closets for clothes, toys and books.  You can spend time  and play with the children, be a Mother of the day, organize parties, field trips and events for the children or you can offer Masses or spiritual activities.

L.I.F.E also welcomes volunteers who are willing to share their talents.  Conduct an arts and craft  class, tell a story, or share your music with the patients.

LIFE volunteers – Some of the mothers who have lost children to cancer/ who have children with cancer are now volunteers at the clinic.



All of us have the power to make a difference.  I encourage you to adopt a child.  Gather a group of friends, spread the word in your  community or offices  — whatever amount big or small can ease the burden of poor families.  But most of all, it can add another candle to a sick child’s birthday cake.

Truthfully, I came to the clinic quite anxious because I was having problems with my househelp.  But after visiting the clinic, I thought how silly my concerns were.  Coming face to face with people afflicted with cancer just gave me a whole new perspective.  Can you imagine barely making enough to to tide your family for a day and then be saddled with a child sick of leukemia?  And yet, when I saw Claire and her mother, they had smiles on their faces and were in high spirits.

With a carload of toys, clothes and books, I thought I was doing a good deed by giving to the needy.  As it turned out, it was I who received so much more.

So I ask you this —- Wouldn’t you help save a life if you could?

Please call (632) 740-7346 and email for more information. You may also visit .

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  1. Thank you for asking me to come with you to the hospital. It’s an experience I won’t forget. Someday, I
    hope there will be a cure for cancer.

  2. God bless the brave little children and L.I.F.E. His healing upon them. God bless you, BQP for blessing these children and encouraging others to do the same! What kindheartedness and compassion.

  3. As written in the Bible, “It is better to give than to receive.” Bless these souls, innocent yet brave. Small things mean great things to them. No words can describe how they suffer physically and emotionally. These children miss out on play and even school; still, they manage to smile and be thankful for every minute of life extended to them. Keep on praying! God loves the little children so much.

  4. Thank you for sharing this BQP. With the great power of prayers I know these children will survive what they’re going through and their families will be brave enough to surpass everything. It’s all in God’s hands and let’s not forget to include them in our prayers. Offer what we can, there’s no small things.

    Bless your heart BQP! Being a mother, I know how you feel. I’ll spread the word!

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