Big appetites require hefty servings.  From the south, we travelled all the way to  THE BLOCK (SM NORTH) famished and ready to sample the bestsellers of SIZE MATTERS .   With a name like that, my party of four had to be prepared!

SIZE MATTERS started as a sausage and burger joint in Tomas Morato.   “My wife Marge makes the most delicious sausages,”  says proud husband and owner JR Dela Paz.  “The sausages we serve in the restaurant are all her creations and cannot be found anywhere else. From our initial food offerings, the menu has  expanded  and now includes ribs, barbecue, pasta etc.  Our Executive Chef Ansel Shotwell has come up with dishes that are sure to satisfy everyone’s cravings. “

The top three bestellers are the house flame-grilled burgers, the southwestern BBQ meals and the sausages.  SIZE MATTERS currently has three stores which are located on the 4/F of The Block (SM North), Kapitolyo and  Alabang Town Center (cinema).  You may call 87878 for delivery.



CAJUN PASTA (P209) – Spaghetti noodles topped with tomato cream sauce and chicken bits.  The spice is just right!  Perfect for the kids and adults alike.


We loved this starter dish! One serving simply wasn’t enough. The BQP highly recommends you try the SAUSAGE SAMPLER (P299) – 4 kinds of sausage (Hungarian, Bratwurst with Cheese, Kielbasa and Schublig) served with steak fries.


To share or to devour alone? Your choice! AMERICAN RIBS (Sharing P745 or Single P435) – Succulent baby back ribs smothered in Size Matters signature barbecue sauce served with corn and mashed potato. We’ll definitely order this again!


SIZE MATTERS knows how to quench all kinds of thirst! Choose which one is the right size for you!


THE TITAN (P449) – 1lb All beef patty with three slices of melted American cheddar cheese and strips of bacon. DELICIOUS through and through! Honestly, one of the best burgers I’ve tasted. The meat is tender and really juicy. MUST TRY!


DESSERT IN A JAR. MANGO FLOAT (P89) -Fresh mango and crackers in sweet cream dressing. A sweet ending to our big meal.


GOT A BIG APPETITE? Take the Monster Challenge and eat for FREE! Ongoing at SIZE MATTERS (THE BLOCK).



My family is always on the look-out for new places to eat in.  SIZE MATTERS is a good discovery for us.  Comfort food, laid back ambience and reasonable prices.  The menu is kid friendly as it is appetizing to the adults.  It’s like a local Friday’s really.  I mentioned to JR that their food is perfect for a children’s party!

What’s next for the restaurant?  “We’ll be opening bigger stores soon — in and out of Metro Manila.  Watch out for Size Matters at a location near you!”

THE YOUNG GUNS OF SIZE MATTERS – (L-R) Chef Ansel Shotwell, Owner JR Dela Paz and franchisee Diane Uy (The Block branch). “The customers will get the best value for their money in our restaurant.”



1.  What is the name of the 1lb all beef patty burger of Size Matters?

2.  Which dish would you like to try from Size Matters and why?


image001 (1)



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  1. Always very engaging posts, BQP! Your dining features, as this one, always make your readers hungry. And we trust your recommendations, in everything ! 🙂

  2. Answer to question 1 – The Titan
    #2 – I would really like to try The Titan. Oh how I’d love to see how my gastric juices can cope with all that beef! After that, the Mango Float. Perfect way to cap off a meal. Besides, mango float in a jar? I’d like to see how it turns out. ☺

  3. Answer to #1 Titan.

    2.) As always you made me hungry BQP 🙂 I believe and trust your recommendation from fashion to food. It’s also exciting because of the fabulous prizes you’re giving your avid followers. My friends and I are also looking for new places to dine in. We just tried one last night in UP Town Center. Burger also 🙂 Definitely, we’ll going to try your recommendation. Calling on Rachelle Lu 🙂 my eat out buddy. This one is nearby. One ride if I’ll commute.

    To answer your question since I love burger and lots of cheese…I will try the Titan. Imagine 1lb of beef patty plus three slices of melted cheddar cheese. Yummy! Since I also love pasta, I would also like to try the Cajun Pasta and lastly the Mango Float. This is a new dessert in a jar 🙂

  4. 1. Titan – 1lb bee patty from Size Matters.

    2. I love to eat though it doesn’t show with my body. I’ve been reading your post BQP and it’s all interesting and knowledgeable. Since I love baby back ribs, I would like to try the American Ribs. Price is affordable for sharing. The picture looks so delicious with barcbecue sauce, corn and mashed potato. For the dessert, I would like to try the mango float. My first time to try it in jar.

    Nice post BQP. Another place that we can dine with my family and friends.

      1. I was so happy that I was chosen to be a winner 🙂 Thank You BQP! and for sharing interesting post to your followers. Great!

  5. 1. What else? The TITAN!
    2. I want to order a half slab of ribs plus the sausage platter and lasagna. BIG APPETITE! This feature makes me very hungry!

  6. 1. The TITAN
    2. I want to try the TITAN burger also bcoz my hubby and I really loves Burger. We usually try different burgers in different stores! Eating burger is our bonding time!

  7. BQP….Thanks for sharing your adventures and discoveries. All your posts are so interesting! Here are my answers:
    1. The TITAN
    2. I wanna try all the dishes and most especially the AMERICAN RIBS because our family really loves baby back ribs!

  8. For sure I wanna try this place.

    Here’s my answer to your questions:

    1. The Titan!
    2. Of course I wanna try The Titan Burger as I’m a beef patty lover and the Mango Float in a Jar to satisfy my sweet tooth.

    Thanks BQP for posting this…..another food trip for me.

    All the best!


  9. 1. The Titan

    2. I would like to try the Titan because it looks delist in the picture. I want to know if it really taste good the way it looks good. 🙂

  10. #1: The Titan

    #2: BQP, already tried the Titan before with my son. Now because of your blog, I would really like to try the American Ribs. Just imagining my teeth eat all those juicy and tender meat makes me drool now. 🙂

  11. 1) The Titan
    2) I would like to try the Sausage sampler because I love sausages whether it is steamed, fried, baked, or grilled. Sausages are the best. 🙂

  12. #1. The Titan

    #2. Again another interesting feature from BQP. A new and interesting place to dine. I would choose a different dish this time and that is the Sausage Sampler. I want to try this because it has four different kinds of sausages and served with steak fries. Another is the Baby Back Ribs. From the picture it really looks delicious. Great! because it’s served with corn and mashed potato 🙂

  13. 1. What is the name of the 1lb all beef patty burger of Size Matters?
    ANSWER: The Titan

    2. Which dish would you like to try from Size Matters and why?
    ANSWER: I would like to try the AMERICAN RIBS from Size Matters because it looks delicious and I really love baby back ribs! 🙂

  14. 1. the Titan
    2. I would definitely want to try the Titan because I love burgers!!!! The picture looks really, really good and mouth watering. 🙂

  15. 1. The Titan
    2. I wanna try the TITAN Burger cause of my love for big burgers even if I’m a small girl cause I’m always up and about to comparing the best burgers in town and I know that I just gotta devour one after seeing your post! Plus my motto is :”Look like a lady, EAT like a dude” 😀

  16. Answer to #1 The Tita

    Youve such a great feature again BQP!. This is another and interesting place to dine in. For a change, I would like to try a new dish which is the Sausage Sampler because it has four different kinds of sausage plus served with steak fries. Also, I would like to. try the American Ribs served with corn and mashed potato. From the picture itself it looks so delicious and of course I trust BQP’s recommendation 🙂 Two thumbs up for this post.

  17. 1) The Titan
    2) i’m a sucker for desserts so it’s definitely the mango float. the dessert in a jar is a very cool idea. keep it up!

  18. I was just thinking of what to eat for tonight’s dinner. I better call food delivery and have the TITAN burger + Mango float!!!! yummmmmm!!!! thanks BQP!!!! so hungry!!! is the titan burger better than brother’s burger? 🙂

  19. Good food and good grilled! We tried it last week sobrang sarap ng Titan! Gastronomic as it’s finest!! :> Nabitin si boyfie kulang pa daw e, good price and sulit as in!

  20. Question 1 – The Titan

    Question 2- Of Course the Titan cause i wanna be like Adam of Man Vs Food who like to challenge himself to eat Humongous Burgers!

  21. 1) The Titan
    2) I would like to try AMERICAN RIBS because for me ribs are the most flavorful and yummiest dish ever, I am always craving for it.

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