I visited my friend M at her condo unit in Gramercy last week.   After  an hour of catching up and never ending stories, we decided to head to CENTURY MALL which is right next to her building.  Since we reconnected,  M has been convincing me to  exercise.  I got a big scare when she took a random blood sugar test on me and I scored very high.  This is what happens when  I prioritize everything and everybody else over my health.  By this time , I had already done some miles with LESLIE SANSONE .  Just look her up on Youtube and see if exercising at home is a fit for you.  But I digress,  my friend M and I were looking for  2 pounder handweights (the kind that LESLIE uses in her workout videos). Up until that time , I was using the extra large body lotions and shampoo I  bought from the grocery as substitute weights when I exercise.

We found ourselves inside the NIKE store. No handweights.   It didn’t seem important at  the moment as our  eyes zoomed in on the varied women’s apparel that were lined up on the racks.  A good part of the weight I gained over the years ended up on my chest (no joke!) and I really needed good bra support.  Great! NIKE carries everything from sturdy tops to colorful gym clothes , mats, exercise bags  and , of course, work out rubber shoes.



Visit the NIKE store on the 2nd floor of Century City Mall.


Are you attending dance class, going to the gym or bent on undergoing intensity training? No worries! Nike has the right shoe just for you!


GET THE PROPER SUPPORT.  These support sport bras  (about PP2k) will ensure a proper workout for everybody.    Someday I, too, will get a a six pack!


NIKE offers a wide range of choices for women.


TIME TO ZUMBA! Exercise mat (P1800)




1.  What is the best fitness advice you can give?  (Ex:  Rediscover your favorite sport and play it every weekend!)




Being a healthy is a life choice.  Although, I’ve said be fore that my road to fitness has been an uphill battle, it’s a fight that I continue to face everyday.  I want to order the meal with the pasta, pizza and chicken but instead I order the salad and taste just a bit of the chicken.  It’s a choice between eating a bag of potato chips while watching a show on tv or exercising while watching  the latest showbiz scoop on local celebrities.  Everything boils down to a person’s resolve to be fit or lazy.  I don’t have the time to go to the gym, so I MAKE time at home to exercise  (lost 4 pounds so far!).  Who knows the awesome stuff I got from NIKE might  just push me to take the next step — making the commitment to  hire a personal trainer.  Baby steps. I’m DOing It … and so can you! 🙂



Come and take this journey with me,

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  1. Find an exercise that you enjoy doing. If you enjoy what you are doing, the more chances you will be committed to it. Getting fit while having fun – ain’t that a perfect way to fitness?!?

  2. Every morning (yes, including weekends), wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual — then jog for 30 mins. Brisk walk will do. 🙂 When there are mornings when you feel lazy, JUST DO IT! 😉

  3. I started my healthy lifestyle 4 years ago, or shall I say I got my life back because I decided to LIVE a life of wellness, good health and positivity. From a chronic bronchial asthmatic person, obese with a thoracolumbar scoliosis (almost a slipped disc), I’ve transformed myself little by little to become a healthier, stronger woman (mentally, physically) and a younger looking, more gorgeous wife and mom. I started walking 3 times a week in December 2009 plus a strict diet of less carbs a d less sugar. I drank only water, no colored drinks. Then I finished my first 5k, 10k, 16k, 21k & my first full marathon in march 2011. I’ve upgraded to triathlon on October 2010 and finished my first mini sprint race. My orthopedic doctor told me back then when I was still undergoing therapy sessions 3 times a week that I can’t ride a bike, just swim and walk since I was 170 lbs that time. With passion and loving the sport of triathlon I’ve strengthened my core with the exercises my therapists taught me (which I do daily up to now). I’ve finished several Multisport races, an Olympic duathlon, 100km bike race in sctex last 2012, this year I did my first open water swim in tri united 1 then again in tri united 2 where I won 3rd place in my age group 40-44. I finished strong on the recent Cobra Ironman in Ceby with my relay team, Team NoMoPhobia where I did the 90k grueling bike leg in Cebu. I conquered Marcelo fernan bridge with the strong crosswinds and super strong headwinds in the Talisay area where we had the 2 U-turn hot and difficult bike route.

    Now I’m preparing for my 3rd Marathon race on February 1 at the Condura skyway marathon and my dream race, I’m doing my first solo 70.3 Miles Cobra Ironman triathlon race in August 2015, Cebu City.

    What keeps me going? There is NO Finish Line. After one race, I always ask myself, what’s next? Just like in real life, your ups and downs Naks you a stronger person. It’s a nudged ending thing, you Keep on Going, You Keep on Keeping On. So can anyone do what I am doing? YES!!!! Absolutely YES!!!! Because anybody CAN!!!!

  4. 30 Minutes of Brisk Walking everyday, proper hydration and balance diet! determination and discipline will help….Just do it!;-)

  5. Find exercise friends cr workout buddy/partner – they can give you the extra push, challenge and motivate you to stay on track and make exercising more fun! 🙂

  6. Change the way you think about being fit. Exercise daily and make good healthy choices for most part of your day. That is the most basic rule but very hard to follow. Most people think it’s because of vanity that we need to stay slim and healthy. But when our bodies remain strong and healthy, we can take care of ourselves and take care of our loved ones more. You’ll have the energy to keep up with your kids (if you have or plan to have them). You’ll minimize the worry your family will have due to health reasons. Staying healthy and fit is not only for yourself but for those who you trully care about too.

  7. No matter what always remember that “YOU CAN DO IT”, your determination can lead you to any goal you want to achieve

  8. Always remember that stretching is very important. Have the right form. It’s more important than the amount you lift, take your time when lifting. Pace yourself and do cardio as much as you can. Listen to your favorite music while running, to make it more fun while doing your exercise.

  9. Take up activities that you truly like. This way it becomes something you look forward to and even miss when you can’t do it. Combine a variety of activities to avoid monotony. You can do Zumba dancing, mountain biking, laps in a pool or afternoon jogging. You can also join trekking clubs and explore the country during weekends. The point is doing what perks your interest so that you end up doing these activities continuously. This way staying fit no longer becomes a rigid routine you need to follow but an enjoyable hobby.

      1. Thanks so much. I truly can use this for I go to the gym practically every other day. I have several gym outfits but nothing as nice as this Nike Shirt your giving. I’m so happy. More power to your Blog.

        1. I’m sorry, you misunderstood the announcement. The Nike shirt was won by another reader. I’ll be sending you a little treat too. from Jamba Juice. Kindly PM me your details in the BQP page. 🙂 Keep joining!

  10. Surround yourself with people who has the same fitness goal like you so that you can be more motivated in being fit.

  11. My fitness advice is keep things simple and practical to you. Do not get into whatever craze is out there currently. It’s a craze so it’s temporary. Similar to clothes your fitness must fit you.

    To be fit is not only exercise but should include proper diet. One without the other will not make you fit. How do you know what to do and what to eat to be fit? The answer is unique to each individual. Whatever activity or diet it is, all you need to be able to answer is YES!!! To the question, is it something I can do forever?

    In my case, my forever activity is using a treadmill. I can choose how long I do it, how hard I do it. The best thing, I don’t need to figure out my outfit or worry about the weather. It’s also something I am sure that even with arthritis I can still do …FOREVER.

    My forever diet is portioning and smarter eating. I would eat whatever I want but just keep the ‘bad’ foods in low portions and the ‘good’ foods in high portions. What I consider good would be the veggies. And a portion of protein each meal to top things off. To satisfy my sweet tooth would be eating a real fruit like an apple versus having a slice of cake. When eating out, I avoid the high carb foods like pasta and choose a protein/meat dish instead with a salad as a side or salad as the main course. Carbs and my fat belly have an ongoing romance so minimizing carbs is my simple way of keeping my weight in check …FOREVER.

    So by keeping things simple, it was easy to ‘JUST DO IT!’

  12. As what I said in my Gratitude Challenge…Good Health is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Healthy Living is a long term commitment and not a flash in the pan-fad.

    I want to share my story. I was diagnosed with bronchial asthma since I was a child. My years of growing up was hard everytime I had my attacks. I saw how my parents feel the pain when I had my sleepless nights. I was “in and out” of the hospital because my asthma was really terrible. My father thought me how to swim, join him to jog every morning and even bought me a bicycle so I can do my exercise hoping that my asthma will be cured. Nothing happens because I didn’t take it seriously. For a very long time I was suffering with this sickness. When I started working it’s still the same, my attacks are frequent. I was prescribed an inhaler for my maintenance. Like any other employee, I’ve sets of friends at work. We love to eat, travel and we’ve that Friday Gimmick 🙂 I know for myself that I’m limited to this because of my condition. My parents are afraid everytime I’ll be going out specially at night. One time, we watched a concert in a bar. I remembered I’m not feeling well that time. My cough was horrible. Can’t decide if I’ll push thru watching or not, but because I like the male acoustic singer very much, I joined my friend and watched. Since it’s a bar you’re seated closed with each other. People who are smoking and drinking. My cough got worst and can’t breath anymore. My inhaler can’t pacify me. Asked my friend to bring me to the nearest hospital and upon reaching, I fainted. I woke up with a respirator and was inside the ICU. Saw my mom,auntie and friend crying. It’s been quite long before I finally realized that I need to do make a move already. Better late than never. I finally found something that somehow change my life. It was 2 years ago when I started to enroll myself in a gym. I told myself that it’s about time to have some exercise. I used the gym’s facilities like the thread mill, stationary bike, etc. There’s a change when I joined the club. I became energetic, more lively and was able to educate myself on healthy versus unhealthy foods. My asthma attacks was lessen This is a long term commitment. I went to gym twice a week, Friday and Saturday. It’s a habit and it’s really your choice if you want to get fit and healthy.

    I thank God every day for guiding me on the right path and helping me find happiness once again. Don’t ever give up and always remember it’s never too late to make a change….Just do it! 🙂

  13. An inspiring and engaging post, as always, BQP! So many wonderful things in life are free such as good health. Live healthy, keep healthy, and work for good health the right way ! Go go people for good health! 🙂

  14. The best fitness advice i can give is do ZUMBA at home a workout for 30 minutes,it’s fun, effective way to lose weight and work exercise into your already busy schedule. Even a quick 30-minute routine can get your heart rate up and work on various parts of your body all at the same time, which is the key to effective exercise. The best exercise in the world: Dance! 🙂

  15. hi BQP ! I’m catching up on my reading and by this time you have already lost close to 8 lbs! Congratulations ! Woot woot! 🙂

    For this Christmas, Yoga stuff from Nike will definitely be in my shopping list.

    I haven’t been to Century Mall but this feature about the Nike shop truly convinced me to pay this mall a visit this weekend! Game Game Game! Sports bras, Mat, Tights, pants, colorful shorts and those light weight high intensity training shoes!

    Thanks for this tip! Health is wealth!!!! 🙂

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