Freedom vs Justice

 My 12 year old boy M is the biggest fan of Ironman. Behind the ironsuit is Tony Stark ,the ultrasmart megabillionaire  scion of his equally brilliant inventor father, Stark Industries founder Howard Stark.  M has always been fascinated with Tony’s intelligence,  witty one-liners and I-don’t-care-what-the world-thinks-of-me attitude.  He has a whole collection of Ironman toys […]

The BQP Movie Review: Jurassic World, Of Savage Dinos and The Need for More Teeth

In another reboot of Steven Spielberg’s epic Jurassic franchise (three movies plus one), audiences around the world are offered gigantic servings of dino gore and screaming parkgoers.  Hollywood, it seems, hasn’t  tired of the idea of million-old-gargantuans roaming “free” in an island attraction that ALWAYS ends up in a bloody disaster.  Why should it? It’s […]