The Deconstruction of Joel Escober

  I’ve been perusing different  accessories, purses and  shoes for the past fifteen minutes. My heart beats a little faster as I ask to take a closer look at one of the more intricate neckpieces. How absolutely gorgeous, I think to myself.  Then I  move on to inspect the clothes by the display window.  A […]

Athleisure by Avel Bacudio

 Whew! What a hectic week! I sat front row on last show of the four day long Manila Fashion Festival (MFF).  The Marquee at the Edsa Shangrila Hotel was teeming with designers, fashion enthusiasts, buyers and the press.  All of us were there to watch the much talked about fashion spectacle of the year.  Aptly […]

All Dolled Up

 I don’t see it being sold now in toy stores, but back in the day all the little girls played with paper dolls. Our pulp mannequins normally came with a stand so we could dress them up easily with paper clothes, of course. I remember being so obsessed with precision cutting. My blunt edged scissors […]

Lovely Lunettes

  Living in a tropical country has its challenges.  The heat index just won’t abate for majority of the year  and the weather really dictates what outfit you should wear for the day.  Light make-up or no make up is advisable in the summer as you literally start to sweat the minute you get out […]