Picket Fences

Tucked in a nondescript location,  it’s  quite a delight to discover The L’il Nail Shop. (TLNS).  The place looks like a comfortable country home with apple green chairs ,  robins on throw pillows and wooden stools painted white.  As I sank into a well-cushioned armchair I could hear  “You’re Beautiful”  by James Blunt softly playing in the background.  Ahhh, the perfect place to relax, unwind  and host an intimate spa party!

The L’il Nail Shop is located  at the 2/F Santana Grove, Soreena Ave., corner Sucat Road, Paranaque City (beside Shopwise Sucat).  For appointments you can call (02) 5036793.


“The shop has a loyal customer base.  As the new owner, I want to maintain the same excellent service  I experienced when I was the client.  I bought this 7 year old business barely nine months ago and I’m proud to say that it’s growing steadily, “ says  banker turned businesswoman Soy Molina-Casillano.


Throw your Cares Away

I tried the Ultimate Spa Combo  (P679) plus the 30 minute Express Leg and Feet Massage (P180).  It was heavenly!  I was told that the combo has sent many weary clients straight to dreamland !

Clockwise for upper right photo : 1.Back to basics- wooden bowls are used to soak and cleanse your hands and feet 2. Pumice stone to slough off dead skin 3. I chose the MINT scented scrub 4. The relaxing massage begins in BOTH my hands and feet.


Thinking of hosting a Spa party, Bridal shower or a small gettogether with friends? The Little Nail Shop Santana Grove is the perfect place for you! Soy can work with your budget and even decorate the place to suit your needs.



1.  What treatments did I try?

2.  Would you like to visit The L’il Nail Shop? Why?


The BQP recommends The L’il Nail Shop

Quaint, quiet, and a no-frills relaxation haven, this about describes TLNS.    The prices are very reasonable too.  In fact the Ultimate Spa Combo was already the most expensive at  P679.  What I like most though is that the service is not hurriedly done.   Soy ends our interview by saying, “I’ve always wanted to own a business like this but really this is also my outreach work.   Success to me does not only mean financial rewards.  I want to have a  thriving business so that I can provide my employees with better pay and give them benefits.  The strength of this enterprise is in its people. “    With that,   I’m sure I’ll be seeing you at The L’il Nail Shop!

Great service at super affordable prices!


Already planning my next visit,

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  1. 1. The BQP tried the Ultimate Spa Combo and the Leg massage.
    2. It looks very serene unlike the other commercialized spas. Would love to sink in one of those comfortable chairs! Pick ME!

  2. 1. You had the Ultimate Spa Combo and the Leg massage treatments.
    2. I’d like to visit and try out their Ultimate Spa Combo for my much needed “me time”.

  3. BQP tried the Ultimate Spa Combo and the 30 minute leg and feet massage.

    Yes, definitely I want to visit The L’il Nail Nail Shop. I want to experience their great service and try the Ultimate Spa Combo. I want to feel relaxed because of too much stress at work 🙂

    Thank You BQP for sharing another interesting feature!

  4. I love the décor …looks so homey. And my wallet will feel cozy here too. Best is how the owner feels about taking care of her employees.

  5. 1. The BQP tried the Ultimate Spa Combo and the Leg and Feet Massage.

    2. I want to visit The L’il Nail Shop so I can relax and unwind. I want to see their cozy place and experience to sit on the apple green chairs 🙂 and of course try their great services.

  6. The Ultimate Spa Combo and the Leg and Feet Massage.
    Yes i want to experience nailshop so i can feel relaxed even for a moment, because as a mom, i barely have time for myself, if i would be given the chance i’d be so happy!

  7. Hi! I am one (even my entire family) of the loyal customers of the store since it opened few years back. We were one of those customers who were able to experience the “best” and yet “not so good” service anymore. Ever since then we rarely go back. Since it is now under a new owner, we are expecting a better and more relaxed service. Looking forward to go back and hoping to meet you one of these days 😉

  8. 1.The Ultimate Spa Combo and the 30mins. Leg and Feet Massage.
    2. I wanna spend my Day Off relaxing in this good ambiance Spa Salon. Feeling relaxed in #staycation day off

  9. 1. The BQP tried the Ultimate Spa Combo and the 30 minute Express Leg and Feet Massage.
    2. I would absolutely love to visit the The L’il Nail Shop …those Apple Green chairs are calling for me to just sink in them and leave my worries behind. Looking at the picture of the homey décor is already relaxing me. I may even ask to have my nails painted ‘apple green’ 🙂

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