Back in the nineties, shawarma was all the craze in the metro.  This prompted Catherine “Cathy” Villanueva to try her luck in the food business by opening a small  stall along Pioneer St. in Mandaluyong.  Her shawarma was so good that people just kept on coming back for more. “They asked me if I could come up with meals. Naghahanap ng kanin and ulam.  That’s when I had to research and put my cooking skills to the test to come up with Mediterranean dishes suited to the tastebuds of my customers.” narrates the owner.  With no formal culinary education, Cathy sought the help of an Iranian cook to help her with the menu.  “Mahilig talaga ako magluto.  Everything that is on the menu is my own creation. ”

PERSIANA is a favorite among office workers during weekdays.  I’m told by the staff that it’s always a full-house Mondays through Fridays. We came on a Saturday and found families dining in.  The place is unpretentious which is really part of its charm.   It’s a one level diner that serves food made popular by its taste as well as by recommendations from its loyal customers.  We travelled all the way from the South to sample the fare.  This early Ill tell you that coming to PERSIANA was worth the trip!

PERSIANA has been a familiar fixture along 126 Pioneer St., in Mandaluyong. The resto is celebrating its 20th year of operations next month. What’s next for this neighborhood favorite? “Another twenty years of great comfort Mediterranean food!”



Fruity Shakes

REFRESHING BEVERAGES! – YOGURT SHAKES (PHP110) Made from fresh fruits mixed with homemade creamy yogurt. Comes in banana, melon and strawberry flavors.



PITA CROSTINI WITH HUMUUS DIP (PHP75). Humuus is made of garbanzos, tahini sauce, olive oil and lemon. Alternatively, you can opt for the  CROSTINI WITH SPINACH DIP (PHP85) which is made of spinach, cream and cheese.


ABSOLUTE MUST-TRY! GONE IN SECONDS! My son devoured this like there was no tomorrow. Hahaha.  My favorite too!         BEEF BOREKS (PHP70) . Normally phyllo is used for this dish but its quite difficult to source the pastry sheets. Contains sauteed beef and cheese stuffed in crisp pita bread and served with garlic sauce. Over-the-top delicious!


KIDS’ FAVORITE! CHICKEN FINGERS (PHP150) -deep fried strips of breaded chicken breast fillet


Coming soon on the menu— FRIED FOUR CHEESE WITH PITA (PHP150) You must eat this as soon as it is served to savor the melted combination of white cheese, feta, mozarella and parmesan cheese!



ROAST BEEF SHAWARMA (PHP75) – sliced sirlion beef, lettuce, tomatoes, onions with garlic  sauce stufed in a pocket style pita bread. One bite and you’ll become a fan!


SAY YES TO PITA PIZZA! Adults and kids will love this for sure! CHICKEN PESTO PITA PIZZA (PHP290) – Extra thin pita topped with grille chicken, pesto sauce, mozarella and parmesan cheese. Mouth watering to say the least!


GRILLED PORK SPARERIBS IN TOMATO SAUCE (PHP290) – mildly spiced tender pork spareribs cooked in a sweet/tangy tomato sauce. The meat is so tender it falls of the bone. BQP RECOMMENDED!


BAKED BEEF MOUSSAKA (195) – layered ground beef and eggplant dish topped with creamy bechamel sauce .  Tihs can be eaten with rice or pita bread.


BEEF KEBAB AND DEJAJ COMBO MEAL (PHP165) – Ground beef molded in a skewer and grilled marinated chicken breast served with buttered tumeric rice. A favorite among lunch-goers.


GRILLED TUNA KEBABS (PHP220) — skewered chunks of grilled tuna belly. The delicious healthy choice!


UNLIMITED GARLIC MAYO! We smothered everything with this sauce — the pizza, the boreks and the shawarma of course!



BAK’LAVA PASTRY (PHP75/slice)– Baked with layers of Phyllo sheets filled with chopped nuts and drenched in sugar syrup.  Available in Pecan Choco Chip, Cashew Walut, and White Choco Chip.






PERSIANA is simply good food at great prices.  Cathy values her customers so much that she has managed to maintain the quality of her food without charging sky-high prices. Many restaurants have come and gone but PERSIANA is  definitely here to stay.

You just might bump into you favorite stars when you come and visit PERSIANA!




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  1. this is one of my favourite Mediterranean restaurant! 🙂 I used to have lunch here when I was living then in ortigas. It’s a bit out of way but worth it to not to mention free parking! hehehe

  2. 1. Fried four cheese with pita.
    2. I would like to try the baked beef mousaka and roast beef shawarma looks yummy.
    BQP and Mabel juinio lets go.

  3. As always, BQP makes us want to rush to grab dishes BQP features. Totally engaging, feel good reading on any topic by BQP! Pita Pizza I like! 🙂

  4. 1) BQP’s favorite starters – beef boreks
    2) I’d like to try fried four cheese with pita. I’m a sucker for cheese!!!

  5. 1. Fried four cheese with pita.
    2. I would like to try the baked beef mousaka and roast beef shawarma looks delicious hoping to win to taste it ^____^

  6. 1.Beef Boreks
    2. I’d like to try Chicken Pesto Pizza and Grilled Pork Spareribs in Tomato Sauce because i love eating pizza & the spareribs looks so yummy!

  7. I haven’t tried this restaurant and now I am very much excited to try it out soon!

    1) BQP’s favorite is Beef Boreks
    2) I would like to try their Roast Beef Shawarma because Beef Shawarma is my ultimate favorite Persian dish! I would really like to try their version because from the picture itself, it looks so good. I am already drooling here just by looking at it! Haha 🙂

  8. 1) BQP’s favorite is Beef Boreks

    2) I would like to try the Beef Boreks too because it is already your favorite and I trust your judgement. As the statement of yours “THE BQP RECOMMENDS PERSIANA!” I know 100% that food, that are being serve here taste really good.

  9. 1. BQP’s favorite starter is Beef Boreks

    2. I would like to try PITA CROSTINI WITH HUMUUS DIP because I really love Hummus!

  10. 1. BQP’s favorite starter is Beef Boreks!! 🙂
    2. I would like to try BEEF KEBAB AND DEJAJ COMBO MEAL because Beef dishes are my favorite, and the YOGURT SHAKES to refresh me.

  11. 1. BQP’s favorite starter is Beef Boreks

    2. I would like to try BAK’LAVA PASTRY because I like anything sweet + Phyllo pastry.

    ANSWER: Busy Queen P’s Starter Dish Favorite is Beef Boreks!

    ANSWER: I would like to try their Roast Beef Shawarma because it is really my favorite Persian dish! I tried many Sharwarma in Metro Manila in different Food Store and i curious the taste of the Persiana Shawarma, it looks Yummy and delicious. hope to try it soon. 🙂

  13. Your favorite starter dish – Beef Boreks

    I would like to try the Fried Four Cheese (that is coming soon) on the menu list. I’m a cheese lover so definitely I will enjoy eating this. All kinds of cheese are present…white cheese, mozarella and parmesan cheese 🙂
    There’s another dish that I would like to try…Chicken Pesto Pita Pizza. I’m also a pizza lover and I like thin crust so this is perfect base on the description that it is a thin pita topped. Mouth watering. Again, lots of cheese. I’ll surely love this.
    Thinking when I can drop by Persiana and invite some friends to join me 🙂

  14. BQP’s favorite starter dish – Beef Boreks

    One dish that I would like to try is one of their bestsellers Roast Beef Shawarma. Before, I never knew this dish. I heard the name but no idea how it looks like. One time, I passed by a mall and there’s a kiosk selling this so I tried. It tastes good because of the sauce and the tiny slice of beef. Everytime I passed by this kiosk I grabbed one for take out so from there it became one of my favorite from the Mediterranean Dish 🙂 The picture looks yummy. The unlimited garlic mayo will add a spice to the shawarma.

    Also for a change, I would like to try the dessert “Bak’ Lava” pastry 🙂 I smiled when I silently read the word 🙂 Price is really affordable so I can try the different flavors but I would prefer the Cashew Walnut.

    Since you recommended Persiana it only means that food here are sumptuous and great.

  15. Your favorite starters is beef boreks. I would love to try Chicken Pesto Pizza, Imagine having Chicken, Pesto and Pizza all at the same time. Now that is different and I bet that is so divine when you taste it. Now I am hungry Lol!

  16. Now i’m craving for Hummus and the pita! plus the fried four cheese! Thanks BQP for the reminder. Will have dinner here this weekend 🙂 This place is for sure here to stay. Nothing fancy but one of those restos-to-go-to if you want quality food. high five!

  17. Answers:
    1. Beef Boreks
    2. Chicken Pesto Pita Pizza — love pesto chicken and I love anything with pita…this I have to try!

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