Good Vibes, Great Food at Providore


This all-in-one coffee shop, patisserie and bistro serves your favorite comfort food just the way you want it. And at all times of the day, too!


Sunday is devoutly sacred to my family. It’s a day for church, eating and bonding. After mass, my husband asks the all too familiar question, “Where do you want to eat?” Sometimes there’s a ready answer from the kids, but lately (after we’ve made regular rounds of all our preferred restaurants), we decided that Sunday should be a gastronomic adventure time as well.

Our latest dining discovery is Providore. Located at the Ground level of SM Aura, (right next to some of my favorite retail shops!) , this fun concept restaurant has been attracting diners since its opening late last year. Not a surprise at all, since its  façade with a bakery on the one side, coffee tables and tiffany blue iron chairs in the middle and mini store which sells local goods on the right, makes for one inviting mishmash. But wait there’s more. Take twenty steps inside and you enter the main dining hall which will give you cozy country club “feels.”  Just recently, the establishment also opened their al fresco dining cum beer garden (the wooden benches amidst green hedges inspired my words). Don’t be overwhelmed though. The main attraction of Providore is , rightfully so, its food.

Enjoy your favorite comfort food at Providore!

Enjoy your favorite comfort food at Providore!


A common dilemma when it comes to deciding where to dine is the individual members’ different taste preferences.  One is a vegan, another is a sworn carnivore while the kids will eat anything that’s battered and fried. Make that chicken and the young ones are guaranteed to have smiles on their faces. What I like most about Providore is that it lives up to its name.  It has everything from salads to steaks and everything in between.  Serving up authentic American and homestyle Filipino cuisine, its extensive menu is divided into 9 classifications. Choose from noshes and bites (cheese, dips and fries), freshly baked (soup, breads and pies), eggs and things (breakfast all day long), the greenhouse (salads), the deli (sandwiches), bistro plates (mains), the Filipino table (Pinoy cuisine elevated plus merienda plates), dessert plates and drinks (including wine and beer).


Our Favorites

You better have a good appetite as portions are hefty and good for sharing.  We liked the Providore Salad (P350) which has arugula, market greens, fresh avocado, bacon, walnuts, bleu cheese served with buttermilk ranch dressing. The Zuchinni Pecorino Fries (195) and  Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner (P350) which is  crispy fried chicken served with beans, sausage gravy on mashed potatoes and cheddar biscuit were both gone in minutes. I was very happy with my Salmon Grill Plate (595) which was accompanied with greek salad, mountain raice and dill lemon yogurt. The most sinful and delicious fare, however, was the Steel Plate Cooked Garlic Butter Salpicao Steak (P395). Quite a mouthful to say and even more so to eat! Imagine slices of tender US beef cooked in olive oil but swimming in butter. Delicious! It should be served with rice but is not so remember to ask for two cups when you order it.

Start your meal with these zucchini pecorino fries. Kids and adults will surely love this appetizer.

Start your meal with these zucchini pecorino fries. Kids and adults will surely love this appetizer.


Rich and creamy. The clam chowder will please any hungry customer!

Rich and creamy. The clam chowder will please any hungry customer!



Family Favorite! Winner Winner chicken dinner lives up to its name ... delicious and filling!

Family Favorite! Winner Winner chicken dinner lives up to its name … delicious and filling!


Looks good, tastes even better! Slices of beef swimming in butter... what more can you ask for?

Looks good, tastes even better! Slices of beef swimming in butter… what more can you ask for?




We were all satisfied customers after our big meal. The staff was helpful and courteous and the meals were served fast and hot.  So if you’re looking to eat healthy, feed your big appetite or just to have coffee with some cookies, cakes or pastries, make Providore your next stop.  Happy eating!


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Healthy Sweets


Give in to your cravings without the guilt. Well, almost.

 You read it correctly.  The oxymoron title may sound too good to be true but not after you try the products I recently discovered. Lately, I’ve been looking for new food to serve to the family. Our daily fare has become predictable so I thought it’s time for a more exciting spread. Here are three delicious additions to my pantry which became instant hits with the husband and the kids. The best part is that these sweet treats are healthy options, too!


Sugar, ahhh… honey, honey!

Langnese Honey boasts of Germany’s Honey Ordinance and European Standard Basic Principles seal of approval. This guarantees the product’s highest standard of safety and unadulterated quality and ensures that the honey is raw, unfiltered and residue free.

The first thing that caught my attention when I found the product in the supermarket shelves was its packaging. Featuring a honey dispenser technology known as “Bee Easy,” the convenient and trés chic bottle guarantees a no drip and no sticky after use experience with each serving.  There are five mouthwatering, rich but well-balanced flavors to choose from.  Acacia just elevates the taste of pancakes and waffles. Just a drizzle of honey and a dollop of soft butter resulted to breakfast gone in minutes. My kids even asked for seconds and used a combination of honey flavors! Black Forest is good for toast and afternoon tea. Golden Clear (my favorite!) lends a sweet note to dips, salads and cocktails. I added crushed almonds, walnuts and cashew to some romaine greens, tossed it with a bit of honey and had a most enjoyable meal. So easy to prepare, too! Lavender, as it name suggests, makes a delicious spread on breads while Wild Flower is suited for all kinds of food and hot/cold beverages.

All the goodness of honey in easy-open no-spill bottles.

All the goodness of honey in easy-open no-spill bottles.


Why is it good for you? Honey has antibacterial and antifungal properties which help in healing wounds. It likewise strengthens your immune system, is an effective cough suppressant and  improves the quality of your sleep.  Honey can also help regulate your glycemic index with its exact levels of fructose and glucose. Although it’s not calorie free, it’s definitely the better alternative to table sugar.

Sweet salad made all the more nutritious with Langnese honey.

Sweet salad made all the more nutritious with Langnese honey.


Bite those bars

Hotdogs are the Filipinos’ staple breakfast food. Add spam, bacon and other processed food to that and we have the perfect recipe for future health disasters. Sadly, I am guilty of this (mal)practice and am now making a conscious effort to scratch the aforementioned from my grocery list.

For kids who struggle with eating a full breakfast and prefer to take their meal on the go, Nestle cereal bars are a must-try.  The bars are made using whole grain wheat and comes in three flavors for a different petit déjeuner experience every day.

Breakfast bars to go!

Breakfast bars to go!


My kids love the Koko Crunch bars (100 k cal)! Think of your favorite childhood chocolatey cereals now transformed into a bar, nestled in a bed of white chocolate. Delicious! The Fitnesse Chocolate bar  is even healthier at 90 k cal per serving. It’s made from wholegrain wheat flakes, and is drizzled with chocolate on a bed of chocolate. Talk about chocolate overdose without (so much) consequence. It only gets better with Fitnesse Strawberry bar. Enjoy this fruity treat at only 86 k cal! All three are perfect for kids and the kids at heart.  And for only Php25 a bar, there’s no reason for you not to try it!


Ice Cream All You Want

Get ready to feast on Coco De Lite Wholesome Ice Cream! That’s right.  G Stuff, the company built by Gina Lopez, to promote and sell all things good and healthy, has just come up with  ice cream that’s made from all natural ingredientsMade with real coconut milk, coconut sugar and coconut cream, this iced delight is dairy free, gluten-free and non-fattening.  And as if all that goodness is not enough, it’s loaded with therapeutic essential oils too!

G-Stuff Ice Cream


Smooth, delectable and calorie friendly (250 cal/serving), this artisanal creation is perfect as a dessert or a light snack. I was afraid my kids would not like the slight coco taste but they did not mention anything of the sort. In fact, they’ve been eating it after dinner for three straight nights now. Our favorite flavors are Coco Milk Choco and Coco Mocha Jam.  I’m dying to try the Capuccino flavor! This ice cream is sold exclusively in the G Stuff stores in the Loop Store, ELJ Bldg., Mother Ignacia St., QC, Power Plant Mall and Alabang Town Center.


Happy healthy eating everyone!

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Love, Exclusively at The Grande Dame


Woo her with fine wine, Ecuadorian flowers and a helicopter ride over Manila bay before sunset

Emperor Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal for his third wife 300 years ago. In 1936, King Edward VIII abdicated the English throne to prove his love for two-time divorcee, American socialite Wallis Simpson. In Indecent Proposal, David Murphy (Woody Harrelson) agreed to his wife Diana (Demi Moore) spending a night with business mogul John Gage (Robert Redford) in exchange for one million dollars only to give it all up for a save-the-hippos charity fund in the end. In real or reel life, men have done the noble and the foolish in the name of love. What about you? What have you planned for your special someone in this month of hearts?

All That Romance

The Manila Hotel has everything planned out for you! This February, you can surprise your fiancée, wife or family with packages all tailor made to fit your budget. If you’re a Prestige member, your party can stay in the Grande Dame’s Sunset, Sunrise, Tower, Veranda or Intramuros suites (Php14,500 nett) and avail of the hotel’s “Nostalgia with Love” promotion. This includes breakfast for two at Café Ilang-Ilang, massage for one at the Spa, a bouquet of  flowers and pralines. The  “Grande Dame’s Heart” package (Php20,000 nett) offers, in addition, an evening of love songs with David Pomeranz as you enjoy a sumptuous dinner at the Tent City. Thereafter relax in a Superior Deluxe room and enjoy the hotel’s various amenities.

Love is in full bloom at The Manila Hotel

Love is in full bloom at The Manila Hotel


The Ultimate Valentine’s Gift

 For that “wow” factor, you can choose from two high end room packages. The gentleman who avails of the “Say I Do” package (Php500,000 nett) opts for class and an enthusiastic display of affection. Imagine an overnight stay in the newly refurbished Mac Arthur suite complete with his and hers butlers to wait on you while you enjoy your three-course private in-room dining as you converse over a harpist’s strings or a flutists’ notes. Surprise her with Ecuadorian roses at dinner’s end and a water color portrait,too! Romantic turn down amenities from the hotel’s skilled chocolatiers and personalized wine glasses are also available. Arrive and leave the hotel in style on board a chauffeur-driven luxury car for that extra “oomph” and you’ll surely get a resounding “yes” to your proposal.

Saccharine Surprises! Decadent chocolates and cuddly bears are available at the lobby.

Saccharine Surprises! Decadent chocolates and cuddly bears are available at the lobby.


Serenade your special someone with sweet music from a harpist.

Serenade your special someone with sweet music from a harpist.


 What would you give in the name of love? A box of chocolates, a piece of jewelry, a love letter, perhaps? For some these gestures will suffice but for a select few, there is no limit. Aptly called “Sky’s the Limit”, Manila Hotel’s ultimate romantic package includes a piece of heaven and then some. Whether it’s for a proposal, a romantic stay or a renewal of vows, this is the perfect package for you. An overnight stay at the luxuriously appointed Presidential Suite awaits the special guests who will have his and hers butlers on 24 hour duty. Amaze her with a 15-minute romantic helicopter ride over Manila Bay before sunset while your five-course dinner is being set up in the room. Drink champagne in your personalized wine glasses by Calligraffi as a harpist plays sweet music. Receive his and hers cufflinks and stud earrings from Jewelmer, a floral bouquet arrangement by renowned florist Rachy Cuna, bespoke perfume from Dior, made-to-measure modern barong from Jo Rubio, Ecuadorian roses, a valentine gift from Victoria’s secret, his and hers massage and a host of other extravagantly beautiful things including a Rolls Royce ride. A priest and pastor will also be present for a renewal of vows ceremony, should you wish. The price? A cool million.

Enjoy a ride over Manila Bay on board this copter provided by Air Taxi Ph.

Enjoy a ride over Manila Bay on board this copter provided by Air Taxi Ph.

If you’ve got literary or musical inclinations, you may want to join the hotel’s love letter and song writing competitions. Know more about the mechanics and the prizes in  and .

No matter the cost or lack thereof, the most important thing is to have love that is pure and true. Have a meaningful Valentine’s Day everyone!


Experience a one-of-a-kind month of hearts only at The Manila Hotel. Stay period is from February 1 to 28, 2017. For more information call +632 527 0011 or visit

With a pocketful of glitter,

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Whip up New Dishes for the New Year!

 As a homemaker, I already have my favorite brands of ingredients. Admittedly, I’m quite skeptical about trying other products because those that I normally buy are tried and tested in making my pasta specialties like spaghetti Bolognese and carbonara. However, I’m also frustrated that I serve almost the same dishes every time there’s a gathering at my house. It’s really time to expand my culinary repertoire.

Food for Thought

And who better to take a cue from than the domestic goddess herself Nigella Lawson? In her recent visit to the Manila, she was all too eager to share her recipes and the array of ingredients used to make them.  “Maximum flavor for minimum effort,” is something she would say repeatedly in her shows. This encourages women (those who cook and those that do not) to try her no-fail kitchen blueprints.  There is also no secret to great cooking according to her. One thing is non-negotiable though.  You must always have the best ingredients.

Nigella’s favorite brand, at the moment, is Contadina. Distributed by Del Monte Philippines, the brand means “women of the field” in Italian. Its line of products include olive oils (extra virgin and pure)from Andalucia, Spain, pasta from Canada , pasta sauces (formaggio, napoletana, arrabiata, aglio arrostito, pesto ala genovese) from Italy  and canned tomatoes (crushed, diced and stewed) from California.


The Challenge

A few weeks ago, I took part in a grocery supermarket raid sponsored by Del Monte at Robinsons Selections at the Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley Hill. The goal was to have a recipe in mind and buy the necessary ingredients with gift certificates from Robinsons Selections (including Contadina products, of course!) within a specified period. Guests were also asked to take and post creative photos while shopping. While I did not win the fastest shopper prize (I had heels on and took my time in reading labels and inspecting all the products in the Contadina booth), I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  And I was surprised to know that all the products are very affordable. Good news for homemakers talaga!

Cartful of Contadina

All ready to cook up new dishes for 2017!


The very next day I bought fresh bread from the neighborhood bakery and prepared dinner for the family. I did not want to make anything too fancy. First off, I cut the bruschetta  diagonally and lightly drizzled it with Contadina extra virgin oilive oil. I then topped it with diced tomatoes, basil and feta cheese. (Put this in the oven for five minutes to lightly brown the bread.) Then I decided to pair this with creamy chicken pesto. In cooking pasta remember to prepare your sauce and other ingredients first. This way when your pasta is cooked, you can immediately put it in the sauce and finish cooking it there. So first, I used Contadina pure olive oil to sauté garlic before I browned the chicken breasts on both sides. Then I boiled a big pot of salted water and cooked the Contadina  linguine pasta for about 9 minutes to achieve that al dente bite. To finish the dish, I combined  the pasta, chicken (do slice it for easy sharing), Contadina pesto sauce and some sundried tomatoes,  tossed to coat all the ingredients evenly and grated parmesan generously on top. My family’s verdict ? Delicious! And I made everything in just 45 minutes!


Flavorful Bites! Bruschetta with tomatoes, basil and feta cheese is so easy to make.


Easy peasy delicious recipe. This creamy chicken pesto chicken is a crowd pleaser.

Easy peasy delicious recipe. This creamy chicken pesto chicken is a crowd pleaser.

After the festivities of the holidays, it’s now time to prepare for  the new year. Ladies, it’s time to whip up new dishes to serve to the family. Surprise your crew with a Mediterranean inspired spread like I did and watch them eat with gusto!

All Contadina products are now available in leading groceries.

Here’s wishing everybody a blessed and most bountiful 2017. Cheers!


With a pocketful of glitter,

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Il Ponticello – To New (and Delicious) Beginnings!

Il Ponticello  (PONTI) first opened its doors in the late nineties.  By day, it was patronized by  hearty lunchgoers and by night it was a favorite watering hole of tired Makati professionals who want to relax and unwind.   Ahh the good old days…

Today, PONTI has a new look,  a new menu and is under new management.   The restaurant’s interiors  creates an easy affluent vibe.  Oversized couches line one side of the room,  a mix of wooden and tufted chairs are paired per table, and luxe  velvet drapes separate the main dining hall from the gentleman’s club (smoking area).  “Our menu is fresh, current and easily good value for money. “ says owner Steve Magdaraog.  “My partners and I want to keep the good memories of PONTI alive but at the same time we want to create a totally original and exciting experience for our customers. “

IL- Resto collage

A neighborhood fixture since 1999, PONTI’s make-over was made possible this year. You can drop by at the second floor of Antel Corporate Centre at121 Valero Street, Salcedo Village. Fore reservations, call 553-9971. Lowest left photo shows the BQP with owner Steve Magdaraog (L) and Executive Chef Panky Lopez (R).


Il PRANZO É SERVITO (Lunch is served)


Il- Raspberry Kiss

Sweet and refreshing! Raspberry puree, basil leaves, vanilla syrup, lemon juice, cranberry juice, passion fruit juice , top up ginger ale (PHP280)


ANTIPASTI (Great Start)

Il- grilled portobello mushrooms

GRILLED PORTOBELLO ALLA GRIGLIA (PHP480) – Grilled portobello, buffalo mozarella , smoked ricotta cheese, olive oil, poached cherry tomatoes drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. To get the full flavor , all the indredients must be eaten together.


Il- mozarella squares

MY FAVORITE! MOZZARELLA IN CAROZZA MINI PAGNOTTA (white bread) (PHP180) – Mozarella sandwich panfried in butter and drizzled with balsamic reduction. This starter dish made us say “More please!” The small squares taste like french toast only so much better.  The combination of  fried buttered bread, chewy cheese and sweet sauce definitely satisfied our taste buds.



PASTA (Signature Handmade)

PONTI prides itself in using quality ingredients. “We import our pasta from Gragnano – a region in Italy where the very best pasta comes from.  Our cold cuts are also imported to stay true to the Italian flavors.  Locally, we source fresh vegetables and fruits from trusted suppliers, ” says Steve.

Il- Crema di Tartufo

This pasta dish is sure to be a favorite of adults and kids alike. Made with Fusili di gragnano, sautéed porcini mushrooms, , truffle cream sauce made with heavy cream, truffle paste and truffle oil. (PHP420) Two thumbs up!


Il- pomodoro- salsiccia

If you like your pasta to be a bit spicy and tangy then try this.  Made with Penne pasta, napolitana style tomato sauce, homemade italian fennel sausage and grana padano cheese. (PHP390)


PIZZA (Stone Hearth Baked Napoletana Style)


MANGIAMO! In Italy a pizza is a meal for one. In the Philippines, it is meant to be shared.  Everything about this pizza tastes great!  The dough is perfectly crisp in the edges and has just  the right bite.  My son loved it !  We folded the dough and stuffed our slices with arugula. Delicious!
PIZZA VALDOSTANA  (PHP480) -Napoletana Style pizza with gorgonzola cream, parma ham and baby arugula.


MAINS (Magnum Opus)

Il-flat iron steak

MUST TRY!!! FLAT IRON STEAK (PHP490) – Pan-seared USDA flat iron steak, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, salad of baby arugula, cherry tomatoes, orange segments and grana padano cheese.  This dish sealed the deal for us.  Most often, we smother our meat with sauce and gravy but these steak cuts are so succulent and tasty there was no need for anything else!



Il- sea bass

POACHED CHILEAN SEABASS – Seabass seared then poached in prawn broth with garlic and napoletana piccante sausage served with focaccia and ciabatta slices with roasted garlic and aioli.
Chef Panky offers creative dishes at PONTI. The fish is creamy and the sauce a tad spicy because of the sausages. For the serious foodie.

Il- porcetta

ROASTED TO PERFECTION! The PORCHETTA  (PHP360 for ala carte and PHP950 for half roast serving)  must be eaten as soon as it is served so you can savor the “crunch” in the skin. The meat is tender and tasty due to the fact that it has been braised for hours before roasting. Highly recommended! I guarantee you’ll come back for more!


DOLCI (Perfect Ending)


Il- wrapped dessert

CANNOLI (PHP290) – Homemade cinnamon pastry shell stuffed with dark chocolate and ricotta cream topped with hazelnut shavings. One bite and you’ll be hooked!


Il- panna cota

Vanilla Panna Cotta, Cheesecake Crumble with bits of caramel candy (PHP290) – Melt in your mouth pannacotta and chewy caramel (that doesn’t stick to your teeth) — DELECTABLE!

Il- Tiramisu

THE CONSUMMATE DESSERT! I discovered the best TIRAMISU  (PHP 290)  in town! You just have to try it! I give it a triple “D” for delightful, decadent and deliciously pleasurable!  Made of savoiardi, zabaglionie, amarettoand ristretto and generously sprinkled with cocoa powder.



Congratulatons to Chef Panky Lopez for an inventive and distinctly appetizing Italian menu.  Writing this made ME hungry! I’m already planning my next visit ! SEE YOU ALL AT IL PONTICELLO!

*IL PONTICELLO’s grand opening is scheduled this October.  In the meantime, you may call the restaurant for special treats like the Chef’s table (special 5-course menu)  or to reserve house seats if you want to listen to their weekend guest performers/DJ’s.

Hungry? – 212-1212 delivers twoanyone!

You’re craving for your favorite Italian pasta but don’t feel like going out, you have unexpected guests coming over,  your meeting is running late  and everyone is hungry— who will you call to have food delivered?   212-1212 , of course!  Gone are the days when your choice is limited to fastfood delivery.  Now you can order Japanese, Mexican, All-American, Mongolian and just about any cuisine  you prefer  and it will be conveniently brought to your doorsteps.

QUICK DELIVERY the company behind the TWOANYONE brand   has partnered with over 250 dining establishments spread thoughout 500 locations all over the metro. Customers can order by phone, internet or texting .  Mobile ordering is also available by downloading the CLICK THE CITY Lifestyle application on your cellphones.  Super easy right?

QD - Top Brands

The Top Brands of QUICK DELIVERY. Choose from among these and hundreds more! MINIMUM ORDER IS PHP500.



I’m certainly living up to my name “BQP” – make that a bold “B”  for BUSY!  So when the hubby told me that he  had  VIP guests coming over for dinner last weekend,  I felt a bit anxious. I had two interviews that day which left me no time at all to cook! It was the perfect time to call 212-1212.


The Call

I wanted to order from PF Chang’s.  It’s one of our go-to restos when abroad . We are also frequent diners since  it opened in Manila.   I’ve seen the  212-1212 sign in their doors at Alabang Town Center so I know that they deliver in our area.  I placed the call, the Agent asked for my information/address and I gave my order.  “I can’t make up my mind, “ I said. “Miss, ano ba mas ok? (Which ones tastes better?) The Mongolian Beef or the Northern Spare Ribs? “  “Wait lang po, Ma’am, I will call the  restaurant and get back to you.”   She promptly gave me feedback after a few minutes . “Ma’am PF Chang recommends the Mongolian Beef.  The sauce is a perfect blend of sweet and salty. “


Jordan, Twoanyone’s delivery guy, arrived early! Orders may be brought within the hour or twenty-four hours after your call is placed.
I was able to host a successful dinner party last Saturday. Included in the menu : PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef, Crispy Honey Shrimp and Almond and Cashew Chicken. DELICIOUS!


Text and Callback

I felt like cooking my famous spaghetti recipe on a rainy Monday and thought it would best be paired with Chicken Fingers from Friday’s.   This time I ordered via texting. I texted the word “ORDER” to 0918 -2121212.   In less than five minutes,  “Ola” the agent called me.  “I would like two orders of chicken fingers—don’t put pepper on the fries please.” “Ma’am would you like to add salad or drinks to your order?”  “Yes to the salad please!  One small order of the Friday’s Caesar salad.  Can you  have it delivered by 6:30?” I ended the  call by asking Ola to have change ready for my payment.

QD- Friday's collage

We had FRIDAY’s dinner on a rainy Monday! The kids’ favorite Chicken Crispers was served hot. The Caesar Salad was the perfect started course for the fambam! Thank you MARC (delivery guy) for bringing our food inspite of the heavy rains.

Presently, Twoanyone delivers all over Metro Manila  and Cebu 24 hours/7days a week (with the exception of New Year when they deliver until 7pm) .  In need of catering, party packs, or even school supplies?  You want to open a corporate account to cover all the meetings/ events?  What if  you just want to order in advance from your favorite resto and want to pick it  up yourself?  No worries. The able agents can arrange for these too.  You can even pay for an order and have it delivered to the person or place of your choice at the time you prefer (Regalo Delivery).  For more information on the services offered, you may visit the Twoanyone Facebook page at , Twitter  account at and Instagram account at .



1.  What beef dish did I eventually choose for last Saturday’s dinner?

2.  Would you consider using Twoanyone’s service in the future and why?

QD- Giveaway

*Contestants must have a valid Metro Manila address that TWOANYONE can deliver to. For complete list of areas served, visit


Thumbs Up for Prompt and Efficient Service

The BQP tried the delivery service twice and is vey satisfied with the service.  The agents were very courteous, took the  time to explain the menu and listened very well to my instructionss.   On the separate occasions that I used the service, my orders came fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. Now, that’s quick delivery indeed!


The enterprising men behind Qucik Delivery – Business partners Jin Gonzalez (left) and Marco Katigbak.



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