A Grand Salute to Teachers

  Many children dream of becoming doctors, lawyers, or engineers. Some who are artistically inclined see themselves as sculptors, pianists or painters.  Still others desire to be beauty queens, racecar drivers or even  poets. The beauty of youth is such that one feels anything and everything can be achieved. But nobody ever became anybody just […]

Her Madjesty, Madonna

  I remember several years ago when everybody who had anything to say gave their two cents worth about Lady Gaga’s impending concert.  The religious, the hateful and the fans took to social media to get their messages across. I watched that show and was impressed at how immensely talented she was.   I even brought […]

Meeting Adam

“My heart is beating so fast! I’m so excited,” said one of the girls in my group as we were seated in the holding area.  A few minutes ago, we were handed meet-and-greet id’s with  the band’s picture on it.  Why oh why didn’t I pay much attention to my wardrobe today, I quietly chided […]