Anyone who has a little daughter surely knows who  Sofia The First is.  “I was a little girl  in the village doing alright. Then I became a princess overnight…”  — lyrics my daughter sings along with during the opening credits of the show.  Sofia , an ordinary girl, is swept to the castle when her  commoner mother  (Miranda) marries King Roland II and starts an uneasy relationship with her siblings Prince James and Princess Amber. This article is a DIsney Junior’s Sofia The First Review.

The royal family of the Kingdom of Enchancia.


The King gifts her with a magical purple amulet (to match her purple gown, of course!) and she promises never to take it off.  The Amulet  of Avalor gives Sofia the power to do good deeds, enables hert to talk to animals and also to shapeshift (like turning into a mermaid in one episode to help a sea creature).  But the necklace also serves a s a curse, punishing the purple-clad princess when she gets out of line (her voice starts to croak when she brags about her singing ability in a festival).

I like this particular Disney series because each episode shows real life conflicts  (sibing rivalry,  jealousy,  discrimination, not telling the truth,  being accepted by your peer etc) and imparts a valuable lesson to the audience.   Yes, the show has all the royal trappings that we have all come to expect from  Disney princess show but  what sets it apart is that it is a relevant teaching tool in today’s society.  Eight year old Sofia teaches my little girl about kindness,  loyalty, compassion and  bravery while wearing  a crown and a ballgown!  No wonder young girls easily relate to this young princess.


THE ROYAL SISTERHOOD – Lessons from the Disney Princesses



I most especially like the segments where the older Disney princesses (who act as “Ate’s /Older Sisters) make an appearance to help Sofia in her predicaments.

CINDERELLA’s song struck a cord with me because of my own differences with my sister.  Sibling rivalry  (between true blood sisters or step siblings)  can really tear a family apart and must be nipped in the bud.


Sofia The First ft. Cinderella – True Sisters – Song – HD

MULAN advices Sofia and her companions never to give-up  and to find their inner strength in her song “Stronger Than You Know”.   I love this number!  It’s never too early to teach our daughters to be independent and empowered.  Our very own LEAH SALONGA sang this song.


Sofia and Mulan – Stronger Than You Know by Lea Salonga


Just this morning,  SNOW WHITE  made an appearance and told SOFIA to trust her feelings.  A scheming sorceress in disguise had just trapped her family !


Sofia The First – The Enchanted Feast – Snow White

 ***video clips all belong to DISNEY


 We all started out as young princesses once.  I remember watching Sleeping Beauty being awakened by the Prince’s true love’s kiss and Cinderella being swept away by her prince Charming because the glass slipper fit. Ahhh…. REALLY ?  As a grown-up and a mother of a three year old,  there must be better role models for my baby girl.   This is no longer a time for damsels in distress and knights in shining armors no longer exist.

If we want to raise strong, indpependent, and smart daughters, WE , their mothers should be their number one models.  It doesn’t hurt though, to have them watch good shows  like SOFIA THE FIRST.   Bravo SOFIA!

Until my next post!

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  1. I enjoyed reading this parenting post and watching the videos too! I guess one never outgrows the Disney princesses. You are correct though. Sofia is quite different from the princesses we grew up knowing. She is a good model for the young kids of today.

  2. So true that little girl’s must be taught good morals from the start, and what better way than having a princess to show them how it’s done!

  3. I super enjoyed this post BQP! Nice videos Cinderella, Mulan and Snow White. We need to have good morals so we can also teach our kids to be like Sofia. Children always follow what the elders are doing.

    Thank You for sharing BQP!

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