Everybody loves Hello Kitty!  From the time Gift Gate opened in 1976 and introduced Filipinos to all things Sanrio, this adorable feline has captured the love and affection of many.  It was no different for Mae Villapando-Lindo,  owner of the now famous MOMSIE KITTY SPA & SLIMMING SALON.   “I started my collection way back in high school.  It was so expensive even then.  Over the years, my collection grew and  it was my students from Trinity University of Asia (where she heads the Accounting Department) who encouraged me to put a spa with a Hello Kitty theme.  Readers, don’t be fooled by the small and gentle stature of Mrs. Lindo.  She is a CPA lawyer and a full time Accounting Professor with an HRM stint to boot!  She knows the in’s and out’s of the business so even if the salon is barely a year old, it now boasts of 33 franchisees!  How’s that for business savvy?



Curious to see what the hype was all about  (the spa has been featured in Korina Sanchez’ Rated K and Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho), I decided to make the trip all the way to Concepcion, Marikina.  My friend and I gushed as we entered the receiving area, “It’s soooo cute!”  The two-hour trip notwithstanding, I was overcome with adrenalin rush as I touched, ogled at, and took pictures of all the Hello Kitty items!

The main lounge


I wanted to take home the furniture for my daughter. SHE LOVES PINK!


PURR-fect for a little girl’s playroom — but at the spa adults get the chance to be little girls again. 🙂


BRACE YOURSELVES! According to this info sheet, Hello Kitty is a cheerful and happy  girl who lives in London and has a pet cat named Charmmy Kitty and a hamster named Sugar 🙂


CLOCKWISE (Top Right) 1. Hello Kitty’s Family Profile 2. More HK items 3. Reception Area 4. Receiving Parlor




We were asked to change into a silky pair of shorts and robe.  The first order of the day – a relaxing foot spa!  My attendant put a “secret” concoction of powder in a tub of water which resulted into a soft gel.  I submerged my feet in the pink goo for a few minutes.  Then the attendant scrubbed my soles until the dead skin were sloughed off.   The foot spa ended with a thirty minute leg and foot massage.  I almost fell asleep except my dear friend kept me up with her happy banter.  🙂

MY FIRST TIME TO WEAR PINK! I secretly gave myself a pat in the back for donning pink head to toe. Even the gel used was pink! I thoroughly enjoyed the 20 minute leg and foot massage which followed the rigorous scrubbing of my soles.



The rooms were just as cute as the main floor.  There was a DEAR DANIEL section (with a blue motif , of course!) and a HELLO KITTY section (done in red).  Queenie, my attendant asked me to to lie facedown as she placed  hot stones on my back.

I had a drink of water (in a HK mug of course!) just before the massage. Flat stones are heated and applied to the legs and the back before the Swedish/Shiatsu massage. Since the initial heat was too much for me, the pebbles were placed on top of towels first.



Another attendant aided me with the third procedure.  She measured the circumference of my arms.  The bane of my existence is that most of my fats go directly to my arms and back!  So the promise of losing some centimeters after the thirty minute procedure was music to my ears. 🙂

You can opt to have the procedure done on your stomach (30 minutes is equivalent to 200 sit ups) or on you arms. I chose the latter and lost 1.5 cms!



The slimming machine was imported from China. The attendant put gel on my stomach every 10 minutes as she pushed the node back and forth on my tummy. For P7,500 , you can avail of unlimited sessions (one hour treament /day for a whole month).



1. Where does Hello Kitty live?

2. What is your most favorite thing about the spa?



The Spa is perfect for a party with girlfriends.  For just P2999, you can book the place and avail of a 10% discount on all the services.  There’s a lso a VIP card worth 500 which allows you to also get  a discount and a Hello Kitty glitter pen upon spending  a thousand pesos.  Atty. Mae is also actively processing franchise applications.  So if you’re interested to own your own Kitty Spa, drop by the flagship salon located at the 2/F of Loza Business Center , Lilac Avenue, Hacienda Heights, Concepcion 2, Marikina City.

Congratulations to the successful ladies behind Momsie Kitty Spa and Slimming Salon! Atty. Mae Villfania-Lindo and Gia Lindo, thank you for inviting me to try the services. I’ll definitely be back!


I recommend spending an afternoon with girlfriends and daughters at the salon. I’m already planning a trip back with my little diva! I brought home the hot pink Hello Kitty luggage just for her. SEE YOU ALL AT THE SALON!


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  1. 1) Hello Kitty lives in London
    2) What I love about the spa is that it will surely give me all the GOOD vibes while there having the treatments. Aside from I will feel like a little girl again coz I’ll be surrounded with nothing but HELLO KITTY items, I’ll surely have a relaxing time plus have some of my fats burned with the slimming treatments! Looking forward to it!!!

  2. Hello Kitty! Gee, I suddenly remember our CHS days, BQP… Well, we still have some girlish qualities though we are moms alreadyI never knew Hello Kitty lived in London. I always thought she lived in Japan! Ha ha ha! . Maybe I’ll visit the place in December (hopefully) and get some centimeters off my body (all around, if possible). Ha ha ha!

  3. Hello Kitty lives in London!? More of a surprise to me. What a revelation. I would love to have a massage, manicure and foot spa. That would be a nice treat for myself. (“,)

  4. My 2 girls really love hello kitty especially my 1 year old.. Her smile is very wide wen she sees hello kitty! I hope we can experience that!

  5. Hello Kitty lives in London.

    I remembered my CHS Grade School Days. Being young at heart is the secret for not getting old. We can never outgrown simple things that reminds us so much of our childhood.
    This post brought me to recall the memories when I collected Sanrio stuff 🙂 One of my favorites, Hello Kitty…Anyway, to answer BQP’s question…I like the the RF Slimming and Muscle toner. Definitely, it will help me with the fats I’m hiding 🙂 Losing centimeters or even inches of it will really make me happy. Also I love their pink furniture. I can imagine having this inside my room.
    This is a wonderful place for relaxation to treat ourselves. Best place not only to feel relaxed but also to feel young again 🙂

    Thank you BQP for the information!

  6. 1. Hello Kitty lives in London 🙂

    2. It’s a Hello Kitty Galore! I was really amazed with the different items and design of this cute and adorable Sanrio character. Kids and adults are crazy collecting stuff from her.
    I would definitely want to try the foot spa with the pink silky shorts and robe. I like all the cute stuff chairs and couches, mugs, electric fan, pillows, the luggage you brought for your diva. It seems that you’ve travelled the Hello Kitty world in Malaysia and Japan 🙂 I hope I can visit the place soon with one of my friends.

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