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Manila Marriott’s West Wing

Enjoy a luxurious getaway at the heart of the city.   Not the oval office or the Beast’s forbidden chambers from the recent Disney movie hit, this piece refers to the newly opened and well appointed wing of Marriott Hotel Manila.  Conveniently located in front of NAIA Terminal 3, the grand structure unveils two contemporary […]

Good Vibes, Great Food at Providore

  This all-in-one coffee shop, patisserie and bistro serves your favorite comfort food just the way you want it. And at all times of the day, too!   Sunday is devoutly sacred to my family. It’s a day for church, eating and bonding. After mass, my husband asks the all too familiar question, “Where do […]

Think Smart, Look Beautiful with Céleteque

  A Filipino skincare brand promotes beauty that’s beyond skin deep. Filipinas now are more discerning than ever. Young girls, working women and moms may be stricken by the occasional impulse buying bug, but as a rule, we want to get the most of our money.  This is especially true when it comes to skincare […]

Mad over Mighty Quinn’s!

New York’s most popular barbecue has found a new home in Manila. Dining choices are becoming more varied and numerous by the day.  Filipinos are hearty eaters and are always looking for something new to try. Enter Mighty Quinn’s (MQ)! From its humble beginnings as a small stall at Smorgasburg, a popular weekend market by […]

Wick(ed) Wonders

  Europe’s premiere home fragrance brand makes a comeback in Manila.   Fragrances have the power to alter our disposition, transport us to far off places and trigger memories both pleasant and foul. I love fragrances that smell like my favorite food.  Beauty and skin care products that have hints of vanilla, chocolate, lemon, oranges […]

Healthy Sweets

  Give in to your cravings without the guilt. Well, almost.  You read it correctly.  The oxymoron title may sound too good to be true but not after you try the products I recently discovered. Lately, I’ve been looking for new food to serve to the family. Our daily fare has become predictable so I […]

Mommy Republic – A Website for Moms by Moms

  A Website for Moms by Moms   A digital storefront  offers award winning, functional and whimsical finds especially curated by moms As a mom, I’d rather go to the mall than order anything online. Previous purchases left me with clothes that don’t fit, damaged goods, and worse, overpriced products that don’t look anything at […]

Preventive Potions

 An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This saying resonates immensely with mothers. One of the most difficult things that a parent has to face is taking care of a sick child. We have all dealt with cough and colds, fevers, flu, asthma and a host of other illnesses. But what happens […]

Golden Glow for Two

Valentine’s day is exactly ten days away. For us bitten by l’amour, it’s an occasion that must be made extraordinarily special for those we hold dear. For busy wives, such as myself, it’s a time to rack our brains (again) for the perfect gifts to give our husbands. Ties, watches, polo shirts, that cheesy heart […]

Love, Exclusively at The Grande Dame

  Woo her with fine wine, Ecuadorian flowers and a helicopter ride over Manila bay before sunset Emperor Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal for his third wife 300 years ago. In 1936, King Edward VIII abdicated the English throne to prove his love for two-time divorcee, American socialite Wallis Simpson. In Indecent Proposal, David […]