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Ready… Sushi…Go!

From the playful branding to its exciting fusion sushi rolls, this proudly Filipino developed concept store will have Pinoys turning Japanese! Sushi, noun, a Japanese dish consisting of rolls of vinegar-flavored  cold cooked rice served with a garnish of raw fish, vegetables or egg.  This definition of the popular pop-in-your-mouth appetizer (or entreé, if you […]

Soothing Soujourns

Had a stressful day?  Wish you can be somewhere else at the blink of an eye?  Feel the need to just leave all your cares and worries behind?  Yes, yes, yes! We’ve all had days when we desperately want to turn the “off” button.  Shop closed. Self on auto vacation mode.  And no matter how […]

Corndog Chronicles

I love corndogs!  During my freshman year in Ateneo, lunch consisted of corndog and a tall cup of grape slushie.  This was my staple meal for a whole year – maybe even two.  It’s hard to find a well cooked corndog.  I like it medium battered, with a jumbo hotdog inside and deep fried to […]

The Zest for Success

 Dressed in a red jersey dress,  Michelle Asence Fontelera greeted me with  a big smile, beso and a hug, “Paulyne, you’re looking fab! Glad you could make it.”   It was the 15th anniversary of local fragrance brand Zen Zest and  its  beautiful CEO was busy receiving guests to the by invitation only afternoon affair at […]

Lovely Lunettes

  Living in a tropical country has its challenges.  The heat index just won’t abate for majority of the year  and the weather really dictates what outfit you should wear for the day.  Light make-up or no make up is advisable in the summer as you literally start to sweat the minute you get out […]

The Suit of Champions

  Soccer moms, baseball moms, basketball moms – these are how mothers who chaperone their sons to practices and games of their  chosen sports are called.  Then there’s us – the swim moms.  I must say that we are a different breed.   Being a swim mom requires a tremendous amount of patience and an endless […]

Signature Scents for a Cause

  Scents evoke memories of persons, things, places and even feelings.  Psychologists say that we make these connections very early on when we first smell a certain fragrance. This is the reason why we associate most scents with our childhood.  The smell of freshly baked brownies remind us of  weekend visits to grandmother’s house.   Some […]

Freedom vs Justice

 My 12 year old boy M is the biggest fan of Ironman. Behind the ironsuit is Tony Stark ,the ultrasmart megabillionaire  scion of his equally brilliant inventor father, Stark Industries founder Howard Stark.  M has always been fascinated with Tony’s intelligence,  witty one-liners and I-don’t-care-what-the world-thinks-of-me attitude.  He has a whole collection of Ironman toys […]

What the Cool Kids Wear

I’m quite sure a lot of moms have the same dilemma as I do.  We see clothes that would look absolutely adorable on our kids (never mind the price tag), we make them fit it in the store (or just buy them off the rack having been suddenly overcome by shopping euphoria), then we go […]

Novel Delights at Mabuhay Palace

In search of  new flavors to try?  Mabuhay Palace at the Grande Dame currently has a month long offering of novel gustatory delights that are guaranteed to  whet your appetite.  Sharing their culinary innovations, the people behind the famous Chefs Gallery of Sydney are now in town as  Manila Hotel’s featured guest chefs.  Gourmet masters […]