Salad made all the more nutritious and delicious with Langnese honey.

Healthy Sweets

  Give in to your cravings without the guilt. Well, almost.  You read it correctly.  The oxymoron title may sound too good to be true but not after you try the products I recently discovered. Lately, I’ve been looking for new food to serve to the family. Our daily fare has become predictable so I […]

Love is in full bloom at The Manila Hotel

Love, Exclusively at The Grande Dame

  Woo her with fine wine, Ecuadorian flowers and a helicopter ride over Manila bay before sunset Emperor Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal for his third wife 300 years ago. In 1936, King Edward VIII abdicated the English throne to prove his love for two-time divorcee, American socialite Wallis Simpson. In Indecent Proposal, David […]

Cartful of Contadina

Whip up New Dishes for the New Year!

 As a homemaker, I already have my favorite brands of ingredients. Admittedly, I’m quite skeptical about trying other products because those that I normally buy are tried and tested in making my pasta specialties like spaghetti Bolognese and carbonara. However, I’m also frustrated that I serve almost the same dishes every time there’s a gathering […]

Cheese panna cotta with lemon infused olive oil is the perfect dessert to any meal!

Choose Healthy for the Holidays

  Everybody is busy, busy, busy! Our social calendars are filled with Christmas parties, reunions and annual meet-ups with friends and family. For the ladies who are hosting festive soireés in their homes, the challenge is to come up with a menu that guests will enjoy. Unfortunately, this is the time of the year when […]

Still the best paella in the metro!

Take Me Back to Mario’s

An old favorite attracts a new generation of diners. I remember Mario’s back in the 80’s.  Situated at the very heart of Tomas Morato, it was the citadel of all celebrations.  My most unforgettable memory, however, was waiting for almost an hour for a table on Valentine’s Day.  My boyfriend then (husband now)I agreed it […]