“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. “ – Thomas Edison


I was  invincible in my teens,  careferee in my twenties and couldn’t care less well into  my thirties.  However,  my  unfit  body  betrayed my optimistic mindset.  I ate carbs and sweets without paying heed to consequences and didn’t make time to exercise.  A visit to  the newly opened Centro Holistico  (located on the 2/F of CommerceCenter) in Alabang,  was just what I needed .  It gave me  a good scare and an additional push in  my journey  to wellness.

Centro Holistico  had its grand opening last  September 21.  All four of the licensed medical doctors of the center practiced at The Farm at San Benito  (a premiere health and wellness center  in Lipa)  and now have brought their expertise in Integrative medicine  to the South.  Dra. Carisse Drilon  explains, “In our practice, alternative medicine COMPLEMENTS and does not conflict with traditional western medicine.   At the center, the treatments offered addresses both the mind , the body and the spirit.  Healing comes from within. “



Before any treatment is given , a Holistic Medical Consultation with  blood analysis is done.  We talked not just about my medical history, but also everything about my lifestyle: diet, activities and even my sleeping patterns!  I found out that my blood is acidic .  An unhealthy lifestyle plus poor diet  is causing my blood cells to aggregate.  At this point, Dra. Drilon explained how changing the way I eat (i.e. veering away from processed food ) can make a big difference.


After examining my blood, she recommended the following treatments :  Acupuncture to address my allergic rhinitis,  IV Nutrient Therapy and Colon Cleanse



Dra. Drilon had also earlier examined my tongue and  she said mine typically resembles that of multi-tasking women.  she recommended for me to get an ACUPUNCTURE treatment to address the stress I’ve been feeling.


It was my first time to try this treatment . I was so anxious at first but once the first batch of needles were placed. I began to loosen up and relax.   The purpose of  ACUPUNCTURE is to correct the imbalances of the energy flow (CHI) in the body.  Disruption of energy patterns are believed to cause diseases.



Truthfully, I had been feeling sluggish days before the visit to CENTRO HOLISTICO.   She said the IV NUTRIENT DRIP (with high doses of vitamins and minerals ) would be good for me.

I felt instantly invigorated after the drip treatment. I had more energy as I went through the rest of my day.


VIP TREATMENT!  I had a platter of fresh fruits to indulge in during the thirty minute procedure.   Different concoctions are used depending on the needs of the patient.  The drip is used for weight loss, anti-aging, detoxification, to improve the immune system and even to correct mood disorders.



I dreaded this treatment the most but after hearing the many benefits it supposedly has on the body, I decided to try it.  The COLON CLEANSE treatment increases the body’s glutathione (major anti-oxidant) by 600 percent!  It also detoxifies the liver and removes stool build up.

i was give ginger tea to drink after the treatment as well as a warm pack to calm my stomach. Certainly, the Cleanse is something I would do again


The treatment calls for 3 gallons of diluted coffee.  There’s a bit of discomfort at the start when the fluid enters the colon.  I’ll let you use your imagination regarding what happens next. 🙂 All I can say is ,  the benefits definitely outweigh the  drawbacks.



This is a sponsored post. I was invited to write about my experiences while undergoing various treatments.  Every person has his/her own needs and the doctors at CENTRO HOLISTICO can tailor-fit  the medical care accordingly.  I have chosen to continue with their program to correct all the things that are ailing me at present.  I want to give alternative healing a try before I start popping pills ( better if I can avoid the latter).


***I did the cleanse a week after my first visit  and lost three pounds by following Dra. Drilon’s  dietary changes AND also by exercising.


Looking forward to healthier days,

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  1. Thanks BQP for sharing another interesting and knowledgeable feature! This is very helpful for me because there’s an Asthma Treatment. I hope I can try this soon.

  2. Interesting approach to wellness …would love to give it a shot. First time to see a bed equipped with a toilet seat! Not sure about that…LOL

  3. This is really interesting BQP. I want to give it a try….The Cleanse and the Acupuncture but I’m afraid of the needles. If it will relieve my stress then I should give it a shot soon. This is what I need!

  4. I think I will nominate myself for the treatments at Centro Holistico. I’ve got asthma, hypothyroidism, anemia, on and off gastroenteritis, etc. I’ve loads of allergies, too! Where medicines failed, perhaps the alternative treatments will succeed.

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