Preventive Potions

 An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This saying resonates immensely with mothers. One of the most difficult things that a parent has to face is taking care of a sick child. We have all dealt with cough and colds, fevers, flu, asthma and a host of other illnesses. But what happens when there is no cure for your child’s ailment? Case in point- dengue.  In the first three quarters of 2016, the Department of Health reported  84,000 cases of dengue in the country and out of this number, 372 people died.


Born Out of  Love and Necessity

In 2012, friends Marga Nograles and Celine Gabriel-Lim  decided to put up Kiele to address their own needs for an effective deterrent to insect bites. “As a mom of three, I’m always concerned about my children getting insect bites and the dangers that come with that, specifically dengue. Celine has sensitive skin and is quite prone to them, too,” shared Marga.  “We tried many brands in the past. Some would work but were full of toxic ingredients. Some smelled good but were inefficient.”

Celine & Marga

The Women of Kiele – We want to make the world safer and more beautiful one product at a time.

Unsatisfied with what was available in market, the two women thought of creating their own anti-mosquito spray.  The idea was to make no less than a product that  was efficacious, all natural and one that had a distinctly unique fragrance. It took the women more than a year to achieve this. “The process involved numerous trials and errors.  We sourced our scents from France and worked closely with local  fragrance experts to come up with a product that met both our meticulous standards. And that’s how Kiele’s anti- mosquito cologne was born.”


Origin and Philosophy

 Marga and Celine chose Kiele (a french name) for the brand as an ode to the french origin of their fragrance. Later they discovered that Kiele also means “fragrant blossom” in Hawaiian which turned out to be pretty apt description.

The business partners confess to being  the biggest fans of their products. To date there are two eau de toilette: the Kiele Anti-mosquito Baby Cologne and Chibelli Alcohol-free Baby Cologne (not anti-mosquito). Also available is the Kiele Green Tea  Anti-mosquito Room Spray which leaves your house smelling fresh but also keeps those pesky insects at bay.  All are backed by the brand’s par excellence philosopy which is comprised of 3 A’s : anti-mosquito, contains  anti-harmful chemicals and is  acceptable for all ages

Kiele products

Kiele products are anti mosquito, anti-harmful and acceptable for all ages.

What’s next for the brand?  “We are definitely planning on expanding our categories as we continue to create products that are all natural and safe for consumers.  Next in line is the Kiele Skin Correcting Powder which is a cosmetic wonder! It not only blurs imperfections and creates a perfect matte finish but also heals and protects as it is loaded with anti-acne and anti-aging properties,” enthused Marga.

Now available! Achieve the perfect matte finish as you heal your skin. A staple in my make-up kit.

Now available! Achieve the perfect matte finish as you heal your skin. A staple in my make-up kit.

For a brand that started out as a personal undertaking, Kiele now has a solid fan base that’s consistently growing.  I was all but ecstatic when I discovered it. The nightmare of having both my kids in the hospital because of dengue last August (yes, they form part of that alarming statistic) still haunts me. Today, I spray the anti- mosquito cologne on my children everytime they leave the house. The packaging is very handy too and fits comfortably in my daily bag. It’s also very reasonable priced.

Another plus is that for a minimum order, the owners can customize the bottles in the design of your choice. I absolutely loved the bottles with The Busy Queen P logo that Marga just made for me! These perfect blend of protection, prevention and light perfume in a bottle makes wonderful gifts.

Kiele x The BQP! Love my personalized bottles.

Kiele x The BQP! Love my personalized bottles.


For orders, you may call the Kiele hotline 0307 8621 and look for Tonette.  Kiele is also sold in the following stores: The Echo Store, Tart Tatin (Rockwell) and Nothing But Water.

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Signature Scents for a Cause


Scents evoke memories of persons, things, places and even feelings.  Psychologists say that we make these connections very early on when we first smell a certain fragrance. This is the reason why we associate most scents with our childhood.  The smell of freshly baked brownies remind us of  weekend visits to grandmother’s house.   Some dislike mint flavored food because they think of toothpaste.  On the other hand,  some people recall vacations spent frolicking by the ocean and feel a sense of calm whenever bamboo, citrus flavors or coconut is sprayed .  It is the brain that establishes the link between the smell and the memory.

Renowned fashion designer Avel Bacudio underwent the same process when he decided to take on his new role  as  perfume chemist.  He just recently launched his eponymous fragrance line which bears the names of important people in his life (except for one which pays homage to his hometown) – both in the past and in the present.  As a designer, Avel has established himself as one of the best in the industry.  He has won both local and international competitions, has shown multiple collections all around the globe and has remained much sought-after in the fashion world as proven by the elite clientele who frequent his by-appointment-only atelier.  And yes, reigning Ms. Universe Pia Wutrzbach has donned his creations as well.

The one and only Avel Bacudio.

The one and only Avel Bacudio.



“I’m excited!  This is another dream come true for me. Diba kasi yun talaga ang next step for a designer eh. Lahat ng malalaking fashion houses may signature scents sila.   Now meron na rin ako,”  Avel exclaims halfway through his well done steak at a European bistro in Greenbelt 3.  “I took my time in creating my scents.  All the ingredients used in my fragrance line came from Paris. The oil concentration in my perfume is much higher than other local brands so it lasts longer. I’m responsible for everything –from the design of the bottle to the font used on the label to the final packaging — ako lahat yan,” he continues.

There are currently 5 scents in the perfume line.  Avel named them after his father Avelino (a land surveyor), his mother Trinidad (a local seamstress),  his favorite niece Avjah, his talent Jerome and the small fishing town of Buhi, Camarines Sur where he hails from.  Strictly for men, Avelino is made from lemongrass and pear.    Trinidad has hints of bamboo and tea and is decidedly feminine and earthy.   The rest are unisex fragrances.  I just love the smell of Avjah on my skin!  Light, fruity and sweet it is very similar to the eau de parfume I hoard from Jo Malone.  Jerome (named after his talent) is borne from a pairing of lemongrass and basil while Buhi marries the scents of freesia and lemongrass.  You can even  “layer” your perfume or spray one over the other to create a whole new scent.  To make the scent linger, remember to spritz a bit  on your wrists and  on your neck. Do spray the perfume from about half a foot away from your body to have more coverage.

Collect all five scents or gift your loves ones with AVEL Perfume.

Collect all five scents or gift your loves ones with AVEL Perfume.


Try the lemon and basil diffuser and have a relaxing sleep.

Try the lemon and basil diffuser and have a relaxing sleep.

The best part is that for only Php600 you can purchase your very own 50 ml signature Avel perfume.  Available ,too, is the lemon and basil home diffuser (150ml for Php1500).  Breathing in a high concentration of pure lemon oil works to refresh busy minds, encouraging clear thinking. Basil, meanwhile,  is known to ease mental fatigue.  For every bottle sold, Avel donates 20% to the Northern Luzon School for the Visually Impaired, Inc. (NSLV). The designer has long been a resolute supporter of the foundation having suffered serious retinal damage years before which almost caused him to go blind.


What’s next for the affable Avel?  “ I’m working on more scents to add to my perfume business.  In the next two years though I see an Avel Home Collection which will carry candles, throws and beddings. Sosyal…Pakkk!!!”

 Avel Perfume is sold exclusively at Avel Bacudio’s atelier located at 69 Kamias Road, Quezon City with cel no. 0915 346 2978 .

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SMELL CHIC – Scents to Suit Your Mood


“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel


Did you know that fragrances have the power to affect your moods and perceptions?  Studies have shown that a pleasant odor makes us more cheerful, relaxed or excited.  The feelings that are aroused by scents largely depends on what thing, event or experience we have previously attached to it.  So if you remember coming home to the smell of homebaked chocolate chip cookies, chances are the smell of cocoa will remind you of a happy childhood.  Frolicking on the beach with the ocean breeze on your face, a liking for citrus fruits or waking up to the smell of a  garden in full bloom will give you memories that later on will affect the way you react to the same or similar kinds of scents.

Smell Chic Beach Aura and Royal Diana

Left – Summer is forever when you use Beach Aura. Right – Smell like a princess and try one of the bestsellers – Royal Diana bodywash and hand sanitizer.


A good friend recommended that I try the scents of SMELL CHIC.  She swears by the line’s Classic Audrey bodywash and told me , “Go ahead, try it.  It smells like that cologne you hoard from Singapore!”   Intrigued but skeptical, I ordered a bottle of the bodywash online. Oh my! It did have hints of my favorite nectarine and honey blossom cologne from  JO MALONE!  It immediately set me in a good mood.  The label even reads “I believe the happiest girls are the prettiest girls.”  Great way to start that particular Monday!

Smell Chic Body Wash

A scent for every day of the week!


One week later, I sat down with two of the four owners of SMELL CHIC – Cathy Cruz and  Vanna Garcia (Maui David-Chua and Lisa Rossiter were both indisposed).    “We wanted to come up with a fragrance line that would suit the different moods of a cosmopolitan woman,” says Vanna.  “Some days are easy and laidback while some are highly-charged and busy.  We have scents that match the persona that a woman wants to exude in whatever kind of day she’s having.  Our brand now carries a compact line composed of hand sanitizers, body wash and linen sprays. In the future, we plan to add eau de toilette, colognes and even insect repellants,” Cathy further explains.

SMELL Chic Owners

A common love for fashion and fragrances prompted these four friends to start their own label of scents. (L-R) Maui, Cathy, Vanna and Lisa)


The BQP’s Top Picks

Smell Chic Hand Sanitizers

Keep your hands clean and fresh all the time.


Smell Chic has seven fragrances for both the body wash and the hand sanitizers (Beach Aura, Boyfriend Sense, Casual Petite, Classic Audrey, Sophisticated Grace, Royal Diana and Charming Impression).   You may also want to try the linen sprays which has four scents (Olive, Fresh Bamboo, Lavender and Green Tea).   According to the girls, the names of the scents were specifically chosen to capture the mood that they seek to create.

My top three picks are  Sophisticated Grace for the body wash (P379 for 500ml). It has a fresh and very mild floral scent that makes me stay in the shower longer than I should.  A spritz of  the Classic Audrey for the hand sanitizer (P99 for 50ml) assures me that my hands are clean and leaves my palms smelling like nectarine.   I also recommend the Olive spray (P479 for 500ml)  for the bedroom.  Again, there’s no need to spray a lot.   A squirt or two will leave your beddings smelling squeaky clean and fresh. Perfect for a  restful slumber.


Smell Chic Linen sprays

Scents for the home.

Choose the fragrance that suits you!

BQP CONTEST! SHARE the post, TAG friends and ANSWER these simple questions on the blog:

1. What is your favorite scent?

2. What SMELL CHIC product would you like to try?

Winnesr will be announced on JULY 15!


Please check their Facebook and Instagram accounts.   Call them at 09174864888 or email for orders.


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