I’ve been a fan of MARIAH since forever!  Her soulful songs  and heartwrenching lyrics helped me through my teen angst and colorful college years.  I have all her  abums but my most favorite is MUSIC BOX followed by CHARM BRACELET.

So, I was only too thrilled to watch her live concert in Manila!  Her tour took her to other Asian countries prior to her one night show at the Mall Of Asia.  News of her singing off key and forgetting her lyrics spread like wildfire and the videos went viral on  the net.  But I really couldn’t care less.  This is MIMI we’re talking about here!  MARIAH who told me I can make it “THROUGH THE RAIN” and that  a “HERO” lies in me!

Everybody stood up and screamed “MARIAH” as soon as the singer went on stage. Unlike other foreign acts, the DIVA started her show ON TIME!


FANTASTIC NEWS to all MARIAH fans! Our DIVA is still as stellar as ever! She hit all her notes,  belted her lyrics like “HONEY’ dripping from her mouth and gave the audience one great show!

MIMI may have gained a few pounds – That’s ok! Everybody goes through rough patches. Nick Cannon WHO? 


It was ONE SWEET DAY indeed when the chanteuse soared through multiple octaves.

Her first four songs were “FANTASY”, “TOUCH MY BODY”, “SHAKE IT OFF” and “EMOTIONS” .


One of the highlights of the evening was when MARIAH sang “I’LL BE THERE” with her back-up singer TREY.


The show was really about the songstress. There was just a big screen behind her which was used all throughout the concert.


GIFTED! Hearing her sing was like opening a gift on Christmas morning.


The show goes on. MARIAH also sang “MY ALL”, “HEARTBREAKER” and “BEAUTIFUL” . She also rendered two songs from her newest album – “METEORITE” and “SUPERNATURAL”.


MARIAH serenaded the audience while sitting on top os a grand piano.


FINALE – The two hour show ended with everybody singing to “YOU’LL ALWAYS BE MY BABY”. I LOVE YOU MARIAH!


With my  date for the night – my eleven year old son M. “You’ll always be my baby (boy)”!


True MARIAH is showing her age.  But aren’t we all?  What matters though is that she keeps on going…. and so must we. I would’ve loved to hear more of her old songs but I guess that gives her more reason to come back . 🙂

Thank you for your songs MARIAH.  KEEP ON INSPIRING!

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  1. I didn’t know that there’s a big concert of Mariah here until I read your feature. Again, Thanks for sharing BQP! For sure it’s awesome. Her songs truly touches our heart 🙂

  2. You had such s great date for that night BQP! For sure your happiness doubled while watching 🙂 Your favorite Diva Mariah plus your son M is with you. Indeed it’s perfect! Thank You for sharing pics from the concert. Waiting for your next blog 🙂

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