Mommy Republic – A Website for Moms by Moms


A Website for Moms by Moms


A digital storefront  offers award winning, functional and whimsical finds especially curated by moms

As a mom, I’d rather go to the mall than order anything online. Previous purchases left me with clothes that don’t fit, damaged goods, and worse, overpriced products that don’t look anything at all like the photos posted by spurious sellers. Return or exchange policies are non existent and since most online sellers are unregistered (read illegitimate) enterprises that don’t issue receipts, it’s really a losing battle for consumers. One website, however, has made a convert out of this cynical virtual shopper.


A Market for Mompreneurs

The good news is that there is now a legitimate platform for women entrepreneurs. Mommy Republic (MR) is the brainchild of ingenious moms Edie Acedera and Kate Yu. “We wanted to create a unique space where we can enable business minded moms to sell their wares by providing them with all the necessary resources. As long as their businesses are registered and they have the products we are looking for, they can easily join,” says Edie.  According to her, the first challenge was the creation of a multi-user website that provided an excellent experience for both sellers and buyers. The next hurdle was to populate the site with the pioneer batch of brands that carry quality products which would cater to their target market who are moms with young children.

The women behind the brand.

The women behind the brand.


Is it easy to join? After the screening process and acceptance of their applications, moms can go in the site and create their own stores within half an hour. MR sellers are allowed to customize, post photos and update their e-stores. For those who are not tech savvy, assistance is provided. Currently, there are 30 mompreneurs with more registrants in the offing. Warehousing, payment collection, delivery, customer service, as well as marketing and promotion are all handled by MR. Need to exchange an item? Consumer experience is highly valued so you won’t have any trouble getting the product that’s just right for you.


Made and Curated by Moms

 Edie and Kate admit to finding the Philippine market quite fragmented in terms of sellers, most of which are housed in Facebook and Instagram. By starting MR, moms can now go to a singular website to find a wide variety of items. All the products are meticulously selected and tested. Included in MR’s inventory are non-electronic, non-toxic and award winning toys that encourage creativity in children (baby and toddlers), cute and functional school bags (kids), beautiful beddings and linens (home and living).

Wooden toys


My favorites are among the site’s bestsellers. White and Olive pillowcases and linens are lovingly hand made by skilled artisans and are of fine export quality.  I’m told that it’s a hit with US and European buyers. MR also boasts of a wide assortment of wooden toys. My daughter has so far spent many hours playing with the wooden kitchen and fruit set I ordered for her. Both are from the brand Magic Forest whose creators are Singaporean parents who understand the value of learning through play. It’s amusing to watch my five year old prepare all kind of food while pretending that she’s a chef, server and fruit vendor. Goki, Heimess and Holztiger are 60 year old toy brands imported by a German mom while Little Playtown is another wooden toy label that encourages active pretend play which is an important milestone for kids. All toys are made from redwood, fun and safe, and stimulate the curiosity, cognitive  and psycho motor skills of children.

Mommy Republic products


Ever find yourself frowning while reading the grocery list prepared by yaya? Now you never have to guess what that gobbledygook means. MR’s foolproof grocery list will make things so much easier. Just check the items you need and you’re ready to go.

Super handy grocery list. A must-have for all moms!

Super handy grocery list. A must-have for all moms!


The site also has a directory which has extensive listings of almost every mommy need you can think of like party planners and supplies, kids’ enrichment activities, food, hair and make-up, photography, grooming for kids and even home cleaners!


So if you’re looking for another channel for your business or have the products but need help in selling them, MR is the perfect avenue for you. As for savvy but practical mommy shoppers, you’ll certainly discover many extraordinary finds in Mommy Republic. Happy shopping!


Unique finds await you at and in their Facebook page The Mommy Republic.


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Travelling With Toddlers – Why We Never Leave Our Kids Behind


There are things that I know for certain about myself.  I love God, I love my family, I love books and I love to travel.  Fortunately, I married a man who loves the same things. 🙂   The husband doesn’t go out at night, doesn’t smoke and  doesn’t drink.  His only “vice”, which I share, is travelling with the family.

Family on board

On our way to Hong Kong on board Cathay Pacific.

travel collage

Top Right (clockwise) 1. Mom and M enjoying the flight 2. R with Mom before take-off 3. M loves the games on board 4.We used to travel w R’s nurse when she was younger. Now, we take care of her. No problem!

Some parents, however, have apprehensions about bringing the kids out of the country .  It’s going to be too expensive. They’re too young to remember–when they get older na lang. It would be a nightmare!  How can we survive without “yaya?”   The aforementioned are just some of the concerns I’ve heard.  So I thought I would  write about our family’s  travel escapades to allay the fears of other parents.  But first, some tips…


1. Plan your trip well ahead of time.  Information is literally at the tip of your fingertips.  Use the internet to research about the place/country  you want to visit.

For us, the family decides first where we all want to go.  Then, it’s my task to plan the itinerary.  I look at hotels that suit our budget and considerations –proximity to the malls, hospital, museums, availability of non-smoking rooms, no pets etc.

I print everything that looks interesting and go through it with the husband.  If it’s a theme park, I show  my son M and  daughter R the attractions on the web. This way, they know what to expect and it ups the level of excitement for the trip.

2. Get in touch with close relatives and friends in the area you’re visiting. They will be helpful in planning your vacation.  Ask them for tips on where to go, where to eat and where to shop!  If they offer  you to stay with them, consider it.  Staying with friends or relatives will definitely cut your travel expenses.   If you decide to take them up on their offer, be sure to get a very nice gift for your host or ask them what they want from home.

R Dramatics

There is no stopping the little diva when she feels like bawling. We just let her cry it out instead of trying to “shush” her. :p These were taken on New Year’s Eve in Americana , Los Angeles.

 We prefer to stay in hotels so we can do whatever we like — sleep late, lounge around, order room service etc.  I wish I can say we live like rock stars but even in hotels, husband A requires ORDER.  It prevents us from losing things and nobody wants to get Daddy in a bad mood.  Plus, kids will be kids.  We don’t want to subject our friends and relatives to my daughter’s 24-hour dramatics. 😛

3. Pack your kids’ luggage first.  I have a ten year old son and a three year old daughter.  The boy chooses his outfits, I edit and we’re done. It’s s different story for the little girl.  I like to dress her up and she likes to dress up. 🙂 In our last trip to Malaysia, we ran out of tops (but had cutie skirts to spare) because it was so hot! Her dad put a shirt on her and she kept on asking “Why am I wearing this shirt? Change Mom,please.”  (Note to Mom: more tops when travelling to a tropical country.)  Did I mention that I hand-carried her Hello Kitty crowns?  That’s why I’m partial to big bags. Fashion and function combined.

Pack the essentials too. Medicine, special toiletries like unscented soap (Oilatum for R and Dove extra sensitive for M),  Aveeno lotion and apparatus (we always carry a nebulizer). If you need to get your doctor’s prescription for the medicine you need to bring, then get it ahead of time.  You don’t want to be looking for medicine in a foreign country. In addition get medical insurance. Blue Cross has good coverage for the family and is affordable.

4. Check your weight allowance. Travelling with kids means you can take advantage of the weight allowed to them.  We put smaller pieces of packed luggage inside big pieces of empty luggage. This way we can carry more goods back home.  Travel light?  We only do that one way. 🙂

5. Bring US dollars.  All countries will buy this currency.


I’ve been asked a number of times why we always bring the kids with us.  The answer is simple – Husband A is more OC than I am when it comes to the children. 🙂  Truthfully,though, we just really love being together and enjoy doing things as a family!

travel quote

All year round hubby A works hard so we look forward to time alone with him. He is not the boss when we travel. He is DADDY.  He changes diapers, bathes R and carries her pink Frozen bag. I feed R, wash her bottles, act as referee when she fights with her brother and comfort her through her crying fits. My son now helps in getting the luggage from the carousel, carries my shopping bags and pushes his sister in the stroller. In return, I ride the roller coaster with him. We exercise patience, tolerance, discipline and teamwork because we love each other. 


Daddy feeds Rocio

OK, Daddy also feeds the little one. Here she’s enjoying the delicious food at MARINA BAY SANDS in SIngapore.

M has been to seven countries at 10 and R to three at 3 years old.  To experience is to learn. We all come home from each trip more aware, more appreciative and definitely more knowledgeable of the world we live in.  Why would I want my children to miss out on the wonders of this planet?

So the next time you think of exploring the world, save up , prepare, take the kids and JUST GO!

Sibling love

Kuya takes care of R while we are checking out of Novotel Hotel , HK

HK love

Family bonding at the happiest place on earth — PRICELESS! Photo taken at Hong Kong Disneyland

hk airport

Picture taking is tricky with kids. M’s smile is stiff already while R doesn’t pay attention at all.. haha. Photo taken at HK Airport just before we board the plane for Manila.