A Royal Themed Party – How to Plan a Big Event

A Pram-ising Plan

My three year old daughter was born a day before  the royal wedding of  William and Kate.  Born almost eight years after her brother,  our precious R endeared herself to us the moment we set eyes on her.   My bestfriend A  (who had planned many parties with me) immediately thought of a Royal Themed Party for her baptismal reception.  We screamed with  glee and that was that!

In my earlier blog entry  ,  I gave you tips on how to plan a small kiddie party.   All the things I enumerated there also applies in planning for a big event.  The big difference is preparations should be at least three months in advance and hiring a party planner/events organizer is a must.  I have worked with four organizers in the past and  I have stuck with one person that is as obsessive compulsive as I am and more importantly, who has the same taste level as I do.  Decorating a hotel ballroom is no mean feat and you better make sure to hire somebody who can deliver.


Like No Other

Copying from another person’s party is not for me.  I spend hours and hours looking for inspiration from the web and magazines and then collaborate with my party planner on how to execute my ideas.


Royal invitation

It’s very important to decide on the look of your invitation. In my past parties, the invite serves as the springboard for the venue decor. Of course, before you have it printed you would have already booked the party place and in case of a baptism (like ours), the church.

English Pram Centerpiece

How absoultely adorable is this English Pram centerpiece? Done in lilac with silver trimmings and silver rivets, it served as the perfect table decoration. You can see the cake stage  (background) also echoes the Royal English Pram motif.



A Tall Order

Ballrooms have high ceilings and your decor will have a greater impact if the (royal) trappings are from floor to ceiling.

Ballroom Decor

A ballroom transformed. We used lilac, silver and pops of butterball yellow to decorate the ceiings. Different sized balloons were hung in clusters along with lilac elephant mylar balloons.  On the side, you can see the stage with the instruments of the band that I hired for the event.


The Royal Banquet

Dessert Table

Pinoy time hasn’t changed — guests always come late. A table filled with light treats should keep the earlybirds busy before the party starts.


It’s all in the details! Gourmet popcorn were put inside lilac paper cones!


photo (81)

Arleen Agustin (Sweet Art by Arleen) made this exquisite pram cake and cupcake tower for the event. She understands how OC I am and even baked prototypes of the cupcakes for my approval.

Crown cupcakes

What’s a princess party without crown cupcakes?  Arleen airbrushed the cupcakes to make it come alive and added edible silver beads to the crown  to simulate jewels. Perfect!


Grand buffet

Aside from the buffet table, Makati Shangrila provided us wih OPEN stations for pasta, lechon and roast beef.



An Affair  To Remember

My boys sang Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are” to get the party started! Getting your family involved always makes the event fun and meaningful.



All our friends were there to support us. The ladies came in fascinators and tiaras too!


Crystal rosaries

Beautiful crystal rosaries were made by R’s godmother Stephanie Catedral (MIA CASA) and were given out as souvenirs to the guests.


In these trying times, some may raise their eyebrows at the perceived  display of ostentatiousness.  I will make no excuse or explanation for this very joyous occasion in our lives.  My three month preparation, endless meetings with suppliers and the hours spent by my boys practicing for their number was all worth it!  We are so blessed to have  a wonderful addition to our family and we wish you our kind of happiness.

Until my next post!

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DIY Party – How to Plan a Successful Kiddie Party

Staging parties require a lot of planning.  Between my two kids, I’ve hosted more than ten parties.   I’ve given parties in big venues.  I have also attempted to host smaller scale celebrations in restaurants and clubhouses  which really tested my Mommy skills in budgeting and  in being creative.

In this post, I want to share my daughter R’s  Purr-fect HELLO KITTY Party.  It took me two months to organize this.  I’ve outlined the steps that will help you plan your own.

1 .SET A BUDGET – A budget determines everything else.

2. CHOOSE A THEME –    I chose Hello Kitty because my daughter is a big fan of the feline character.  Choosing a popular character also makes it easy to purchase giveaways and prizes as these are readily available in the market.

3. DETERMINE THE NUMBER OF GUESTS – This has been a perennial problem for me.  No matter if I assign the number of  guests in the invitation, more people come than are invited.

4. BOOK THE PARTY PLACE – I chose CHILI’S in Alabang  Town Center.  I’ve used Chili’s before and I liked their food and service.  (For 60 adults and 30 kids, average cost PHP 38,000)   If your house is big enough or you have a garden that can be transformed into a party place then you can certainly save more by holding your celebration in your home.  (You have to cook or book a caterer. In addition, you have to clean up after a tiring party. )

Choose the menu

-Always go for buffet for adults and plated for kids.  Kids almost always never finish what’s on their plate.  You can take home whatever is left in the buffet.

DIY Let's Eat

I brought in PRITSON!

Bargain for freebies

-Free party banner, use of microphone, sound system, party hats etc. I always ask for free corkage.

5.PRINT YOUR INVITATION – CHILI’S offers free invitations but since I’m the Queen of OC, I designed my own invitation and had it printed.  Invitations must be sent out two weeks prior to the event.  This will allow you to gauge how many will attend and how many you can still invite

6. BOOK YOUR PARTY HOST – This is very important!!! A great party host will make or break your party.  Since I didn’t get any party planner , I booked the host-magician myself. (Good hosts/magicians rates : PHP8,000 to14,000)


I initially wanted to use in-house hosts. I changed my mind and booked a seasoned host magician. His performance wowed everybody!

DIY Fan the Peel

The kids had a great time in the “Fan The Banana” Game ! 🙂

DIY Guests Having Fun

Even the adults had fun during the “Name That Tune ” Game! 🙂


7. BOOK  ALL OTHER  SUPPLIERS – I wanted a Candy Bar and a Sanrio themed Dessert Bar for the guests to enjoy.  I had  worked with BAKED TWINKLES in my previous parties. Nikko Saulo did a wonderful job in creating and capturing the look I envisioned.

DIY Sanrio Dessert Table

Sanrio – themed dessert table. I work with suppliers who are aware of my exacting and high standards. BAKED TWINKLES definitely made an excellent job , as you can see. Everything tasted so good!


DIY Dessert Collage

It’s all in the details! Princess Hello Kitty ombre cake , french macarons, meringue tree, Sanrio mousse, Kitty Krispie Pops, cupcakes , Kitty choco pops with ribbons.


8. GO TO DIVISORIA –  People, please don’t pretend you’re too high brow to go to DV.  🙂  Everybody goes to this hot, humid and crowded mecca of goods.   I was able to buy my cutie  Kitty give-away bags , prizes and giveaways from here.

DIY Giveaways

I had the Hello Kitty tumblers made for the girls and NINJAGO tumblers for boys. In addition I gave out Kitty bags and NINJAGO loot bags! 🙂


9. GET YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS INVOLVED – You can ask your girlfriends/relatives to man the registration table, put numbers in the gifts and usher your guests inside.

DIY Nail Station

My BFF’s have been manning my registration table for the past ten years! Another friend Mia owns Mia’s Nail Art and she gave both adults and girls fabulous nail designs. 🙂


DIY- Family Collage



The whole point of having a party is to celebrate the special day of a beloved.  I like to hold parties because I want to show my children how much I love them.  Yes, it takes money to stage a gathering.  But, more than that it takes precious TIME.  It is the effort that I put in all of these that I hope my kids will remember.   Beautiful memories cannot be bought.  It can only be experienced.  I am merely setting up the stage where happiness can be possible.  Judging from the guests faces, they had a fantastic time!  Seeing my normally moody  daughter mingling with guests and enjoying herself totally — now,  that’s PRICELESS.

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