Think Smart, Look Beautiful with Céleteque


A Filipino skincare brand promotes beauty that’s beyond skin deep.

Filipinas now are more discerning than ever. Young girls, working women and moms may be stricken by the occasional impulse buying bug, but as a rule, we want to get the most of our money.  This is especially true when it comes to skincare and beauty products. Is it hypoallergenic and safe for everyday use? Is it manufactured by a reputable company? Is it formulated for the Filipina skin? These are just some of the questions that must be answered before purchasing.

“Céleteque is known for the depth of scientific  research that goes into each of its skin and beauty products. Co-created with dermatologists, the Céleteque DermoScience and DermoCosmetics make up lines cover a wide range of products that are all guaranteed to improve and beautify skin,” says Innovitelle Skincare category head Kathy Carag. Presently, the brand has 7classifications to address all kinds of concerns: Hydration, Advanced Anti-Aging, Sun Care, Acne Solutions, Brightening, Hair and Scalp Care and Everyday Cosmetics.


Skin Care for Smart Beauty

For its #ThinkPlusBeautiful Campaign, the brand tapped 3 women who embody the smart Filipina.  Miss Universe 3rd Runner-Up Shamcey Supsup, journalist Marie Lozano and athlete Ian Banzon.  They spoke about the misconsceptions and stereotyping that women still face today. Can  women really have it all? For Shamcey, the challenge was to prove her worth as an architect after winning the titles, for Marie it was wearing multiple hats as a news correspondent, wife and mom, and for Ian it was showing that a pretty face can be as competitive on the field as any man and earn a medical degree to boot.  And how do these women stay attractive as they face the hurdles of life? By being smart in their beauty choices, of course.

Céleteque brand ambassadors epitomize brains and beauty.

Céleteque brand ambassadors epitomize brains and beauty.


Shamcey swears by the Acne Solutions range which helped her overcome skin breakouts. Ian loves the Sun Care line that keeps her protected while playing her favorite sports. Marie, on the other hand, shared, “Cèleteque offers a diversity of products for all women with all kinds of skin. There’s a product for everyone here, including myself. This campaign breaks sterotypes, just like I do.”


The BQP Top Picks

 Being a mom, lawyer and lifestyle columnist, I’m always on the go and have no time for fussy beauty regimens. I just love the facial wash, moisturizer and make up wipes from Celeteque’s hydration line. It’s perfect for my lifestyle. The facial wash (P75/60ml) has natural moisturizing factor (NMF) which helps restore the skin’s moisture balance. It cleanses as it hydrates. My skin looked nourished, clean and healthy after just one wash. Most moisturizers tend to be heavy and sticky so I just forgo using it. Céleteque’s  facial moisturizer has  a unique  hydrogel (P127/50ml) formula, however, that provides skin with optimum hydration without the sticky after feel. It dissolves into the skin within minutes making it easy to use day and night. The glycerin, pro vitamin B5 and aloe vera  content leaves the skin supple and radiant. Even the husband has started using it regularly. The hydrating make-up remover  and facial wipes (P120), on the other hand, are as handy as it is effective. It gently removes make-up, excess sebum and dirt that clogs pores.  Consumers get great value because of the friendly price points.

I love the Hydrating and Anti-aging lines of Céleteque.

I love the Hydrating and Anti-aging lines of Céleteque.


It’s the make-up line though that I’m really happy about. Imagine a cosmetic line that has anti-aging and nourishing properties! But more on that in my upcoming article.


For now ladies, stay smart and always be beautiful inside and out!


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Preventive Potions

 An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This saying resonates immensely with mothers. One of the most difficult things that a parent has to face is taking care of a sick child. We have all dealt with cough and colds, fevers, flu, asthma and a host of other illnesses. But what happens when there is no cure for your child’s ailment? Case in point- dengue.  In the first three quarters of 2016, the Department of Health reported  84,000 cases of dengue in the country and out of this number, 372 people died.


Born Out of  Love and Necessity

In 2012, friends Marga Nograles and Celine Gabriel-Lim  decided to put up Kiele to address their own needs for an effective deterrent to insect bites. “As a mom of three, I’m always concerned about my children getting insect bites and the dangers that come with that, specifically dengue. Celine has sensitive skin and is quite prone to them, too,” shared Marga.  “We tried many brands in the past. Some would work but were full of toxic ingredients. Some smelled good but were inefficient.”

Celine & Marga

The Women of Kiele – We want to make the world safer and more beautiful one product at a time.

Unsatisfied with what was available in market, the two women thought of creating their own anti-mosquito spray.  The idea was to make no less than a product that  was efficacious, all natural and one that had a distinctly unique fragrance. It took the women more than a year to achieve this. “The process involved numerous trials and errors.  We sourced our scents from France and worked closely with local  fragrance experts to come up with a product that met both our meticulous standards. And that’s how Kiele’s anti- mosquito cologne was born.”


Origin and Philosophy

 Marga and Celine chose Kiele (a french name) for the brand as an ode to the french origin of their fragrance. Later they discovered that Kiele also means “fragrant blossom” in Hawaiian which turned out to be pretty apt description.

The business partners confess to being  the biggest fans of their products. To date there are two eau de toilette: the Kiele Anti-mosquito Baby Cologne and Chibelli Alcohol-free Baby Cologne (not anti-mosquito). Also available is the Kiele Green Tea  Anti-mosquito Room Spray which leaves your house smelling fresh but also keeps those pesky insects at bay.  All are backed by the brand’s par excellence philosopy which is comprised of 3 A’s : anti-mosquito, contains  anti-harmful chemicals and is  acceptable for all ages

Kiele products

Kiele products are anti mosquito, anti-harmful and acceptable for all ages.

What’s next for the brand?  “We are definitely planning on expanding our categories as we continue to create products that are all natural and safe for consumers.  Next in line is the Kiele Skin Correcting Powder which is a cosmetic wonder! It not only blurs imperfections and creates a perfect matte finish but also heals and protects as it is loaded with anti-acne and anti-aging properties,” enthused Marga.

Now available! Achieve the perfect matte finish as you heal your skin. A staple in my make-up kit.

Now available! Achieve the perfect matte finish as you heal your skin. A staple in my make-up kit.

For a brand that started out as a personal undertaking, Kiele now has a solid fan base that’s consistently growing.  I was all but ecstatic when I discovered it. The nightmare of having both my kids in the hospital because of dengue last August (yes, they form part of that alarming statistic) still haunts me. Today, I spray the anti- mosquito cologne on my children everytime they leave the house. The packaging is very handy too and fits comfortably in my daily bag. It’s also very reasonable priced.

Another plus is that for a minimum order, the owners can customize the bottles in the design of your choice. I absolutely loved the bottles with The Busy Queen P logo that Marga just made for me! These perfect blend of protection, prevention and light perfume in a bottle makes wonderful gifts.

Kiele x The BQP! Love my personalized bottles.

Kiele x The BQP! Love my personalized bottles.


For orders, you may call the Kiele hotline 0307 8621 and look for Tonette.  Kiele is also sold in the following stores: The Echo Store, Tart Tatin (Rockwell) and Nothing But Water.

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Golden Glow for Two

Valentine’s day is exactly ten days away. For us bitten by l’amour, it’s an occasion that must be made extraordinarily special for those we hold dear. For busy wives, such as myself, it’s a time to rack our brains (again) for the perfect gifts to give our husbands. Ties, watches, polo shirts, that cheesy heart shaped-cake, sporting equipment and almost everything else we’ve been offered by retail stores have all been wrapped for our gents over the years.


A Serving of Diamond Dust, Pearls and Magma


Brian Austin Green and Alice Eve for Orogold Cosmetics

Brian Austin Green and Alice Eve for Orogold Cosmetics

This year I decided to surprise my husband with a different kind of treat. In the guise of a lunch date, I brought him to Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila and after our meal led him to the Orogold Exclusive store. A week prior, I was invited by Marie Claire Ortega, Head of Marketing and Promotions, for an afternoon of pampering for two at the VIP room of the opulent boutique. Perfect! Men, unless they’re the metrosexual kind, will never think of getting facials. Alpha males, which is exactly the pack Mr. Fermin belongs to, are no fuss creatures because they concern themselves with more urgent matters. So it was quite incredulous when A agreed. It could also be that he got curious when Claire said, “Sir, all you have to do is give us a bit of your time, relax and let our skin specialist take care of you. You’ll definitely like the results!” With that, we were whisked into the luxuriously appointed room, offered red wine and chocolates and then got our respective treatments.

Feel the rejuvenating effects of the OROGOLD SIR Collection (for him) and the Cryogenic collection.(for her)

Feel the rejuvenating effects of the OROGOLD SIR Collection (for him) and the Cryogenic collection.(for her)

Oily skin, large pores and deep crow’s feet were my husband’s must-fix concerns. Orogold’s Sir Collection, made specifically for men’s skin, was used on him. The foaming cleanser was applied to the skin until it was absorbed without wetting the face and only the two ring fingers were used(because these are the lightest digits). This allowed the skin to absorb all the ingredients of the Orogold product as it simultaneously rid the face of impurities. Next was the Magma Peel which removed built-up dirt, excess oils and stripped dead skin cells away. Then the Volcanic Mask was applied to tighten the skin and minimize pores. After the black mask was removed, A was given a mirror, and he chuckled and exclaimed, “Wow!”  Checking his face from all angles as an eye balm was being applied, he was visibly impressed.

I received the Cryogenic Treatment because upon closer examination, I was told that skin discoloration had start to set in aside from wrinkles in my forehead and, sigh, a bit of sagging in my jowls. Vitamin C Cleanser, 24K Cryogenic Diamond Mask, 24K Pearl Revival Elixir, 24K Neck Lift Cream were all used to repair, energize and nourish my skin. My mirror moment revealed a younger me! My skin felt more supple, looked brighter and felt tighter too!


Au! Be in your Best Element this Valentine’s Day

All Orogold products have gold particles in them. Gold has long been known for its beautifying properties. This element is loaded with antioxidants, is hypoallergenic and has anti inflammatory properties as well making it the perfect ingredient for Orogold’s opulent skin care line. It recreates broken cellular connections, reduces fine lines and the effects of sun damage.

As the finale to our date, we received a his and hers OROGOLD wrinkle and skin tightening treatment. Both solutions were dispensed from black and pink syringes but there were no injections involved! The 24K Sir Syringe De-Liner is the solution for aging  lines. It contains coffee bean extracts, volcanic water, kojic acid and gold which all works in achieving youthful looking skin. The 24K DMAE Deep Wrinkle Tightening Solution lifts sagging skin, reduces wrinkles and reveals radiant and smooth looking skin like no other. I can attest to that!

1.Orogold His and Hers Limited Edition Set, the gift of youth. Get him a 24K Syringe De-Liner and receive a 24K DMAE Deep Wrinkle Tightening Solution for free!

1. Orogold His and Hers Limited Edition Set, the gift of youth. Get him a 24K Syringe De-Liner and receive a 24K DMAE Deep Wrinkle Tightening Solution for free!


I couldn’t help but compliment my husband as we left the boutique. “You look great,” I said. “Thank you for my advance Valentine’s gift, sweetheart,” he replies with a big smile.

The best gifts are indeed best shared with a loved one.

Orogold Cosmetics is located in the G/F of Century Mall  and Robinsons Place L2, Midtown Wing. Orogold Exclusive is in Newport Mall, Resorts World with tel no. 835 54 67.

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The Zest for Success

 Dressed in a red jersey dress,  Michelle Asence Fontelera greeted me with  a big smile, beso and a hug, “Paulyne, you’re looking fab! Glad you could make it.”   It was the 15th anniversary of local fragrance brand Zen Zest and  its  beautiful CEO was busy receiving guests to the by invitation only afternoon affair at Le Petit Souffle, Century Mall.  The romantic french country setting with crawling vines , lush faux trees and delicate white furniture was the perfect setting for the event.   Pastel colored flowers adorned the long table where the full line of products were displayed for everyone to smell and choose from.  Yes, the first order of the day was to pick out your favorite scents from the wonderful spread of  Zen Zest fragrances.  I, however, decided to leave the bevy of eager girls who were sniffing and smelling the bottled delights and sat with my friend for a short tête-á-tête.

At the 15th anniversary celebration of Zen Zest with Sari Yap and the company's CEO Michelle Fontelera

At the 15th anniversary celebration of Zen Zest with Sari Yap and the company’s CEO Michelle Fontelera



A Passion for Potions

Michelle always loved fragrances.   As a child she would raid her uncle’s closet and get her hands on his collection of perfumes.  She played with them like toys—mixing the different scents and creating new ones.  When she grew up she decided to take her interest seriously and with P350,000 as her initial capital, started her very own fragrance business.   “I knew NOTHING about how to start, run or manage a business.  What I knew for sure was that there was a market for organic products because prior to launching Zen Zest I sold home made soaps (which were consigned to me) at bazaara.  Every last piece sold out even before the bazaar was finished.  I thought to myself, there’s a potential for locally made body products. Why don’t I make my own brand? With the encouragement and support of my mom, I hired a part time chemist, learned how to concoct scents and the rest is history. You can say that Zen Zest was born in our kitchen. It really was!”  shared Michelle excitedly.

Take your pick from Zen Zest's body essentials

Take your pick from Zen Zest’s body essentials. I love the vanilla scrub!


Innovation is Key

Over the years, Michelle has learned the in’s and out’s of the business both by making mistakes and achieving successes.  She prides herself in being a self-taught entrepreneur who is not afraid to ask the advice of other businesspeople.  On the contrary, she says it’s a must to learn from others.  To keep her brand relevant,  she keeps abreast with the latest trends on all social media platforms, travels to different parts of the world to learn the latest technology in perfume making and seeks advice from her fashion maven friends. All these contribute to keeping Zen Zest a competitive brand.

“There are always new competitors and daily challenges.  What make us different from the other brands is that we are the pioneer in the mass premium market.  The key to our success, however, is constant innovation.  We started out with just a handful of body sprays.  Now we carry an extensive line of eau de toilette, eau de parfume, body wash, and body scrub. We also have  aromatherapy products which consists of our room fragrance, linen fragrance, home fragrance oils, rolls and massage oils, and home diffusers.    Recently we also introduced our baby line with the Kramer family as our endorsers.”  The products have also been given a make-over via new packaging designs  and soon Zen Zest will relaunch their virgin coco oil line.

Body sprays, home fragrances and aromatherapy oils

Body sprays, home fragrances and aromatherapy oils


After 15 years what are you thankful for, I asked her. “To this day, I can’t believe how far I’ve taken Zen Zest.  But I’m not alone in this journey. Truly, it’s by His will that I am able to do all these. I’m also thankful to my mom who pushed me to always do my best, to my team who helps me execute the vision for the label and to my husband and two kids who keep me grounded and inspired. ”

Their chocolate scented kitchen spray masks the smell of fish and leaves the room smelling like a cafe!

Their chocolate scented kitchen spray masks the smell of fish and leaves the room smelling like a cafe!


I had finished my bowl of fresh greens and half of my pasta dish and it was also time for Michelle to play her part as gracious host to the rest of the party.  So off I went to the buffet of captivating scents and did my share of sniffing and smelling and filled my goodie bag to the brim.

Happy 15th Year Anniversary Zen Zest! Cheers!


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Signature Scents for a Cause


Scents evoke memories of persons, things, places and even feelings.  Psychologists say that we make these connections very early on when we first smell a certain fragrance. This is the reason why we associate most scents with our childhood.  The smell of freshly baked brownies remind us of  weekend visits to grandmother’s house.   Some dislike mint flavored food because they think of toothpaste.  On the other hand,  some people recall vacations spent frolicking by the ocean and feel a sense of calm whenever bamboo, citrus flavors or coconut is sprayed .  It is the brain that establishes the link between the smell and the memory.

Renowned fashion designer Avel Bacudio underwent the same process when he decided to take on his new role  as  perfume chemist.  He just recently launched his eponymous fragrance line which bears the names of important people in his life (except for one which pays homage to his hometown) – both in the past and in the present.  As a designer, Avel has established himself as one of the best in the industry.  He has won both local and international competitions, has shown multiple collections all around the globe and has remained much sought-after in the fashion world as proven by the elite clientele who frequent his by-appointment-only atelier.  And yes, reigning Ms. Universe Pia Wutrzbach has donned his creations as well.

The one and only Avel Bacudio.

The one and only Avel Bacudio.



“I’m excited!  This is another dream come true for me. Diba kasi yun talaga ang next step for a designer eh. Lahat ng malalaking fashion houses may signature scents sila.   Now meron na rin ako,”  Avel exclaims halfway through his well done steak at a European bistro in Greenbelt 3.  “I took my time in creating my scents.  All the ingredients used in my fragrance line came from Paris. The oil concentration in my perfume is much higher than other local brands so it lasts longer. I’m responsible for everything –from the design of the bottle to the font used on the label to the final packaging — ako lahat yan,” he continues.

There are currently 5 scents in the perfume line.  Avel named them after his father Avelino (a land surveyor), his mother Trinidad (a local seamstress),  his favorite niece Avjah, his talent Jerome and the small fishing town of Buhi, Camarines Sur where he hails from.  Strictly for men, Avelino is made from lemongrass and pear.    Trinidad has hints of bamboo and tea and is decidedly feminine and earthy.   The rest are unisex fragrances.  I just love the smell of Avjah on my skin!  Light, fruity and sweet it is very similar to the eau de parfume I hoard from Jo Malone.  Jerome (named after his talent) is borne from a pairing of lemongrass and basil while Buhi marries the scents of freesia and lemongrass.  You can even  “layer” your perfume or spray one over the other to create a whole new scent.  To make the scent linger, remember to spritz a bit  on your wrists and  on your neck. Do spray the perfume from about half a foot away from your body to have more coverage.

Collect all five scents or gift your loves ones with AVEL Perfume.

Collect all five scents or gift your loves ones with AVEL Perfume.


Try the lemon and basil diffuser and have a relaxing sleep.

Try the lemon and basil diffuser and have a relaxing sleep.

The best part is that for only Php600 you can purchase your very own 50 ml signature Avel perfume.  Available ,too, is the lemon and basil home diffuser (150ml for Php1500).  Breathing in a high concentration of pure lemon oil works to refresh busy minds, encouraging clear thinking. Basil, meanwhile,  is known to ease mental fatigue.  For every bottle sold, Avel donates 20% to the Northern Luzon School for the Visually Impaired, Inc. (NSLV). The designer has long been a resolute supporter of the foundation having suffered serious retinal damage years before which almost caused him to go blind.


What’s next for the affable Avel?  “ I’m working on more scents to add to my perfume business.  In the next two years though I see an Avel Home Collection which will carry candles, throws and beddings. Sosyal…Pakkk!!!”

 Avel Perfume is sold exclusively at Avel Bacudio’s atelier located at 69 Kamias Road, Quezon City with cel no. 0915 346 2978 .

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Pucker , Pout and Pose with Lip Define


A quick look inside my mini make up kit will reveal the barest essentials.   Brown eyeliner, pressed powder,  a four palette blush on and a slightly frosted scented reddish pink lipstick.  For decades, I would only wear make-up when there was an absolute need for it like graduations, my wedding , or on my children’s baptism.  I think I’ve only applied mascara thrice in my entire lifetime! Seriously.

Whereas, I got by with my no-make-up  look for years, now I find that  I can’t ignore that time is slowly catching up and  I must take action.  For the first time in all my travels abroad, I actually brought home  a bagful of beauty products.  Why didn’t  I discover this before?   It gave me the same high as buying shoes —well, almost! Still, there are days when I really have no time to doll myself up. That and the fact that my kindergarten level make-up skills have set me back from enjoying all my  purchases.

Luckily , I have discovered yet another beauty treatment worth sharing.  This one will make you want to pucker, pout and pose playfully .   From Browhaus, the same salon that brought you Brow Define (skilled threading, grooming and coloring of brows) now comes Lip Define. “Lip define is a semi-permanent tattoo treatment that is brighter and more natural looking compared to the traditional lip tattoo.  Browhaus has spent 5 years on research and development to perfect this technique.  Our skilled brow specialists have years of experience and all are trained to advice the clients on the best color to use depending on their skin tone.  With proper care, the rosiness of the lips will last anywhere from one to three years”,  said Managing Director Tab Estacion- Abad.

Luscious lips can be yours from Lip Define.

Luscious lips can be yours from Lip Define.

The model's lips  are nicely shaped but they have dark spots and uneven tones.  After the procedure, the lip color is enhanced and the natural shape of the lips defined.

The model’s lips are nicely shaped but they have dark spots and uneven tones. After the procedure, the lip color is enhanced and the natural shape of the lips defined.


Inside one of the green rooms of the submarine themed  brow salon in Greenbelt 5, I was both anxious and excited.  Anxious because I have zero tolerance for pain (I ask for anaesthesia even for a simple tooth filling) and excited because I was looking forward to having red lips.   I asked Jen varying versions of how much the procedure will hurt.  She laughed and assured me that the most pain I will feel will be in the most sensitive part which is the lip line.

I was shown before and after photos of clients , the different vegetable dyes that I can choose from as well as the sealed needle that will be used.  “Don’t worry Ma’am.  I will follow your natural lip line.  I will just give it more definition. “ A numbing patch was then  placed on my lips for 25 minutes.  The beating of my heart slowed down as my “hurt meter” registered “tolerable”.
Halfway  through, a numbing lotion was applied to my lips because I was starting to feel the needle pricks.  I was given two after-care products (Build and Fix) to aid in recovery, better color absorption as well as moisturizing the lips.   I was also given a list of don’ts – Do not smoke, refrain from eating seafoods and don’t drink hot liquids.

I experienced minimal stinging after. No swollen fish lips or lips that look like it’s been stung by a bee.  It was very, very red though.  Within 2 days of religiously applying Build and Fix, the scabs fell off on its own and the color was not as intense.   I was able to attend an event within 5 days of the procedure.

It’s been a month since my Lip Define experience and I’m one happy red-lipped mama!  I’m scheduled for a retouch to make the color more even.  Waking up with (as the villaness Queen Gremhilde of Disney fame  puts it) lips as red as a rose is really quite a treat!  Each morning I look at the bathroom mirror and my lips never fail to form a wide smile.  What a great way to start the day!

Browhaus Salon's branch at the Mega Fashion Hall

Browhaus Salon’s branch at the Mega Fashion Hall

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No to Manic Mane Days


My driver shakes his head and looks at me disapprovingly.  With my hair still wet and uncombed , I climb into the car hurriedly and give him the address to the venue of my interview.   His actions are not lost on me.   He with the perfectly pressed barong and slicked back hair with all strands in place and I,  almost-always put together  (I try!)except for my long unkempt locks.  I don’t even carry a comb or brush in my bag.   I normally just run my fingers through my hair or collect them in a loose ponytail until I reach my destination.    I do a Beyonce  hair shake and voila – my hair do for the day is done.  This on-the-go mom has no time to blow dry her hair, and well, does not even know how anyway.  An hour or so later , I go down from the car and the driver takes a second, this time approving,  look.  


The Lowdown on Long Locks

Last month, I decided to try Infuse Professionals Formaldehyde-free Keratin Treatment.  I had just gotten an inch shorn off my hair (you have to cut your hair every 6 to 8 weeks to keep it healthy) and had it colored in rich ash with  muted gold streaks .   I was told that the treatment is  like having blow-dried hair everyday but I still had my reservations.  First, I don’t like my hair to look unnaturally straight . I’ve seen people who’ve had their hair rebonded and it’s nothing short of sad and fake. Secondly, I’m asthmatic so anything that involves  harsh chemicals is a no-no.   I wear a mask everytime I get my hair colored. Lastly, I don’t have the time to sit for hours in a chair.  After my litany of doubts,  my trusted hair stylist JP said,  “I only need an hour and a half.  Trust me.”

As I handed the fate of my locks to the experts, Cathy Cruz, CEO and President of Sevenstyle Corpopration  and the person responsible for bringing the hair care products from London,  sits down with for an interview.


What is Infuse Keratin treatment ?

Infuse Professionals Keratin Treatment is the latest innovation in hair care technology. Keratin is a type of protein compound that is found in our hair, nails and skin. The treatment  strengthens the natural protein bonds of hair strands  by filling in the gaps caused by wear and tear and the application of heat and chemicals.  The procedure restores the hair’s natural health making it look shiny, smooth and frizz-free.  It works on all types of hair.

The complete line of Infuse Professionals

The complete line of Infuse Professionals


Getting my Infuse Professionals Keratin Treatment from The Hair Lounge Salon

Getting my Infuse Professionals Keratin Treatment from The Hair Lounge Salon.  Here with my trusted colorist JP.


How is the treatment different from Rebonding and Brazilian Blowout?


Both Rebonding and Brazilian blowout use chemicals that contain formaldehyde (a strong , colorless, gaseous compound)  which is harmful to both the stylists and the clients.   People who have been exposed to it experienced coughing, redness in the eyes an even sore throat. Instead of formaldehyde, Infuse Professionals contain glycolic acid which is both safe and healthy for the  hair.  Rebonding  results to odd looking straight and stiff  hair. Many have complained about having having damaged dry hair after undergoing this treatment where the hair is ironed for hours.  Infuse Professionals, on the other hand, guarantees natural , frizz-free hair and will not cause any damage to the strands.

Healthy hair can be yours with Infuse Professionals.

Healthy hair can be yours with Infuse Professionals.


 How long does the effect last?

 Depending on the client’s lifestyle, the effect can last anywhere from a month and a half to three months.  For best results, we recommend that they use the Infuse Professionals Sulfate-free Shampoo and the Deep Moisturizing  Conditioner after treatment.

From Frizz-free to Fabulous hair

From Frizz-free to Fabulous hair!


Is it expensive?

 The price depends on the length of the client’s hair and the salon she gets the treatment from.  On the average the cost is about Php 4,000.00.

It has been a month since I had my hair “Infused”.  I still don’t fuss over my long locks ,  don’t know how to work a blowdryer and don’t carry a comb or brush in my bag.  The Infuse Professionals made good on its promise.  I enter the car with wet and uncombed hair.  With time spent in traffic to dry my locks , I just run my fingers through my hair, shake my hair like Beyonce and come out from the vehicle looking like I just came from the salon.  Now that’s  just fabulous!

Some like it straight, I like to keep my bouncy curls

Some like it straight, I like to keep my bouncy curls

With Ceo of Sevenstyle Corporation Cathy Cruz and Vanna Garcia

With Ceo of Sevenstyle Corporation Cathy Cruz and Vanna Garcia



Infuse Professionals is now available in Ménage Premiere (BGC and Legaspi Village), Creations by Lourd Ramos (Bonifacio Stopover),  Ultima Salon (Greenhills), Profile Salon (Katipunan, QC) and the Hair Lounge Salon (Shaw Blvd Mandaluyong).


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The Gold Treatment

Beauty experts say that women should start taking care of their skin as early as their 20’s.  Sunscreen, moisturizers, day and night creams – these are our bestfriends.  Starting young will reap great benefits in the future,  so I’ve read.  When a woman reaches her thirties, more products have to be applied and the importance of quality of sleep comes in.  We do get busier with every passing year.   I will admit to being  decades late in heeding the aforementioned .  I’m a bathe-and-go girl.  I don’t like to fuss with my hair  and have even less time to memorize what product to put on my face during  what part of the day.  My inaction, of course, has resulted to some skin problems.


The Orogold Standard

I was introduced to Orogold products and treatments by a friend.  During one of our lunches, I commented on how her skin looked so radiant.  She did not have any make-up on, by the way.   Curious and because I’ve been noticing two lines on my forehead when I squint, I decided to visit the Orogold Cosmetics boutique in Century City.

Orogold Vitamin C Cleanser

24K Vitamin C Cleanser – This product is enriched with vitamin c and submicro-meter sized gold particles. I love the way it smells on my skin! It removes make-up, dirt and excess oils.


“Skincare is something every woman must embrace.  It’s a must to have even just a basic daily regimen.  You can’t expect to have glowing skin if you don’t give it the proper nourishment,” says Marie Claire Ortega, Mall operations and Marketing Manager of Orogold Cosmetics.   “Our specialists are all trained to examine the skin of our clients before recommending which products and treatments to avail of.”  I try to wiggle my way back to my old excuse ,  “I’m so tamad (lazy) to put products on my face.  Is there a quick fix?”  She laughs at me and urges me to try their “very basic” products .  A year later this reluctant user is a believer and a convert.


Orogold Deep Peeling Gel

24K Deep Peeling Gel – Dry cells are removed to reveal youthful skin. Designed to polish the skin without stripping vital oils. I use this every two weeks or when I have a big event to attend


Skin Like a Queen’s

All Orogold products have gold particles in them. Gold has long been known for its beautifying properties. Did you know that ethereal beauty CLEOPATRA was said to have slept in a mask of gold to preserve her youth?  Using  the latest in technology, a new collection has been introduced to the market whoch  allows us to experience  Cleopatra-like luxury via the 24K Cleopatra Nano Regimen.

The indulgent pampering  included applications of serums,  creams,  gold sheets and facial massages.  After my treatment,  my skin felt refreshed, tight and baby soft.  What I liked about these new system of beauty skin care is that my skin had the same suppleness weeks after.   You can opt to have the treatments done in the boutiques or enjoy an ultimate spa day at home!

Invest in your skin !  Here I am trying out the Cleopatra Nano Regimen treatment at the Orogold Cosmetics VIP lounge.

Invest in your skin ! Here I am trying out the Cleopatra Nano Regimen treatment at the Orogold Cosmetics VIP lounge.

Orogold Cleopatra Nano Regimen

24K Cleopatra Nano Regimen- Indulgent, transforming and delivers immediate and long-lasting results.


One thing I seem to have done right over the years is that I’m a big water drinker.   Now I know that if we add lemons to water, the benefits multiply.  Nobody wants to grow old before their time.  Therefore, it’s a must to take care of our bodies, regardless of our age, so that we can put on our best faces everyday!


Visit  Orogold Cosmetics at G/F of Century City Mall or L2  Midtown Wing, Robinsons Place Manila.  Orogold Exclusive is located at G/F Newport Mall, Resorts World.

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Christmas List

Christmas is literally around the corner.  Whether you refuse to join the throng of mallgoers or get caught in traffic (there is no escape!) ,  the red letter day is coming.  As a busy Mom , I made time to squeeze in my favorite chore of all time –shopping, of course!

Here are  gift ideas for your family and friends.


For the Little Miss

My four year old girl pleads, “I want Shopkins, Mom.  Everyone in school is playing with it. Please Mama.”  How can I not give in to my doe-eyed , cherub-faced daughter?  One of her classmates had given  knickknacks in a small basket as gifts to everybody and now all of them want more.  And because the young ones can maneuver gadgets as easily as adults can, she adds,  “ Dad says I should write to Santa and ask him for the Hello Kitty car with remote control. I saw it on youtube. Will you help me write the letter, Mom?”


Young girls will love these!

Young girls will love these!




For the Upcoming Divas

Girls grow up too fast!  I initially got a Frozen lunchbox  with matching twistable crayons for my niece but her Mom said she’s already outgrown the Disney phase at nine!  On her wish list? Press-on nails, glittery lipglosses and a Hello Kitty camera.  This year, I’ll introduce her to Smiggle.  They have the coolest stuff for girls!

Cute, fun and something that the girls can use all year round!   Visit the Smiggle pop-up store near Rustan's Supermarket at the lower ground floor of Edsa Shangrila.  Open from 10am to 9pm the whole month of December.

Cute, fun and something that the girls can use all year round! Visit the Smiggle pop-up store near Rustan’s Supermarket at the lower ground floor of Edsa Shangrila. Open from 10am to 9pm the whole month of December.



Everyone loves Hello Kitty!

Everyone loves Hello Kitty!


For the Young Master

The biggest movie franchise in all of moviedom is set to release yet another film this December .  A Darth Vader iphone case, Star Wars toys, masks, shirts, socks   are gifts all boys will like.


Star Wars Fever in December!

Star Wars Fever in December!


For Mr. Tweener

My 12 year old boy never asks for anything.  This year, he got an early present when he met the international tennis superstars at a dinner.  Seeing his one true crush (again) Anna Ivanovic made my son smile like it was Christmas morning. Priceless!

Happiness to be near his crush Ana Ivanovic!

Happiness to be near his crush Ana Ivanovic!

For  the Glam Moms

I want to give others what I would like to receive for myself.  It’s that special time of the year where we should be extra generous to those we hold dear.   Skincare products,  scents and fragrances, even undergarments make for fabulous presents.

I swear by these products.  USe La Mer to maintain your youthful glow and to ward of lines.   Visit  the Jo Malone boutique at Greenbelt 5 and find the scent that's just right for you.

I swear by these products. USe La Mer  moisturizing cream to maintain your youthful glow and to ward of lines.
Visit the Jo Malone boutique at Greenbelt 5 and find the scent that’s just right for you.


Wacoal sports bra gives you the perfect sit and support for your workouts.

Wacoal sports bra gives you the perfect fit and support for your workouts.

For  the Man of the House

What can you give someone who has everything? Relax.  Gift-giving doesn’t have to be nerve wracking.  A classic timepiece, a leather briefcase or a sporty backpack  are things that he can use all year round.

Le Bron Backpack and Omega Limited Edition Spectre Seamaster watch for the special man in your life.

Le Bron Backpack and Omega Limited Edition Spectre Seamaster watch for the special man in your life.


Do take the time to write a thoughtful note to all the recipients of your Christmas tidings.  Presents that come wrapped in beautiful packages are pretty to look at but remember , those that come from the heart will be remembered forever.

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High Brow – The Art and Science of Brow and Lash Grooming

As an on-the go mom, I don’t fuss much about putting on make-up or styling my hair.  From the moment I get out of bed in the morning, this momma is already multi-tasking.   Get the children ready for school.  Make sure everyone eats a hearty breakfast .  Wait, did they take their vitamins?  Where  are my nude stillettos? These are just some of the things I have to cross out from my  to-do list even before I make it to the bathroom to bathe and get ready for my day.  This is not to say that we busy moms should take our looks for granted.  The challenge is to find smart beauty fixes that will fit our lifestyles.

I’ve never been a fan of plucking or having my brows shaved by an overzealous beautician.   My  pleasant experience at Browhaus, however, has made me a brow grooming convert.  “Browhaus offers brow and lash grooming services.  We use the Blueprint  System which is a precise process designed to create the perfect brow.  Every facial shape  (round, oval, heart-shaped or square) is taken into consideration.  Even the client’s eye shape and setting as well as unique concerns like a prominent nose, chin or lip are factored in the equation,” says managing director Tab Abad-Estacion.  “Applicants undergo two to three months of rigid training before we employ them as brow architects.  To be able to do the Brow Resurrection, which is the salon’s signature service,  years of experience is needed. Only then do we send candidates to Singapore for additional training skills and tests which will qualify them to be called Brow Masters,” she adds.

Bh- Male and Femal Brow Resurrection



After looking at the menu of services at Browhaus Greenbelt , I decided to try the upper lip threading (P200) , the Browgraphy: Shaping and Color Tweak (P1,298) and the Lashgraphy Color  (P1,150).  Each store has a design theme and  the particular branch I went to had green submarine-like cubicles.  Edz, the brow architect, patiently explained how she’ll go about giving me the perfect arch.   I warned her that I had very low tolerance for pain. “Ma’am please feel free to stop me at anytime.  I assure you that the result will be worth it.  Tiis ganda po,” she said jokingly.  I had to laugh at her suffer-for-beauty philosophy.

 The level of pain was tolerable.  During the upper lip threading, I was asked to stick my tongue to the side of my mouth to raise that area so the facial hair could be threaded more effectively.  My skin immediately turned reddish and a bit puffy minutes after the threading was done.  A mix of mint and licorice balm called Ice Cream was applied to soothe the skin flame.


The brow construction took less than thirty minutes. This time , the attendant asked me to wait until my brows and lashes were dyed before looking at the mirror. Earlier I learned that dyeing the brows in the same shade as the hair will not only achieve perfect brow balance but will also open up the face.


Coloring the lashes, however, is more obvious in Caucasians than in Asians.  Lashgraphy makes the lashes appear richer and thicker.  I couldn’t wait to see the effect of the blue black vegetable dye I chose for my lashes!

BH- BQP Before and After



I couldn’t be happier when it was time for the big reveal.   My eyes were beautifully framed by perfectly shaped brown-hued arches.  The result was so natural. My face was cleaner and clearer…and I couldn’t stop batting my eyelashes!

The next day, I received compliments from my friends who couldn’t quite pinpoint what I had done .   “Do you want to know the secret?  It’s “tiis ganda” at Browhaus!”

Browhaus has branches in Greenbelt 5, Serendra, Lucky Chinatown , SM Megamall and Abreeza, Davao.

The author with Browhaus Owner Tab Abad-Estacion

The author with Browhaus Owner Tab Abad-Estacion


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