My dearest M,

Can Mom just tell you how proud DAD and I are, of what you have accomplished this year?  Three writing awards, your first published article , a seat in the school paper and a spot in the varsity swimming team.  You also won an individual award  in the eliminations round from the Metrobank–Dep-ED Math Trainer’s Association of the Philippines  (MTAP),  and a medal in the group area finals in MTAP .  Subsequently,  you powered your team to the regional finals, topped the final exams of the Math Trainers’ Guild 12 –week program and qualified in the national eliminations of MTG, making you eligible again to compete as part of the Philippine delegation in international math competitions.

M was the only Grade 5 student who passed the test in the Math Trainers’ Guild national finals. He competed against the best mathematicians/regional winners from all over the country.

To top it all, in today’s awarding ceremonies, you brought home an Academic Excellence Award , a Student Award and a Math Excellence Award.  As you were called on stage  to receive the last medal, your teacher announced all your achievements in the field of Math. The audience composed of your classmates and their parents gave you a round of resounding applause complete with shouts and cheers.

To God Be the Glory!

I fought back tears as I saw you in the middle of that stage.   Your DAD was beaming with pride and your sister kept on shouting  “Kuya is the winner! Kuya is the winner! … You have come so far, Anak. When we asked you what you wanted for your prize, you just shook your head, smiled and said “Nothing Mom.”  How lucky we are to have you for a son .

M receives his Medal of Excellence in Mathematics.

There are times when I feel we may be pushing you too hard.  I fear that when you grow up you’ll say you didn’t enjoy your childhood because Mom was too demanding and Dad expected too much.  So this year, we let you set your own course and find your own way in the world.  Thank you for making good use of your independence.  You have amazed us with your determination and passion to excel.  Although there is still much to improve on, Dad and I are very hopeful and confident that you will pass the tests ahead.

We’re so proud of you SON!

M, you continue to shine despite the odds.  I love you, my imperfectly perfect boy.  Do not waste your talents and do not be afraid to be different.  God intended for you to be so. Bend your knees and offer your success, your doubts and failures, your hopes and dreams to the ONE who has made everything possible .  Know that Mommy will always be your number one cheerleader .  I will carry you in my heart in this lifetime until the next.

Congratulations Son!


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    1. Ela, I’m not sure if my words captured the feeling that overcame me each time he went up on stage… Get ready when your girls start showing you what they’re made of. You’ll cry a river— just like me 🙂

  1. M’ Lady, you have done only right. You established his study habits and when you have felt he is ready, you gave him his independence. Parents are like that. We guide are children, at first…gradually, setting them free, can’t be too abrupt; otherwise, our children might get a bit shocked or confused. Parenting does not end when they grow up, not even when they get married. Stay by your children’s side, whether they are near or far. Open lines of communication is the key. Best of all, I admire your son’s humility.Your efforts are definitely reaping goodness and kindness from him. God bless him and your family all the more.

    1. I have much to learn as a parent. We just gave him the freedom to decide what to do with his time. Since he already had good study habits, he continued with that. He also chose which competitions to join without any pressure from us. I’ve always said childhood is fleeting. I want M to enjoy his.:) Thank you for another wonderful comment Monica!

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