It’s been over five years since we last visited Enchanted Kingdom (EK) in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.  I remember that the place had lost it’s charm (versus its magical heyday in the mid 90’s when it first opened) because the rides were not well maintained, the prizes in the games looked pitiful and going in the summer proved to be a losing battle with the scorching heat.

On a whim last Sunday and because my daughter’s 4th birthday was coming up, we decided to give EK another try.   The boys were skeptical of this visit and we ended up leaving the house close to 5 o’clock in the afternoon.  The place was full when we got there thirty minutes later.  My daughter R was so excited!



Bumbling Boulders

A strictly-for-kids ride, my little one picked a pink boulder and  enjoyed her first ride. Just look at the glee on her face!


EK Bumbling Boulders


The Grand Carousel

EK Carousel2

Didn’t think I would enjoy this ride but I did!  My two helpers who joined us in EK also had a great time on the carousel.  Since both  my angels also celebrated their birthdays this month of April, it was really a treat for them, too.



EK Dodgem


Normally we had to endure  a very long line to be able to drive the “bump cars” but luck must have been on our side that day because after only fifteen minutes of  lining up we were all shrieking and having fun as we crashed into the other riders.  This is my favorite ride !


Up, Up and Away!

EK Up,UP&Away

I rode the big balloon with my son M and daughter R.  What fun as our basket went up , down and around and around all at the same time. R was laughing as she threw her hands in the air.  She’s a lot like me – fearless!


Laser Mission (gated attraction)

Laser Mission EK

My boy spotted an attraction he wanted to try across from the Space Shuttle (roller coaster)  We paid an additional fee of fifty pesos and off he went inside the dark room full of green lasers.  We saw him (via a monitor in the waiting area)  crawling, jumping and maneuvering deftly across the floor  to escape hitting the beams.


Disc -O- Magic

Disc o Magic ride

We literally spun and rocked on a disc! This ride had our heartbeats racing and our adrenalin pumping!  Not for the faint of heart… Weeee!!!!!



EK Rialto

Green Lantern Fight Against Fear was the featured movie last weekend.  Upon entering the theatre we were asked to stand in front of a green wall and a photographer took our picture.  We were all pretty excited but the show was  a bit of a letdown.  We just watched a film clip from the movie while our chairs rocked this way and that….. Ummmm….this ride left us feeling shortchanged.

EK kids
(L-R)Little R dances with the EK performers, Spin that light!, Thanks for my trip to EK, Mom!



Of course, we indulged in a little bit of shopping!

We bought t-shirts for my daughter and our house angels plus the  little one  got an Eldar wand and a spinning light!



If you decide to go there on your birthday please bring  your original birth certificate and a valid ID (which unfortunately we didn’t do) so you can enjoy the birthday blowout.  Children below 35 inches also enter for free. Students have discounts as long as you present your school ID.

I give the theme park 4 and a half sparkling magic wands!  We had major big fun at Enchanted Kingdom Sta. Rosa, Laguna!  Everything looked and felt new again.  The prizes at the booth rivaled that of Santa Monica Pier in California and the attractions certainly have regained its magic.  We wished we had come earlier in the day instead of just the three hours that we spent in the park.  Would you believe we even enjoyed a great show by “Victoria’s Way” while having dinner in the big tent. (BUT missed quite a few attractions , too— like that horror “Pagpag”and “Kubot”)

EK Prizes
My daughter wanted the giant penguin and I wanted the unicorn! Will try to win these next time !


So if you want to let out the child in you,  do visit  Enchanted Kingdom.  We ‘re already planning our  next trip back to the place “Where the Magic Stays with you!”

Carousel at night

Enjoy the summer!




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  1. Thank You for sharing BQP. It was just in time…my officemates are planning to go here by mid of May. It was 7 years ago since I last visited the place. I’m glad that there are new rides that I can try.

    I’ll experience the magic soon 🙂

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